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3 Life Lessons I’ve Learned In August

A lot has happened last month. There were some good memories and some that may need continuous comfort until the pain is over. Nevertheless, things happen and how we react to it can either keep us going or break us down. I choose to acknowledge what has happened, but I refuse to go back or stay where I am. I can only move forward, even if it takes me one day at a time.

I learned a few life lessons this month. Also, these life lessons have made me see life a bit different than I used to see it. Though it’s painful it’s something that happens to a lot of people, I never thought it will happen to me, let alone my family. I guess it’s something we all must learn to cope and move forward with.

Let’s get started.

Life Has Unexpected Moments We Can’t Fathom

Something has happened to someone very dear to my life. It happened unexpectedly, and it’s something that I don’t think I’ll get over pretty soon. It has changed my life to the point that my personal role in my family. It’s something that I can’t still wrap my head around, even at the point that I’m writing this.

I asked myself earlier on why this happened, and why couldn’t it later, later in the far future? As a Christian, I asked myself so many things to God but in the end, all I could say that “His will be done”. Yet, it still hurts.

You don’t know what tomorrow brings, and sometimes we’re never prepared for tomorrow. That is why we should only live day by day all the time. No matter how much we plan our life, our plans may or may turn out the way we want. One, because God had other plans, or two, you’ve given up or put off because of circumstances.

Overall, life has unexpected moments we’re never prepared to face. It’s painful, confusing, and even sometimes brings anger. I don’t know about you but my life will be lived with a little more intention (it should always be like that anyway) and in the moment.

Long Time Friends Always Stay Together

I have a good close friend whom I’ve known for 10 years. I don’t have many friends, but I’m always thankful for her. We met in college our freshman year. Ever since then, we’ve been good friends.

We even talked about the length we’ve known each other and what it meant to us. To me, 10 years, even saying it, sounds so weird. It’s wonderful but I just never thought about such a thing until she mentioned it as we talked a while back.

If you ever had a friend for that long, I suggest letting them know how much you appreciate their friendship. It’s all God’s blessing that He has kept communicating with your friend for that long. Yes, it does require work from both parties, but when you know that your relationship is worth it, it will work.

Unexpected Things Teaches You To Prepare Better

Because of this unexpected circumstance that happened this month, it has changed my whole life in some way. It has helped to be more organized and structured than usual. It has prepared me to budget money wisely and efficiently. It also has taught me to play an important role in the family than I’ve ever been in before.

Sometimes, we can’t always be prepared for the unexpected. A car may break down as you start your car or something else that may be unexpected. Nevertheless, preparing yourself for the unexpected like having an emergency loan or something like may prepare you for the things to come.

I wasn’t prepared for my situation but I have to be. Yet, I am still taking it one day at a time. That’s all I can do. This goes for you too. If you’re going through something difficult this month, take it one day at a time. It’s okay to cry if you want to (and don’t let anyone tell you any different). Yet, always know that you always have to move forward.

What is one life lesson you’ve learned in August? How are you moving forward with it? Let me know in the comment below and discuss it.

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