8 Best Ways To Save Money On Clothing When You’re On A Budget


Are you looking for ways to save money? Are you tight on budget? My goal for 2020 is to save as much as possible so that I can experience life (traveling and concerts) rather than just buying items I may or may not use in the long run. Well, let me not forget that I need to save money on my school loan, too (who’s with me?). 

We all like spending clothes that makes us look good (I know I do), but sometimes they’re expensive, and we empty our pockets because of them! Well, I urge you (and myself) to not let 2020 be your year where you spend more, but rather spend less and save more. 

This type of spending is not mindful, y’all. That’s a fact. I’ve been there and done that, and let me tell you, it’s not wise nor is it enjoyable. It becomes an addiction that you can’t stop. This is something that I am working on, and by all means, if you’re going through the same thing, read this blog post and take it by heart. 

In this blog post, I have gathered a few tips you can use to save money on clothes, particularly if you’re on a budget. 

So let’s get started. 

This is post is about providing tips to saving money on clothes. 

Make a list

I don’t usually make a list of what items of clothes I should buy (unless its undergarments) but this year, I am going to strictly make a list of what clothing items I NEED to buy that I am going to use currently this year. Or an item that I see myself using it during the seasons. 

So for this year, or during the season, make a list of items that you NEED to buy. And I’m not talking about undergarments here since those are always in need yearly. If you NEED new jeans, work out outfits, or new tees, make a list of them. Look into your closet and see what you strictly NEED. 

You see my emphasis on the word NEED?

Make A Budget

After you made a list, create a budget that is dedicated to your clothes ONLY. This may need a lot of self-control, but self-discipline is essential if you really want this to work for your life. 

This budget can be made monthly or quarterly, but you must first and foremost need to know what you NEED to buy before that budget is planned. Using an envelope or a mini folder envelope is a great way to manage your budget and build up the savings you need (unless you like to use an online savings account). 

Make a Capsule Wardrobe

If your desire is to spend less money, then trying out the capsule lifestyle is an option you can take. That doesn’t mean that that you have to get rid of some of your clothes, but you just need to consider being more mindful of what you currently have in your closet and make your closet work for you. This is something I want to try this year so that I can be more mindful of my clothes instead of telling myself that I have nothing to wear (which I clearly do). 

If you’re looking for an example on how to produce a capsule wardrobe, looking through your Pinterest account is definitely a start.

Sometimes, we let ourselves buy clothes and other items to prove to others of our status or success, which to me is fine, but in the end, it’s still money wasted away. I learned a lot last year, especially when it comes to money and lifestyle. And for me, I rather spend money on items that matter to me, like experiences or saving up to pay off my loans, so that I can create memories that matter to me the most. 

If you want to spend more time with family, friends, then use the money to spend it spending quality time, which can also be free. 

Check Out Your Online Coupons

Coupons, Coupons, Coupons! There are thousands of online sites that are dedicated to coupons. And I know just a few. I use these on occasions and I recommend that you look through them to see which one works for you:

Ebates – Think of this site as the middle man between you and your favorite store. It contains almost every online store you can think of such as Walmart, Target, and even Amazon. The reason why I joined this site is because of the cashback. This really helped me during my college days and it’s something I truly recommend when you want to save a bit but also make some money on the side. If you join now, you get a free $10 bonus!

I have known this website for a while now. I use it on and off, mostly because I don’t spend money on clothing items as often as I did before. However, it’s still my go-to when I’m looking for a discount from my favorite stores. 

Shoptagr – Shoptagr is by far my favorite site. Think of this website like your shopping assistant. But let’s focus on why this is something you can use to help you save money on clothes. Remember my tip number one about making a list of items you need for the year? This is going to be your lifesaver. I use this website (mostly the app) to help build up my list to buy what I need for the year. 

I save my list from stores I love, wait for a sale to come on (the app notifies me), and then voila, I buy my item on sale and I’m saving money. 

Good news: Shoptagr is coming up with a new feature this year in 2020! Similar to Ebates, you can also get cashback on your favorite purchases. 

RetailMeNot – This is also a good coupon service to use if you’re looking for coupons that you might have missed from your favorite store. I don’t use this often but it’s still a great last resort resource. 

Sign Up For Your Favorite Shop

If you’ve never signed up for your favorite online store, then you may be missing on some savings. I know that almost every online store out invite you to sing up and then give an up to 15% discount off so you can buy yours through their website. Some websites give you a certain amount of time to use your discount while some don’t. There are online stores that give you incentives like a free gift or item when you buy a certain amount of items from their stores. It’s worth checking it out. 

Consider Thrifting – Online & Offline

I like thrifting, to some level. However, I’m not going to mark it as something to not consider. I bought some church clothes from there, which I am glad I did because clothes are expensive out there! There are even online second-hand stores like thredUP or Poshmark you can consider. 

Rent Out Your Clothes

Instead of buying more clothes to add to your closet, why not rent? It’s weird, right? Renting clothes?

But it’s the new normal nowadays. Services like these are affordable and are a good way to save money. 

$20 Off 2 Months When You Sign Up at Using Code: FEBRUARY

One particular clothing renting services I am familiar with is called Le Tote. It’s membership-based, meaning that you pay a monthly fee for the clothes you rent. All you have to do sign up for their services, and they’ll direct you on what clothes you want to rent (depending on the occasion of your choosing). 

Le Tote

Wait For Seasonal Sale

Last but not least, buying seasonal sale clothing items. Since it is the winter season, buying winter season outfits can help save money so you won’t have to shop for winter outfits the next year! I urge you to look through the clearance of your favorite store and you’ll see a bunch of clothes that are out of season, which means they can come back next season full price! Grab them now while you can!

There you go!

How are you saving money on clothes, other than not buying anything?

Until Next Time, 

Simply Alia

Clothes are great and all, but if we're not careful, we can practically go over our budget without thinking and spend so much money. If you're looking for ways to save money for clothes while on a budget, these 8 tips are the way to go. My personal favorite is the fourth one and you'll know why!

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