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10 Lessons I Have Learned From Blogging

February 20, 2019

I love blogging, but it does have its frustration. The grammar, the writer’s block and the like. I wrote a post relative to this one when I was a newbie blogger. Now that it’s been more than 3 months, I have acquired a lot of lessons, and tools that have helped me make my blog a little better. Plus, I feel I now know why I started blogging. It’s more than just being creative. So in this post, I wanted to write about several things I have learned these past 8 months. These can also be blogging tips or advice for beginner bloggers too.

Warning: This blog post is intended for those that want to have an online business (blogpreneur) or already have a blog but want to turn it into an online business.

So let’s get started.

  1. Focus On Your Blogging Journey
  2. It’s Okay If Your Niche Changes
  3. Your Theme Is Your Personality
  4. Invest In Tailwind & Canva
  5. Invest In Buffer
  6. Plan Your Blog Post On A Monthly Basis
  7. Write Intentionally & Purposefully
  8. Affiliate Marketing Takes Time
  9. Find Balancing Work & Work
  10. You Make It What You Want
  11. ***Bonus: Have An Online Business Mindset

1. Focus On Your Blogging Journey

When I first started blogging, I thought I knew what I was doing. I joined a self-host program with Wealthy Affiliate, I knew my niche, and I had numerous blog post ideas that I could write on my blog. As soon as I started writing (or typing if you want to get technical), something did not feel right. I felt like I was doing something wrong with my blog. So I started researching other bloggers on how they wrote their post. I went through Pinterest and other websites observing how they wrote their blog, then it led me to eventually watching their monthly income, then, etc.

It got me stressed, frustrated, sad all at the same time.

I then started questioning my qualities and abilities.

Can I do this? Will I earn my desired income from this? Will someone read my blog? Is Parks & Recreation on Netflix?

Overall, I doubted ME.

Here was the revelation- their journey was not my journey. If I focused on their success, It would lead me to not focus on mine, which would eventually lead me to stop blogging and work at a job I didn’t want to work in for years and years (I didn’t want that for me)! Sure there were other business ventures I could take on (selling graphic shirts or selling products online) but blogging seemed to fit me perfectly. The more I got into it, the more I loved it.

So yes, I am still blogging. Why? It’s because it’s the journey I chose, so disciplining myself is necessary for me to continue on this journey.

2. It’s Okay If Your Niche Changes

When I started blogging, I was focusing on one niche. But over the weeks, I knew that this wasn’t me. My mind couldn’t focus on a simple niche. I see myself as a diverse individual. So that was what I wanted my blog to be, a little more diverse, but still focusing on my main niche.

So I started looking for types of blogs I could do that still helped me be diverse. I stumbled upon multiple blogs such as Stylecusp and Jenna Kutcher that wrote lifestyle blogs. When I read some of their blog posts but also looked at their info, I knew that a lifestyle blog was for me.

If you want to find your niche personality, Suzi from Start a Mom Blog has a tool that can help you find your particular blog niche ( I got lifestyle niche by the way which was always totally me). I’m not a mom but she provides a variety of blog tools that I know you’ll find helpful for your blogging needs.

3. Your Theme Is Your Personality

When I was thinking about a theme for my website, these were some of what I wanted for my theme:

  • Subtle yet effective
  • Inviting
  • Feminine but tomboyish-y
  • Simple
  • Boxy
  • Spacey but not too much space
  • Bold
  • A logo space which invited my creativity
  • Instagram film on the bottom of the page

Over the course of 8 months, I had a total of 3 themes, which includes this theme. 2 of them were free themes which I loved but I still wasn’t satisfied. Then I found this theme designed by Solo Pine Designs. When I looked through it, I knew it was the one for me. So I bought the theme at Envato Market and it was a done deal. I never turned back.

Plus, blog themes that require you to buy them provide more ways to make your theme look the way you desire. The colors, fonts, and the way your images are placed could be done the way you like it, unlike a free font. Don’t get me wrong, I loved my free themes. But that is what they are, free, and with free things, there are some limitations compared to a theme that costs money. Plus, this theme was only $49, which I believe is a good buy.

So whatever theme you desire to have, write down what you want in it first, and then do your research. You will definitely find the theme you like, just be patient and keep searching. You can even go to Solo Pine Design & see if any of their themes resonate with your desired ideal theme.

4. Invest In Tailwind & Canva

If you have not invested yourself in Tailwind or Canva, I have two words for you: Do It. These will be your greatest investment. Here’s why:

Tailwind: I love this schedule management for my Pinterest. I can schedule my pins to their website as much as I want, specifically 400 pins. With Tailwind, I use it to post my blog posts, using pins ( that I create on Canva), to pin on Pinterest! When posting my pins to Tailwind, the website already have prescheduled times in which reveals the best times my pins will be most seen by readers. Plus, I can also join groups (max 5) that can also help me spread the word about my blog!

Canva: This one is my favorite creative tool. As you can see below, I can make Pinterest pins, but also much more. Plus, it’s free, no payment whatsoever. Give it a try. This is the greatest free investment that will help you on your blogpreneur journey. It helped me a great deal.

I have talked about these two tools on my Top Free Blog Tools I currently use for my blog. Click to read more of it here.

5. Invest In Buffer

I would say Buffer is the pretty good decent scheduler. Though I love my Tailwind, they do not have a Twitter nor a Facebook scheduler. Even though Buffer only schedules 10 posts at a time, I still think it’s worth registering for. I used to use my Instagram on Buffer because I wasn’t ready to make that investment with Tailwind. When I did though, it was the best investment I have ever made.

>> Get your free month with Tailwind when you sign up, and you’ll also get a credit of $15, which is the actual price you pay monthly after your free trial. Suggestion: I would recommend you also planning your pins when or before you sign up. If you have any questions regarding this, feel free to leave it in the comment below! <<

6. Plan Your Blog Post On A Monthly Basis

One thing I did not do when I first started my blogpreneur journey, I did not plan what blog posts I had to write on a particular. I reaped the consequences of that. Though I wrote my blog posts in my planner, I didn’t plan it accordingly. Now that I am more deeply in my journey, planning a month ahead is important to me so I can plan my blog posts ahead of time and start drawing up a rough draft and so on. I also have a seasonal cheat sheet which I use so I may know what to write about each month.

So if you have started a blog, it’s best to plan ahead of schedule. Conjure up blog posts ideas, research, write a rough draft, and so on.

7. Write With Your Own Voice

The one thing that may have also gotten me to back down from blogging was my writing. I am bad at a grammar (don’t judge me) but I still write. Why? Because I have something to say. When I first started, I wrote so properly that I sounded like a robot. It left me with an uncomfortable feeling.

I had to realize that this was my blog and I could write however I wanted (respectively). I had to realize that I had to be me for people to connect with me. I had to write in the way I wanted so my readers could understand me and connect with me. Writing properly was not going to help me express my personality nor was going to reveal my character.

8. Do Your Research On Everything

I remember being in University going to the library (my favorite place to be) and doing research for my 20-page paper.

I hated it. Like deeply hated it.

I had to do it though, but it was so time-consuming.

So when I had to do the same thing for researching my blog post ideas, it felt like college again. Though daunting, it was a little different. One because I wasn’t researching something I particularly was interested in. Two, I actually enjoyed the research because I was learning a lot about my niche (s).

So yeah, researching is important. I would usually take about 2 hours to research and retrieve the information I desired to write for the blog post.

9. Finding The Balance Between Work & Work

Like today, I came home 3 hours ago from work writing this blog post. Sometimes, I am too lazy to type that I usually come home, exercise, shower, and relax, even though blogging is constantly on my mind. One thing that helped me find the balance between my job, blog work, and everything else was to first know what I wanted from my blog and my lifestyle. After that, I then made a plan (with my handy dandy notebook and pen) that suited my lifestyle. It took me a while because I overthink a lot but, I eventually had a definite plan.

Plus, since I like to change routine at times, I also suggested some other alternative ways to keep that balance intact.

10. You Make It What You Want

In the end, blogging is what you make it. However, you want your blog to be, do it respectively for you and your audience.

For example, my images are mostly flowers and things but it is never a person. Why? It’s not that I don’t like people, I just prefer flowers. I guess I wanted my blog to have a peaceful ambiance, and flowers in a way portray that. Flowers were the images that I wanted to portray on my website, with me still writing about my niche. I may change my photos later in the future since I am saving up for the Fujifilm XT-3 ( my dream camera ever since it came out).

Oh and just know that these flowers aren’t taken by me. I use Unsplash and other photo websites to find these flowers.

11. ***Bonus: Have An Online Business Mindset

My main reason for starting my blog was to grow an online business that I can call my own. I wanted to truly help people but also grow an income too. In order for me to achieve these things was to have an online business mindset. My current situation also contributed to me building that mindset, so from then on, that became my pursuit.

I am not a guru to be telling you this. But I believe that the mindset is the most important drive for our lifestyle. If you want to have live happy, then you have to start with the mindset. If you want to build a business, you have to have that particular biz mindset. If you want to change yourself, it will still definitely start with your mindset.

There you go.

Are you a blogger? Tell me what you’ve learned about blogging in the comments below. Let’s talk.

I didn’t know I could write this much.

Until Next Time,

Simply Alia

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