What Not To Do When You Are Stressed?

For the past weeks, I’ve been stressed and have struggled mentally with my seasonal situation. The event led me to do things that were not beneficial nor healthy for me in any kind of way. Though I am still going through and working on this, I wanted to write a blog post about some things you shouldn’t do when you’re stressed or frustrated.

These things will not reap good rewards, let me tell you. So if you find yourself doing these acts or have been doing these things for a long time, recognize that such actions are not helpful for you.

Ready? Let’s get started.

This post is about what not to do when you are stressed

One thing before you begin reading: I want you to breathe and concentrate on this moment. Breathe yourself into the now, this moment. This way you can think about the now rather than your situation, which can lead to stress. That has helped me a lot.

1. Eating Without Thinking

This may be something you may or may not realize that you’re doing it. For myself, I recognized that I ate without thinking when I acknowledged that I gained a lot of weight in so little time! Plus, the food I ate was food that I wasn’t really accustomed to. For example, I love sweets, but I ate sweets more than before. Every day to be exact.

If you find yourself going to a fast food restaurant, or even notice that you’re eating a lot of food more than before, consider why you’re eating more than usual. Food is an important aspect of our health but having too much, especially when accompanied by stress, is never a good thing.

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2. Constantly Blaming Others & Yourself  

One thing that we all need to understand is that we have a choice. We may think we don’t have a choice at times, but honestly, we do. When our life is beyond our control, we have the choice to choose how we’re going to react to it. When your coworker needs help when you’re about to take your break, you have the choice to help them or not. When you’re sick, you have the choice to either take medicine or not.

When something happens in your life, and it seems as if everything is against you, you have the option to either blame others, blame yourself, or see things as they are, work through it, and move on.

Stress brings about emotions that can lead you to blame others for what you’re going through. You may blame a friend for bringing you late to work or get upset when they spilled coffee on your shirt, then you tell yourself that because of that occurrence, you may become stressed.

Understand that blaming others is not going to help you live the day any better, but will only worsen it. The constant thought of blaming others will only direct you to think negative thoughts of that person (even sometimes when they’ve done nothing to you). At the end of the day, see that no day will be perfect. The perfect day will only come when you decide to let things go, expect nothing, and keep living, being happy of course.

We all have the tendency to blame ourselves for the things that go wrong in our life, especially when we’re stressed.

“I could’ve done better…”
” Why didn’t I do this?”
“Why I am so stupid?”

I used to do that to myself. I don’t do it as often because I catch myself. But If I do find myself doing it at times, I lead myself to talk through it, accepting things as it is, praying on it, and move forward. Then, I start to ponder and observe the blessings around me that remind me that life is not THAT bad after all.

Understand that blaming yourself when you’re stressed out is something you shouldn’t do. It could certainly lead to negative emotions coming left and right.

3. Sleeping Late

I sometimes found myself sleeping later when I think about the matters that stress or bother me. Then, I end up sleeping late, waking up the next morning bothered, cranky and going about my day just being in a bad mood. This, of course, can add more stress to my life!

Do you find yourself doing this too? If you do, understand that it’s not a good thing. Sleep deprivation is the real deal. You have to understand that late-night thoughts can drive you to ponder on bad thoughts and a bad mood.

4. Repressing Your Emotions

Nothing is worse than repressing emotions. What that does is only keeping the feelings in that desperately needs to be let out. If the feelings are kept in, they will come out, somehow, but not in a good way. If you find yourself stressed out, one thing you definitely should not DO is keeping your feelings to yourself.

I think it’s okay to be angry at times because it allows us to express our feelings. However, it’s not good to linger the anger nor is it good to lash it out in any sort of manner. In the end, you will still remain angry and not come to a solution to lessen your stress.

This is the same thing as staying to yourself. Like repressed emotions, saying to yourself builds up also. The more you stay to yourself, the more you will favor loneliness rather than getting the proper support and help from family, friends, or even a professional.

5. Obsessing Over The Stress

When something got on my nerves so much that it stressed me out, I would think about the stressor- the thing that stressed me out. I would think about it for a long time until it made my blood boil or made me unhappy. Also, I would lash out my negative emotions to my family or friends, even when they haven’t even done anything to me.

I soon learned that stress will always come, but obsessing over it, no matter how much it bothered you, will not help you calm down or solve the problem at all. It’s a matter of knowing that you’re bothered by this stressor but you won’t let these stresses overtake your day or your life.

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There you go! How are you overcoming your stress?

Until Next Time,

Simply Alia

If we let stress overcome us, it can to detrimental to our health. Here are some 5 things you shouldn't do when you're stressed.

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