Life is meant to be lived with purpose, not just for the sake of living in it.

Hey! Welcome to Simply Alia, personal growth and lifestyle blog.

The blog is for the working busybodies, the self-care lovers, the mindful seekers, self-improvement enthusiasts, face masks beauty nerds, God seeker, and overall a girl who wants to live life to her full potential. 

Here are some subjects we cover:

  1. Improving the mindset
  2. Loving your true self
  3. Tending to your well-being
  4. Design goals to help you achieve your lifestyle dreams
  5. Growing closer to God
  6. Create a self-care and mindful routine that reminds them you who you are and why you’re also important 
  7. Providing resources that would help daily establish a lifestyle you love
  8. Helping you save money 
  9. Engage in fun activities
  10. Establish and maintain relationships
  11. …and many more!

Who am I to say these things?

Hi, my name is Alia I love helping people get out of their funk. Plus, I am excited that you’ve stumbled into this personal growth and lifestyle blog. It’s a website I created to help busybody women, like yourself, to escape the busybody life and seek simplicity at its best. My main intention is to help you seek a life that’s work/fun life balance rather than work, work, work! I provide resources (printables, journal prompts), tips, advice, and solutions to your everyday problem that deals with your job, mental health, personal growth, faith, beauty products, traveling and much more. I also love helping mindful lovers and self-care seekers!

So there you go!

Are you ready to change focus on the better things of your life?

How to get started with Simply Alia

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  3. Third, read this post about gratitude, getting you into a gratitude mood. 
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When I’m not blogging, I’m a preschool teacher by day but a book reader, mind wanderer, a homebody, a master degree seeker, fashion shopper, choir singer, green tea drinker, movie watcher, amateur nature photographer, knitter/crocheter, and a foodie lover every other day and night. 

If you have any questions or want to chat about some subject on my blog,  feel free to contact me on the contact page.

Until next time,