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10 Bad Habits To Change Right Away

Habits. We all have them. We have a habit of brushing our teeth in the morning before eating our breakfast. We all have a habit of prepping our clothes for work the night before. Why? Because we have trained ourselves to do just that. 

Any habit that we’ve trained ourselves to do can either improve our life or ruin it. As much as we have good habits that consistently improve our wellbeing, the bad, or toxic, habits can ruin our lifestyle. 

In this post, I wanted to provide x bad habits you need to consider changing right away. We all have bad habits we all need to break, even myself. That is why I am presenting you with these bad habits that may be preventing you from living a healthy life. 

Let’s get started. 

This post is about the bad habits to change right away

Learn about the 10 top bad habits to change right away so you can start living your healthy, purposeful life.

Before I start with the list, I would like to let you know about the 4 types of habits we all have. They’re procedural habits, good habits, bad habits, and addiction. 

Procedural habits are basic such as walking, running, standing, eating, and such. You start with one procedure, such as walking, which leads you to the next procedural habit, which is running. This habit is neutral; there’s no good or bad about it. Think of this habit has auto reflexive, it’s inborn. 

Good habits are what behaviors that benefits us. Such as brushing our teeth, eating veggies, getting our 6-8 hours of sleep. These habits promote positive results in our life. 

Bad habits, on the other hand, are unhealthy for us. The way we obtain bad habits is due to ideas, beliefs, and negative experiences.

Addiction, which can often be derived from a bad habit, is more dangerous. It’s usually pretty bad when the person that’s experiencing the addiction doesn’t notice a bit of a difference in what they do. 

Now that you know a bit of the four types of habits, I hope that this list helps you identify certain bad habits you have and change it for the better. You deserve to live a healthy purposeful life. It’s good eating sweets once a while, but when it becomes a bad habit, even an addiction, I don’t want you to go there. 

So let’s continue and change those bad habits right away! Along with the bad habits, I will also provide suggestions on how to break away from them as well. 

  1. Do you tend to buy something to make you feel better? Emotional spending is a common habit when you feel inadequate or have low self-esteem. Substitute this spending habit with self-care and confidence-boosting strategies like dressing up when you don’t have to or sharing your wisdom or know-how with others.
  2. Mindlessly eating can add the weight on. Avoid eating in front of the TV or computer, you tend to eat faster and consume more. Eat with a friend or pet, instead. Talking while you’re eating reduces how much you eat and you’re more aware of what you eat.
  3. Negative self-talk is a bad habit that often develops at a young age or as we grow in a negative environment. To replace negative self-talk and mindsets, you need to stand up for yourself. You do not deserve to be talked to like that, especially when it’s yourself that’s doing it! Challenge the negative/unrealistic aspects and change it. If your self-talk said, “You’re stupid,” challenge it by saying, “I am not stupid. I made a mistake and that’s acceptable. I am also acceptable.”
  4. Breaking the habit of staying up late might be easier than you think. Like myself, I stay up quite late because I am still doing assignments for my courses. However, I know that staying up way late is not a healthy habit. If you’re staying up late because of a late-night movie, that’s fine. If you are staying later than you might because you just want to, make sure that you’re reaping good benefits. However, sleeping late is a negative thing. Instead of being on your phone late at night, read a novel, or play cards. Let your night be a night that relaxes you instead of giving you excitement or a headache. 
  5. When you are breaking promises to yourself, you’re promoting low self-worth. How? Because it’s telling yourself that you’re apathetic to your state of living. This may seem harsh, but this is the hard truth. I also confronted myself with this bit when I wanted to stop eating ice cream (and man do I love my cookies and cream). But I could not let myself eat something that made me gain weight consistently and may produce diabetes in the future! I can’t risk that. To help you break this habit, get a friend or family member involved. Let them know about your bad habit. They will help hold you accountable and you’re less likely to break a promise to yourself and someone else.
  6. Neglecting yourself is a lack of self-care. When you feel down, do things that make you happy such as wearing your favorite casual clothes, watching your favorite movie/tv show that makes you laugh, taking a walk, spending time with your favorite people, taking a mini-trip, and working on your hobby. The purpose here is the create a good habit when you feel down. 
  7. Saying “yes” to others too much is often saying that you want to please others much often than pleasing yourself. I often found myself doing this due to wanting to please people so they won’t hate me or dislike me. However, it just led me to a path of low self-worth. It’s okay to say yes because you want to help the person. But when it’s based on wanting to get their attention, you may find yourself disappointed. Therefore, say “no” to please yourself at least half of the time. Identify things you said “yes” to in the past, but should have said “no” to. Then, find words that can help you craft phrases to identify your no without being rude when you find yourself in that situation.
  8. Did you know that overplanning your task or goals without implementing them is a bad habit? Yep, it is. Habitually over-planning, without implementing the actions, can be due to fears. Look at your plan, note what tasks you worry about, or are afraid to attempt. Deal with the fear by planning how to accomplish each task despite your feelings.
  9. Denial is a common habit that can result in misidentifying an addiction. The truth is the truth whether you accept it or not. Accept yourself just as you are. Learn the signs of addiction. Ask friends if they see the signs in you. Break the denial habit. Seek specialized help for addictions.
  10. Trying to change others ruins relationships. Break the habit by focusing on a person’s good points. Don’t compare the person to yourself. Accept the person as-is. Let go of your selfish, “if only…” ideals.

These are just a few bad habits I wanted to mention here. This is not to tell you that you’re the only one with a bad habit. We all do. But it takes one step to change your life. So say yes to good habits that promote healthy living. 

Until Next Time, 

Simply Alia

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