6 Simple Steps To Improve Productivity

“Whenever you have taken up work in hand, you must see it to the finish. That is the ultimate secret of success. Never, never, never give up!” ~ Dada Vaswani

To be effective (or proactive) in anything, you need only two things: your motivation and focus (or discipline). What’s the motivation behind your productivity? Are you focused enough to get the task or goal done? That’s a question in which you can alone answer.

If you want to increase your productivity on a daily basis, then you have to make a decision right now. Make the decision that you’re going to develop good habits. Why? Because being productive requires having good habits that go along with it.

Don’t you want your task to be done and over with so you can move on? I know you do.

In this blog posts, I will be pointing out the methods for improving your productivity, as well as steps to get you in the right mindset so you can be productive and get things done. These steps will help you become more aware of yourself so that whatever goal or task you have in hand will get done at home or work your way, but also getting it done effectively.

6 Simple Steps To Improve Productivity

Let’s get started. 

  1. Know Your End Goal
  2. Have A Success Mindset
  3. Draw Up The Plan
  4. Meditate On The Plan
  5. Be Consistent
  6. Be More Aware Of Yourself
  7. ***Bonus: Tools To Help You Be More Efficient In Your Productivity

1. Know Your End Goal

Use a journal or a planner (which I recommend to the utmost) to write down your tasks. I would recommend writing down tasks that you know you could do on that day. If there is a task that seems daunting, do that first! Then break it into small parts that you can do each day.

The first step to improving productivity is to have an end goal. What would happen if you accomplish this goal? 

How will this goal make you feel when you complete it? 

Visualize it. Is this goal important to you? If it is, how is it going to make an effect in your life? I truly think it’s important for you to do this. Know that if you don’t do visualize your end goal, you might find yourself not doing your best in getting things done. Execute your goal effectively, meaning, know where you are but most importantly, visualize where you want to be.

One important thing that has helped me to maintain my productivity is writing down the reasons I want to complete the task. It’s important to know your way. It gives you clarity as to why this task is important to you.

2. Have A Success Mindset

Keep your mind active of what you need to get done. In order for you to do that, have a success mindset. Possess a mindset of achievement. I have recently read Think & Grow Rich by Napoleon and the one thing that helped me become more productive in my life is this statement from his book: if you have an internal purpose in your heart and mind to get something done, then having the desire to possess it, which will help you accomplish it. 

3. Draw Up The Plan

Use a journal or a simple notebook to write down the ways and steps you’re going to accomplish your goals or task. It doesn’t have to be specifically detailed, but knowing the step by step task of where you are and where you want to be is important. Also, make sure what you’re writing on paper makes sense and is realistic. You don’t want to tell yourself that you’ll exercise at 5 AM, especially if you’re not a morning person. In addition, make sure you don’t let yourself get busy, it’s all about efficiency.

4. Meditate On The Plan

Another method for effective productivity is to meditate and visualize the plan. For every plan you want to place into action, visualizing it is the most effective way to help you be more productive and, therefore, a close step to achieving your goals. So think of your plans the night before, look back on your plans before you get started. It’s all about getting it in mind. Looking into your journal or planner the night before can and will prepare you for the day ahead. 

5. Be Consistent

Like the energizer bunny, just keep going and going.

There’s a difference between being busy and productive. When you’re productive, there’s a certain amount of efficiency that helps you get the job done right in a specific amount of time, day, and place. Being busy means you’re preoccupied with your day to day activities that you may find yourself paying attention to one task more than the other. Being consistent doesn’t mean being always busy. It just means making the time, however much it may be, to get things done properly and efficiently for that day. Build a lifestyle habit that will help you be more consistent when being productive. 

6. Be More Aware Of Yourself

If you find yourself frustrated or angry, take a break. Working on your task when you’re in a bad mood or not feeling well is not going to get it done efficiently or correctly. Give yourself a break between your task so you can rest your body. Pay attention to yourself, your body, your mindset. It will tell you when you need to take breaks. Oh, and also develop a self-care routine around your tasks or goal. This way when you do take a break, you can refresh yourself for a bit before going back and getting your task done. (Reference of taking breaks when too productive, also list reasons and benefits of breaks). 

7. ***Bonus: Tools & Extra Tips To Help You Be More Efficient In Your Productivity

Trello – If you’re working more on the computer, then I suggest using Trello. This is a project managing system that’s similar to a planner, but it’s online. But this one is great when you have multiple projects going on and you need to see all your projects in one place. Jessica Stansberry has a youtube video on how she uses Trello but also a tutorial on how to use it if you’re interested. 

Timer – One timer I use when I’m using my computer online to type my blog or anything else is Be Focused. It’s on iTunes and it’s free. They also got a version that you can pay also but I’m all about free so it works great as well too. If you want to work on a project for 3 hours but with increments of 30 minutes, giving you a 10-minute break? Then this is for you. 

If you want to see how it works, setapp has a tutorial on how to use Be Focused. 

Be affirmative – One thing we find ourselves not often doing is speaking positivity or encouragement to our self. If we don’t get things done, we grumble and mumble to ourselves that “we’ll never get it done”, “I can’t do this” or ” I can’t do that”. 

Here are some affirmations you need to tell yourself to encourage yourself:

  1. I will act with confidence when I tackle on my task
  2. I am a doer, therefore I will get things accomplished
  3. I will face situations with grace and courage
  4. I live in the present and never dwell on the past so I can ensure a wonderful future

Take little actions every day – This is a habitual routine that takes times to build but it’s also a consistent choice we make every day. If you want to improve your productivity, then make the decision to constantly do something on a daily basis, to get your task or goal done. You’ll thank yourself when it gets finally done. 

Journal or planner with a pen – If your task does not involve being on the computer all day, then acquiring a planner or journal is recommended. 

In Gloss & Belle, she provides information on what type of journal fits your life and the suplies that go along with it, so that you can use your journal better.

Essential Oils – if you need an additional boost to your mood, try using essentials oils. There are specific essential oils you should use to improve your mood. Jennifer Lane from Loving Essential Oils provided several oils recipes that serve to boost your mood. One way to use these essential oils is by utilizing them with an oil diffuser. 

Accountability partner – Having someone to support and gently push you to get things done may be needed. They cheer you on, remind you of why you started and why you have to keep going. Find one close friend or family member that knows you very well and will keep you on your toes. 

Remove any distraction – We want to get things done but we find yourself doing something else. That’s when self-awareness comes. Pay attention to what you’re doing and focus on the task at hand. One way to determine if you’re distracted is stopping after 30 minutes, or even an hour. Are you focused? If not, figure out why you’re distracted and write it down. Later on, you can think about your distraction and decide out how to restrict your mindset to solely focus on your task. 

Music that goes with your activity – Music has a special place in my heart. And I know it’s in your heart too. Unless you like your work space to be quiet, music may be another way for you to boost your productivity, there improving your mood too. However, listening to the right kind of music is also critical to how you get things done. Whether you’re working with headphones, earphones, or with speakers, make sure that listening to the right music (African, classic, Celtics) will help you focus and get things done. 

Take your time – There is nothing worse than doing something quick and the end results are wrong. Make sure you take the time to plan things ahead so you can be productive healthy, leading to you not being stressed nor feeling drained. 

Eat food – Incorporate some foods into your eating habits. Salmon, avocado, green tea, and eggs are one of the essential ways to help you boost your focus. The same foods, including chocolate and coconut, boost your mood and increase productivity. 

Sleeping early – Sleeping is essential to your body and brain. Recharging your body is good for you so you can feel refreshed and energized for the next day. Sleeping also helps you to think better when making decisions. So to get a good night’s sleep, make sure you do not use any technology beforehand. This way, you’ll get the necessary hours your body needs to be fully charged. 

There you go.

Improving productivity will take time but if you’re constantly working on it on a daily basis, then you will get things done. We set goals every day but fail to do them because we either don’t plan them, don’t feel like it, or don’t have the time. If you find yourself in this situation, then it is time to change your ways. It’s time to get things done. Enhance your productivity by adding music, taking short breaks every so minute, or even using essential oils to boost your mood and focus. Sometimes, getting things done also means getting rid of things that distract of from our task. To improve your productivity, it’s about using any means of resource to help you get them done, which I have addressed in this post.

What are some ways you can increase productivity to complete your daily task? Let me know in the comments below!

Until Next Time,

Simply Alia

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