“Life is meant to be lived with purpose, not just for the sake of it.”

Hey (wave)!

Welcome to my blog, it’s Simply Alia. 

My name is Alia and this is my lifestyle/ self-growth blog. 

On here, I write about styles such as simple fashion everyday wear, self-growth, the Christian faith,  and many other favorites, yet quirky, things of mine such as movies/ television shows, and being an introvert! I wanted to have a little corner on the web where I can express my thoughts about life and such but also wanted to encourage and inspire my fellow dreamers and wanderers behind the screen to live life their way one moment at a time, based on my experience. 

Overall, the purpose was of this blog is to provide you with helpful yet purposeful tips on how to live purposefully (big or small) in whatever journey you’re living in, providing you the inspiration and encouragement to be confident in yourself (every aspect of your life, body, and mind), and finally, helping you persevere through this life. It’s not always easy and sometimes it’s ugly. However, there’s always beauty and blessings in the little things if you just pay attention to it.

Why is your blog called simply Alia?

My philosophy in life is simply living life one moment at a time. From living well, growing well and to eating well, I believe that you shouldn’t make things complicated as they are since life always throws a bunch of lemons out at you every day. 

This blog is for those ladies (and gents if you’re reading this) who want someone to let them know that things are going to be okay and that they should continue to live life, even when it hurts at times. I am writing to those ladies that dance in their room by themselves because it’s the most awesome thing to do. I’m also writing to those that question their life and wanting to know whether where they are is where they should be. I want to be able to encourage and support these ladies, providing stories and tips from life in general, and from mine. Plus, learning to lean on God, in Christ, for guidance and strength, when they need it.  

On a good note, I also talk about things you (and I) love like fashion ( who doesn’t like a sale at Target, H&M, or Old Navy? I know I do) and other things. 

When I’m not blogging, I’m a preschool teacher by day but a book reader, mind wanderer, a homebody, fashion shopper, choir singer, green tea drinker, movie watcher, amateur nature photographer, knitter/crocheter, and a foodie lover every other day and night. 

If you have any questions or want to chat about some subject on my blog,  feel free to contact me on the contact page.

Thanks for stopping by and God bless! 

Until next time,