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The Best Face Masks for Combination Skin


Do you think it’s difficult to find the one best face mask that treats your skin just right? Especially for us combination skin ladies? I never knew there were different types of face masks out there, especially when it was determined on the type of skin you had. I bought a face mask for oily skin even though my skin was a combination of both. Using this particular product for oily skin, only left my skin half dry or even dry at that. So last year, late in December, I began to do a bit of research on the type of product that was good for my skin. I learned a bit, but I am hoping to expand this type of knowledge on this blog. 

For this post, I will be giving you the best face masks for combination skin. I’m not a skincare specialist at all, I just wanted to be able to recommend some skincare products that I have used in the past that might help you purchase the best face mask product for your combination skincare needs. 

So let’s get started. 

This post is about the best face masks for combination skins

Before I show you these products, you need to understand how to know if your skin is a combination of oil and dry is and what sort of ingredients is best represented for your skin. 

Remember, I am not a skincare specialist, but I have accumulated the best information out there to help you understand what best suits your skincare needs. 

How do you know if you have combination skin?

The best and practical way to know if you have combination skin is seeing where your skin mostly produces oil. The more oil your face produces in one area, the more your pores will be susceptible to clogging. 

Ewww right?

Your natural oil is mostly produced around the forehead area and along the sides of your face. 

Now, the dry area of your skin will likely be located around your cheeks and downward.

Now, all combination skins are different. Your face could be 80% oily while the remaining 20% is dry. But what you will need to understand is that combination skin has dry and oily areas. And the best way to provide balance for your skin is by using products that provide the necessary ingredients that best support your skin. 

Now all combination skin products are the same. Some products may irritate one skin while others don’t. So that is why it’s important to be careful what you put on your skin so you won’t reap the consequences of redness, breakouts, and whatnots. 

What ingredients represent the best care for combination skin?

Ohh, that’s a hard one. As mentioned, not all ingredients for combination skin products work for ALL combination skin. One particular ingredient that I kept seeing in my research was Hyaluronic acid. 

According to Harper’s Baazar, Hyaluronic acid, plainly, is something that keeps your skin hydrated and soothes dry skin. It is already ingrained in our bodies, so tending to it is necessarily important. To maximize its potential for your skin, eating fruits, vegetables, and drinking water is the best way to keep your skin balanced without revealing the wrinkling oily skin. 

So, if you’ve missed it, one of the ingredients to best tend for your skin HAS to include WATER, Or L’EAU if you understand french. Oils are also good ingredients for combination skin, specifically argan oil, jojoba oil, lavender, and grapeseed oil. These oils are fast-absorbing, they hydrate your skin, and will not likely to leave your skin oily. 

One product that I use almost daily that includes this ingredient is located in my winter skincare regime post. I’ve been using this regime for the winter and it hasn’t left my skin feeling dry or looking like frosty the snowman. So when it’s cold outside, I know that my skin is protected and balanced. 

Overall, seeing a skincare specialist will lead you on the right path to help you understand your skin more. 

But if you’re a rebel like me and like to take a bit of risk when trying to skincare products, let’s keep on, shall we?

There are so many face masks products out there, like so many, that I couldn’t even tell you what could be the best face masks to tend to your combination skin. However, with a bit of research, personal experience, and a bit an opinion, here are the top 6 best face masks for your combination skin that clarifies, soothes, hydrates, and leaves your skin clean. 

Now, SOME of these items may be a bit on the pricey side, but I don’t expect you to use your face mask daily since the direction that comes with the product gives you instructions to use them once or twice a week.

Origins Original Skin Pink Clay Face Mask

One comment that all customer receives from this product is the glow they get from this product. Also, one thing that I like about this product is the jojoba beads. Not a lot of face masks product contains oil ingredients, so to see one is a big deal to me. I don’t want just a clean face, but a moisturized one as well. Plus, it doesn’t dry out your skin but leaves it soft and clean. with a 4/5, this is a product to definitely try. 

Black Tea Perfecting Face Mask

I haven’t used this combination face mask before but there has been a lot of good reviews, 4/5 rating to be exact. This specific face mask product encourages face elasticity, leaving your face firm and reduced wrinkles. One fault that all customers found when using this product is the bad smell, even though it leaves your skin soft and smooth at the end of its use. 

Biore Blue Agave + Baking Soda Face Mask 

My face-saver. Actually, I accidentally found this product while I was reading Donyell’s parenting and lifestyle post, She mentioned this product and I decided to give it a try. And boy, I’m glad I tried it. Though I don’t have the face mask, I do use the face wash, and it has left my skin clean and soft. Since my skin is prone to drying, my face has felt hydrated, even before putting on my moisturizer. Though these are two different techniques for washing and cleansing your face, I still believe that the effect is identical. It’s difficult finding the face mask in the store because it’s always out. However, Amazon has one. 

Aztec Secret Indian Healing Face Mask (Great for Hair Too)

My sole purpose for this product was to only use it for my hair, which left it rejuvenated. When I used it for my skin, my concern was that it was going to leave my face dry…and it did. The after effect left my skin a bit red, but not painful. The only reason I would not use this again on my skin is because of the effort that I had to put in to make the clay look like clay. It was a mess. I didn’t mind making the mess for my hair, but for my skin? No thanks. 

This particular product is great for combination skin that is more prone to oily skin since clay face masks are known to absorb the oil excess. My suggestion is to use this product only on the oily part of your skin, especially if your skin produces more than 70% oil. My skin doesn’t really do that so that’s another reason I am using it on my skin again. 

Egg White Face Mask (DIY)

This face is not a product per se, but multiple products to create the face maks. Its target is for acne-prone skin

What you need is these ingredients:

  1. 1 Egg whites (firm complexion for skin)
  2.  1 Teaspoon lemon juice (for toning)
  3. 1/2 teaspoon of pasteurized honey (soften skin; also good for deep conditioning your hair)

You can modify this recipe for your particular skin. The DIY face masks are great once in a while and it does the job, not 100% though. 

The Freeman product, the clearing sweet tea + lemon face mask, produces the same effect but is more active since it also contains lemon extracts in its ingredient. The only difference is that this product is a peel-off mask. If you’re into peel-off masks, then you should try it out. 

Bolden Clean Skin Face Mask

This product has not been fully advertised as much but it should still be recognized. Though its product is distinguished among African Americans, I believe that it could be beneficial for all skin colors, especially those with dark spots. It’s paraben-free, not tested on animals, and sulfate-free. The outcome of this product leaves your skin smooth and soft, by reducing excess oil, blemishes, and breakouts on your skin.

Freeman Avocado & Oatmeal Face Mask

This was the first face mask I used back in college. I wanted a product that would somewhat replace my daily facial cleanser since I never had the time to clean my face daily. With this product, I only used it once or twice per week and it’s left my face clean and soft, without the appearance of pimples. 

However, I learned that using other facial products would maximize my combination, which would include a cleanser, moisturizer, and toner. Using these three products has left my face pimple free, clean, glowy looking (which I wasn’t expecting but love) and hydrated. My winter skincare regime post and glowy skin post highlights what I’ve mentioned. 

There you go! I hope this post has helped you understand a bit about combination skin and the type of face masks that are out there. If you already have a face mask, what’s it called? Do you like it and would you recommend it?

Until Next Time, 

Simply Alia

P.S. If you’re looking for the products, here they are below. 

The best face masks for combination skin

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