23 College Life Lessons I Would Tell My College Self


Oh, college, a season of new chapters filled with memorable experiences from parties, friendships, to studying late nights. 

My college experience was a love and hate for me. I loved the experiences but within those experiences, I wish there were things I could’ve done better. 

Each year brings new chapters filled with lessons waiting for you to experience. I believe that every chapter that you’re in has a valuable lesson that you can learn from and use towards the future.

Whether you’re traveling far or staying close to home, college is an experience that you need to enjoy, especially if it includes thousands of dollars!

So use these experiences wisely, since money is the main concern here. 

So study hard (which is your primary reason you’re attending college) but also have fun. 

Though I don’t regret my college experiences, there are still some things I wished I done better, as mentioned before.

This All About College Life Lessons I Would Tell My College Self

1. Don’t keep majoring in something that you don’t understand, even if you’re pressured by your African parents. Seek something that’ll you’ll enjoy but will also challenge you, like Child development or Counseling. Change your major early instead of sticking it until your Junior year and realize that this is not for you.

2. Join clubs that interest you, not just because your roommate is in the club. Yes, it may be scary to do it alone, but that fear will go away once you do it. 

3. It will be hard for you to find jobs. But when you find that first job, don’t take it! It won’t be worth it. Try signing up for 4-5 surveys instead of 2 (Swag bucks, Inbox Dollars, Ipsos i-say, and the likes) and find other ways to hustle your way through college. How about Blogging or crocheting (chunky blankets?). 

4.EXERCISE! It’s one of your AWESOME stressor relievers!

5. Oh by the way, when you earn money from those survey sites, save it for your side hustle blog, other hustles, or a car. You’ll thank yourself in the end. 

6. Studying is not your forte (just being real) but there are ways to really manage that if you are serious about your education. Using the timer to time yourself when you study, strictly! Also, use the library, but when only when you need to research something, not when you want to study. That doesn’t work out much. Nevertheless, research ways to study better at your earliest convenience. You’ll learn to be more productive in less time. 

7. Join a faith-based club that would help you grow and fellowship with other Christians. Remember, reach out and don’t be afraid. 

8. Don’t let no guy swoop you over. Know that you are precious and beautiful inside out. If someone tries to talk to you, let them know you’re not interested or that you rather be friends. Tell them you’re already involved with someone else, with Jesus Christ that is. Then walk away. 

9. Spend more time with God. Delight yourself in Him daily.

10. When you have a gut feeling about something, don’t ignore it. It’ll save you plenty of pain. 

Know that you are precious and beautiful inside out.

11. You will have friends and acquaintances, but some of them will not solely care about you. They only will care about what you can give them. This will come when you have tests and exams. If a friend asks you these things, immediately know in your mind that these “friends” of yours are not worth your time. Walk away from those people.

12. You’re an introvert. That means you may not want to talk or spend time with people. Learn to accept that rather than being someone you’re not. God made you that way. JUST BE YOU! Find other creative ways that express your character and personality. It’s also okay to go to events by yourself, you will have either way.

13. Do more volunteer services and learn more about your city. 

14. The college/university is an experience. Be immersed in college life, with God’s guidance. You may have gone to college to get a degree but its also about getting involved and having fun. 

15. Finding friends will be a bit difficult for you since you’re a bit distant (open up a little but not too much). That’s why you should join clubs (considerably one) and get a job.

16. Know your priority. You came to University to get a degree. Fun and leisure should be limited to one day a week. Trust me.

17. The library will be your best friend. Use it to the utmost!

18. Sleeping early is a must!

19. Get to know your roommate and enjoy her company if you can.

20. Develop a self-care routine. includes exercises, books, or whatever will help you get away from school or help you be more relaxed, find your self-care activities and STICK with them!

21. Don’t spend money like you rich! Be wise in your spending. Buy or use an envelope to manage your savings.

22. God will open doors if you seek Him.

23. Make a habit of going out by yourself on the weekend. Find free events and use those times to make memories, even by yourself.

I mentioned that I will provide some recommendations that I have used in the past that will help you during your college studies:

The APA Manual (6th edition)

This is a helpful book for those research papers when you have 6 or more pages to write. I remember that almost all my college classes, my professors recommended this book when they assigned essays to write. You won’t regret it. This particular book is for those who are taking classes that require APA format.

BlueSky Weekly/Monthly Planner (Amazon)

This is the planner that got me in college, especially in the last 2 years of college. It contains weekly and monthly so you can better schedule your time whether you got to study, have an event to go to and miscellaneous. Website 

College books are expensive. I don’t even want to look at the price textbooks are now. However, there are a lot of alternatives when considering textbooks and how much you should spend on it. 

Before you buy the textbooks, ALWAYS email your professor prior to ordering your books. This can be done prior to two weeks before (when you get your schedule). First, it saves you money. Second, you get to know whether the textbook is going to be used in the class. 

When you gather the necessary information, compare your textbook RENT price with Campus Book Rental. You can save up to 70%. I used this website when the school rental textbooks were a bit pricey for renting. Website 

First of all, I should have found this website sooner, like my first year of college. I found this site when I was looking at a certain college site (I don’t recall the site name, sorry) and they recommended this site. 

Let me tell you this: when you’re ready to schedule your next classes, look into this website first. Read the reviews from students that have actually taken those classes with those professors. Then decide for yourself if you want to take the class with that specific professor. 


This is my go-to for all my writing purposes. From writing my blog posts to writing my papers for graduate school, this has been a lifesaver and has helped me write better. I am not good at grammar, so this has also helped me with reducing grammar errors. There’s a free version and a paid version, but the free version works very well. Also, they have an app so you can use it on your phone when you’re writing emails, or like myself, writing my blog posts on WordPress. You won’t regret it at all!

So there you go. 

I know college is not for everyone, but for those that are attending their first year, invest in it. Plus, if you do not know what you want to do regarding your career, I would HIGHLY recommend going to a community college and taking an undecided major. It will save you a LOT of money and you’ll still experience the college life. 

If you went to college or a university, what life lesson would you tell your younger self?

Until Next Time, 

Simple Alia

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