“Life is meant to be lived with purpose, not just for the sake of it.”

Since this is a brand new blog, I wanted to let you know a bit about me. You already know that I am an introvert so…yeah.

So lets began, shall we?

I think this post will be shorter than my other posts…maybe.

Why do I have a blog? I think blogs are a great way to express yourself, your creativity and helping people in the comfort of your home. Plus, making money as you do these things is a plus too.

Why should you visit this website? This website is dedicated to the women (and men) who want to live purposefully. They may not want to make millions of dollars nor have a big house but they want to learn how to enjoy what they have on a daily basis.

Or maybe you want to build your business or start something new in life, but something is stopping you.

This is when I come in. I help you uncover your gifts, your talents and build the confidence you already have within you to live the life you purposefully want.

You don’t have to live like in the dark anymore. Your life is meant to be lived the way you want to live.

How can I help you? I’ve been where you are and I am still building the life I want while living simply and focusing on the little things that are a blessing in my life. You should too. This blog/website will support you, teach you, and provide tips on how to live the life you want while still acknowledging what you have, counting your blessings.

Plus, you’ll get to know a bit about me, my life lessons and such.

So without further do, here some facts about little old me, just we can connect and such.

Let’s be friends.

So some things you may not know about me are:

1. I am a born-again Christian. I love the Lord & Thankful for His grace everyday.
2. I love Crocheting & Knitting.
3. I love Photography, especially when it’s nature and lifestyle photography
4. Archie is the only comic book I’ll read.
5. My favorite season is Spring.
6. I love the sound of the rain, including the clouds’ formation when it’s getting ready for a thunderstorm.
6. I am an Introvert, an INFP to be exact. I don’t relatively talk much but a great listener.
7. I love TOMS shoes. They’re comfortable and goes with every casual outfit I wear.
8. The only sandals I would wear are Birkenstocks. They’re so comfortable.
9. My Favorite colors are green, dark red, and dark orange.
10. I speak French, but can’t write (does texting count?)
11. My Favorite Shows are Psych, Monk, & Kimmy Schmidt.
12. When I watch true-story movies, if a family or a loved one are reunited, I began to cry.
13. I want to travel. Some places I would like to visit are South America, New Zealand,  and the Caribbean beaches.
14. If I could live in any era, it would be the 80s.
15. I love Wordsearch puzzles & Mild Psychological Mystery Thriller Novels.
16. I eat crackers with my strawberry yogurt (college days).
17. I like gardening but can’t seem to keep the plants alive.
18. I’ve always been a visual and kinesthetic learner. There is something about doing something with your hands that brings satisfaction.
19. Favorite exercise is Zumba.
20. Genres of music I listen to is Jazz, Piano, Celtic Music, Electronic, Hip Hop, R&B, Gospel, & CCM (Christian Contemporary Music).
21. Favorite print patterns are florals and leopard.
22. Favorite candy, if I was in the mood for one, is TWIX.
23. Smoothies are my best friends.
24. I like doing things at the last minute.
25. Been to Paris & loved it.

So there you go.

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Until next time,