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4 Simple Self-Care Routines I’m Loving Right Now

June 20, 2019

This year, one of my goals was to set up self-care habits every week to help me relax and calm me down from the hectic workplace and life in general. I’ve used these 4 self-care rouines for some time now and they help me a lot when I need to just relax, even if it is for a few minutes to a few hours. I don’t these everyday, but whenever I find the time to do them, thou shall not bother me please. 

My life has been busy from one thing to the next, and I just get tired of it all the time. But I thank God that He is giving me strength every day to get by. My time will come when I’ll have one of those days where I can just binge watch my favorite movies or television shows without no interruptions.

Well, let’s get started.

This Spring and summer, I have 4 self-care activities that I am enjoying this moment.

1. Reading Books and Magazines

Books have been my favorite activity ever since I was young. However, I’ve stopped reading when I got older because of school and life also. However, this year, I’ve challenged myself to read 20 books this year, and I’ve already read about 5 books, which I’ve listed in my other post.

For me, reading is such a great way to unwind and let my mind wander to fantasy and imagination. Other times, it gives me things to think about and how I can improve my life in a better way.

2. Sitting Idle & Being Mindful

This may seem dull, but it’s so life-changing, even for a moment. I’m reading this magazine called Breathe Magazine, and it mentions that being mindful of the present helps us to appreciate the now, the moment. Also, this exercise leads us to unleash our imagination, which helps when we’re stuck creatively (when I need blog posts ideas). I recommend reading this magazine if you’re into mindfulness and self-care.

3. Face Mask

It’s Spring season and a little warmer than it should be. It’s getting hotter and hotter, and I’m taking it all in, sweats and all. And because of the heat and sweat, my face takes a toll of it, it gets darker and more oily than usual, it gets on my nerves. So to solve this problem, I apply the Shea Moisture Black Soap Clarifying Mask. It’s been a lifesaver to me. I’ve been using this for a few months, and it still does wonder on my skin.

4. Netflix Binge

I am guilty of watching Netflix. And I mean, I watch a lot of it. My life has been so busy that just laying on your bed, watching your favorite Currently, I am watching Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries and just got done watching Dead to Me (which I truly recommend). It’s one of the things that I do when I come home from work, and it truly relaxes me.

There you go!

What are your self-care habits/routines? Let me know in the comments below!

Until Next Time,

Simply Alia

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