Women Best Morning Routine Based on The perspective of Fellow Bloggers

Are you asking yourself why morning routines are important? And how you can design one that you believe is right for you, especially if you’re a busybody?

In this post, I’ve gotten a bit of help from various personal growth and lifestyle bloggers who will tell you their best morning routines, including mines, and why they’re such an essential part of their lifestyle. Plus, I will also provide you some tips on how to create a morning routine that focuses on mindful living and self-care, especially if you’re a person on the go. We’re all busy sometimes, but if we take the time to start our morning right, there’s a subtle beautiful difference and positive mood that follows us throughout the day. 

So let’s get started. 

This post is all about best morning routines for women

Why are morning routines important?

Morning routines are essential to having a productive and proactive day. Even if you’re not a morning person, building one is still essential to help you start the day with a good attitude. However, depending on your day and life, set up a morning routine that will inspire you and give you a mindset of happiness and gratitude. 

Start Your Best Morning Routine With Gratitude

Have you ever considered journaling to start your day as soon as you wake up? Starting your morning routine with journal writing is a great way to help us set our minds in the right direction. Fellow lifestyle & beauty blogger, Ell Duclos, starts her morning writing in her journal. 

My favorite morning habit is to not look at my phone first thing. Instead of looking at my phone right away I try to take out either my notebook or bullet journal and make a gratitude list & daily goals. I love writing out things I am grateful for because it helps me start my day on a positive note. I also like to make sure I have my daily goals written out because it helps motivate me to get them done! Ell from

Start Your Best Morning Routine With A Brisk Walk Outdoors

This is Surabhi from SurabhiWriter’sMind and this how they start their morning:

Mornings are the most important part of the day for me. My favorite part is a brief run/walk with my favorite music playing on my headphones. I change the music according to my mood. The best part of my mornings are the stunning sunrises. I know it happens everyday and still I marvel at it every single time. I never get tired of admiring nature’s amazing ways of making simple things look gorgeous. Stepping out to be touched by the rays of the morning sun is important to me because I feel energized and ready to take on the unknown challenges of the day. 

As you can see, their morning routines consist of looking at something beautiful, such as nature. Nothing is more beautiful than nature and seeing the wonders of God’s beauty surround this wonderous earth! So if you’re a nature person like Surabhi, then make that your morning routine. Put on some music while you walk, take some pictures, or allow your eyes to see the wonders of nature. 

Start Your Best Morning Routine With A Hot/Warm Beverage

Drinking a hot tea/lemonade in the morning always sets me in a positive mood. I drink my tea while watching observing the outdoors through my window. It’s a peaceful feeling I can tell you that!

Start Your Morning Routine By Prepping For The Night Before

Working 40 hours a week and going to school full time requires foward planning all the time. I do my laundry during the weekend and also plan my work clothes. That way, I prepare myself every morning to just find my work clothes and put them on. No more looking for what to wear because I have already done week ahead. 

 Emma Reed from EmmaReed, a motherhood and lifestyle bloggerconsiders getting things ready the night before, so she could have a peaceful morning. 

Like being organised the night before? I always ensure I have filtered water the night before so I can fill the kettle straight away in the morning for my cuppa.

Create Your Best Morning Routine Around Your Values & Beliefs

My morning routines consist of three things if you haven’t noticed, in order:

  • pray and read my bible first thing in the morning. Though I am not fully perfect with it, it’s something I strive to do. I deem it an important morning routine for myself because my faith is important to me. It brings me closer to God and starts my mindset in the right direction) 
  • Drinking hot/warm tea calms by the body, but also cleanses my body of toxic things. I love drinking tea in the morning because it wakes me up, gives me a bit of energy, and allows me to feel the calmness and peace in the morning. 
  • I play music to start my day  inspirationally (is that a word). I listen to music in my bedroom, while making tea, or while driving to work. It could a song I can listen to week long or I switch music. This helps me develop good mood, a gratitude mindset, and live my self-care lifestyle. 

Morgan Tyner from ChicaConfident, a lifestyle and travel blogger, provides us with her morning routine, consisting of 3 things she does to start her day right:

Though I’m not exactly a “morning” person, I absolutely love the peace of mornings. My brain tends to come up with uniquely creative ideas later at night. BUT, I’ve started to train my mind to truly rock n’ roll in the morning, as well. My Morning Habits actually begin the night before.

**FIRST ChicaHabit (as I like to call it ????): I strive to put my phone (and computer should it apply) away one hour before going to bed. This has heightened my sleep experience and has allowed me to wake up even more refreshed and (mentally) stimulated in the morning-time. I’m extremely amazed how much this seemingly simple tweak and habit has skyrocketed my morning productivity and brainpower.

**SECOND ChicaHabit: I write down three situations/things/people I’m grateful for that given morning. Some mornings it’s very similar “gratitudes”. But, other mornings, these “gratitudes” look a bit different. Acknowledging the positive aspects of my life (and all the many real reasons I have to be grateful) flourishes my morning and makes me feel even more truly confident to take on the day’s challenges.

**THIRD ChicaHabit (and most important): I pray and meditate. I know the only reason I’ve been given so many immense blessings is through the grace of God. He brings me the ultimate peace that no “bad” day or frustrating Roadblocks will ever be able to strip me of.

I’m just so truly full of joy, gratitude, and peace for this abundant life I’ve been given. I hope you each feel the same and latch onto your gratitude and ultimate sense of peace.

Mucho amor,

Xx, Morgs*

Imagine How Your Morning Routine Should Be Like…

If you could concoct a morning routine right now, what would it be like? What would be your besr morning routine? What would it feel like? Would it be loud? Would it be quiet and peaceful? What would you want your morning routine to consist of? Coffee? Tea? Reading a book while drinking your favorite hot/warm beverage? Do you want to start with a word of affirmation, bible verse, or a positive quote? Morning routines vary with everyone, so should yours. 

As you’ve read, these bloggers created wonderful morning routines that were important to them. 

>>> If you’re looking for Morning Routines Ideas, here are the 20+ list of morning routines you can apply to the current morning routine if you want. I also have a resource library that includes this PDF printable, journal prompts, free ebooks, and many other printables to help you create a lifestyle that slows you down and tend to your wellbeing. <<<

Life is not a race, but rather a journey. Embrace that journey. 

What is your current morning routine and how does it motivate you for the day? 

Until Next Time, 

Simply Alia

Women Best Morning Routine For The Busybodies


  • Corinne
    February 24, 2020 at 11:27 am

    These are all great tips! Waking up with a grateful heart (and a cup of coffee) is a great way to start the day. A little preparation the night before also helps.

    • Simply Alia
      February 25, 2020 at 5:16 am

      Right? That is why I think it’s so important to have a morning routine. I’m glad you found this post helpful!


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