19 Self-Care Activities To Do In The Spring & Summer 2019

It’s still a beautiful, pleasant Spring season and I never want to it end. Well, maybe the hot weather we’re having but other than that, let the rain, the wind, and the flowers stay for a bit. I still want to bask it in. But it is going to be summer pretty soon as the months are going by quick (it’s already June!) and there are so many outdoor (and Indoor) activities that we can all do to at the present moment.

In this post, I’ve written several self-care activities that you should at least try for yourself this spring and summer of 2019. These activities are great self-care habits you can do all year by yourself, or with friends/family. In the end, make sure that your self-care activity brings out the best of you and takes care of your well-being (body, mind, and emotion).

Without further do, let’s get started.

1. Go For A Swim – Nothing is quite as fun as swimming. You’re getting the exercise you need, and you’re cooling yourself off from the sun. If you don’t want to swim in the pool, you can use an inflatable pool float and just lay on it while you soak up the sun’s ray. Make sure you use sunscreen and look cool with your sunnies!

2. A Spa Day – If there ever a day to treat yourself to a spa resort, it would be now. The spa resort contains a variety of self-care activities that tends to your body, mind, and emotion. You can get a face mask, a full mud bath, and massages (I love me some massages). Treat yourself to tending to your body, relaxing your mind, and regulating your emotions. You won’t be disappointed.

3. Journaling Your Memories – Journaling is by far my favorite thing to do, especially if it is writing down thoughts, doodling, or creating blog plans. Now, my journal’s purpose may be different from yours. Your journal could be anything you want it to be.

How about a spring/summer activity journal? You can write down your thoughts, take Fujifilm pictures, and place them in your journal. That way, you can go back and reminisce on the memories you’ve made that season.

4. Reading Novels – I remember when I was younger, and I used to read books all summer. Well, now that I am a bit older, it’s a bit difficult reading books when you’re busy blogging, Netflixing, and working. Nevertheless, I want to be able to make the time to read books all summer. I did well at the beginning of the year, but not so good until now. So this means I have to fast from Netflix.

You can read books this spring and summer too. I’ve written several books that I am going to read this year that you can take on yourself and read on. Let your mind wander into the book as you take in the silence of your surroundings.

6. Taking A Mini Weekend Vacation – What about a mini weekend vacation? You don’t have to go anywhere far. You can travel to the next city in your state and explore it. If you want to extend your mini weekend vacation, 1-4 days should be enough to explore the city and see what’s out there.

7. Staycation – Nothing is better than having a staycation. You got to do what’s best for you at times. Plus, staying home, away from the world, is the best way for some people to relax. I do this all the time (perks of an introvert). If you want to stay in, here are some self-care activities you might want to try at home:

  • Taking A Nap or Sleeping
  • Get Creative By Doing A DIY craft
  • Take A Break From Technology
  • Take 5-minute breathing in and out meditation
  • Mini Bible Study To Refresh Your Spirit
  • Fun Exercise
  • Read A Book
  • Cook A New Recipe

8. Join A Group – It takes time for me to meet new people because that means I have to get out of my comfort zone. Maybe that’s the same with you too. Meeting people means reaching out and talking to them, which for me, is sometimes hard and difficult because I may have nothing to say at the time.

You don’t have to go out into the world and meet new people anywhere per se but what about the people with the same interest as you? If you’re into knitting, photography, hiking, or even bike riding, there’s a group for that. Groups sites like Meetup have different categories that you may be into. Just start with one group and go from there. You may find a new friend.

9. Go To A Free Mini Event – If you ever want to know any free event happening around your area, check your local city’s website. Places like the Farmers Market or even a Jazz festival (which occurs where I live) are always free to attend. You can either go by yourself or with friends/family.

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10. Have A Quiet Time Away From Your Phone – This is the most important practice I need to apply in my life. When I wake up, my phones there. When I sleep, my phones there. When I’m watching something on Netflix, I feel the need to just grab my phone, when I’m actually checking nothing.

It’s rather ridiculous how we’ve slowly grown to depend on our phones. I’m not against phones but to just be on it 24/7 is not good at all. I’m a person that likes texting much more than talking on the phone. But if I had to choose, I would actually love a face to face conversation.

Having time away from your phone isn’t going to get you to miss anything, which is one of the things we humans tend to worry about.

Here’s something you can do: take a 30-min break from your phone and do something else. After the 30 min, write down in your journal how this made you feel. This is a great mindfulness practice because you’re taking care of your well-being. Being on your phone so much can create harmful effects on our minds, as well as our bodies. I urge you to practice this each day, then increase it to 45 min, until you’re ready to do it for an hour.

11. Try Something You’ve Never Done Before – All these I’ve listed above could be things you’ve never tried before. In addition, I’ve listed other things you may not have done that can surely try this present:

  • Cook Something New – Adding a new spice into your favorite food.
  • Bake Your Favorite Dessert – A dessert you liked from your favorite restaurant.
  • Learn A New Language
  • Write A Story Book

12. Take A Fun Class – Painting, Paintball, or even taking a photography class are all great ways to spend the summer. You can either invite a friend or do our own thing, as long as you do what’s best for you.

13. Binge – Watch Your Favorite Television Show – One of my goals for 2019 is to binge-watch my favorite detective comedy show – Psych. I don’t know when I am going to have the time to do it, but I want to do it soon. Make a plan for yourself (unless you want to invite someone too) to have a weekend to watch your favorite show. It’s a great way to relax and have a good time on your own.

14. Exercise For Fun – Exercising to me, should be fun, even if the intention is to lose weight. But there are some other ways to exercise for fun. Here are fun exercises to do yourself or even with a friend:

  • Go For A Bike Ride
  • Walk-In The Park or Your City
  • Have A Dance Party – By yourself
  • Swim In The Pool
  • Wash The Car While The Music Is Blasting
  • Do Some Gardening
  • Go Roller Blading or Skating
  • Cook In The Kitchen
  • Doing Zumba

These are a few of what you can do up exercise while having fun doing your favorite activity. My favorite fun exercises I do from time to time is Zumba and walking outside, especially in this spring weather. The sun shining and the wind blowing while I admire the flowers I walk by. Whatever exercise you feel makes you feel good, do it for you.

15. Reorganize Your Home – Like the body, your home needs to be cleansed of things you don’t need. Throw away documents or files you don’t need. Get rid of old clothes and shoes and bring in the new. Look into Pinterest and find some home inspiration on how to transform the old into something new and refreshing.

16. Drink More Water – What refreshes you in the hot and warm weather? Drinking water, of course. Drinking at least 72oz of water every day will keep you hydrated and keep you doing the things you love outdoors, especially if you’re an outdoorsy person anyway. Big jugs that hold at least 72oz or more are great for hiking, taking a long walk, or even when you’re taking a road trip somewhere. They’re useful and convenient.

17. Love Yourself by Doing Something You Love – At the end of the day, you got to do something you love. It doesn’t matter if it is staying home or even taking a mini weekend somewhere you’re either familiar or not familiar with. Doing what makes you happy and at peace is better than doing something you’re not really comfortable doing. Now, I am not saying that staying where you are is where you need to be. going out there too can help you see life in a different from what you’re used to.

18. Be In The Present – We all have dreams to be someone great. Maybe not the next CEO, but in a place where we can start feeling happy. Well, I’m sorry to tell you this but if you can’t be happy where you are now, you definitely won’t be happy in the future. The present is all about being aware of where you are and creating memories that you’ll carry on to the future. Being in the present means being grateful for the now, so when the future, does come, you’ll remember why your past was paved that way for your future. Live in the present and enjoy what it has to bring.

19. Volunteering – Nothing is better than helping someone in need. Find an organization of your choice and volunteer there. Whatever your passion is, using those skills and talents to help an organization you’re really interested in is a great way to self-care. It does not only bring about encouragement and hope to the person you’re helping, but it also brings about gratitude and happiness to you. Happiness is all about creating a life that’s right for you, while gratitude reminds you of what makes you the beautiful human you are. It is also and always about helping those that you want to help, of course. 

There you go!

What are some Spring & Summer self-care activities you’re going to do this year?

Until Next Time,

Simply Alia

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