Christmas Gift List

December 2, 2018

Hello everyone!

Black Friday has come and gone, but I’m betting some of us are still shopping presents!

I know I am. I still need to get some gifts for my friends, but it’s hard deciding what to get them. However, I found some neat Christmas gifts that are unique, memorable, and warm.

In this post, I will be presenting some gifts ideas I found that could be neat gifts this holiday season.

Let’s get started.

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Simple Gift Guides For The Holiday

DETAILS:  1. Moon Lamp | 2. Copper Lights | 3. Fuzzy Socks | 4. Aromatherapy Diffuser | 5. Gift Cards | 6. Journal |7. Planners | 8. Instax & Films

1. This moon lamp, similar to a night light, is a notably cool gift item. Safe for everyone, this can be a great gift for a family, friend, or even for yourself (no judgment here). It’s environmentally friendly, non-toxic and durable so it won’t break too easily.

Also, if you’re thinking about whether the moon lamp will warm up as it lights up for a certain amount of time, then you do not have to worry about that. The moon lamp will be safe enough when you place it on the lampstand as it lights up for a maximum of 8 hours, reducing its risk of overheating. Since it’s not battery operated, the moon lamp comes with a USB charging cable in which you can charge it from your computer, a charging bank or an outlet.

You can change the color of the moon lamp when you tap it. It turns into 3 colors: warm white, cool white, and yellow. With its changeable lights, you can place it anywhere in around your home or even your office, if your manager permits that.

The moon lamp comes not only with not a USB charging cable, but it also comes with a wooden stand, holding the moon lamp firmly and tightly so it won’t fall.

Overall, this lamp is a pretty cool lamp you can have as your own or give it as a gift to a friend.

2. Copper Lights – Copper lights have been a favorite of mine ever since they came out last year (or was it this year?). They’re a great decorative item that’s 33 feet long so you can place these lights anywhere inside and outside the home.

This particular item is a little different from the copper lights I’ve seen in stores or online. It has a remote control in which you can dim the light lights, switch it to flash, strobe, or fade, your choosing.

Overall, it’s a great gift item that will surely brighten up the holiday season.

3. Fuzzy Socks –I am a fan of fuzzy socks, especially when it gets cold. I wear them with everything, from sneakers to wearing my Birkenstock. They’re so comfortable and fuzzy..

4. Aromatherapy Diffuser – They keep you warm during the fall/winter season in the comfort of your own home.

Diffusers are definitely in right now. They’re the right gift item for those that love to relax and unwind under a pleasant aroma.

Diffusers are widely used to reduce stress and promote a peaceful mind, but they also have other purposes. This will also depend on the essential oil you purchase.

There are different essential oils to choose from, depending on your need. For example, peppermint and lemon essential oil reduce snoring. Another essential oil would be orange, which boosts happiness. Make sure you do your research for the essential oil that is right for you.

5. Gift Cards – Nothing can go wrong with gift cards.

6. Journals – Journals are an exceptional way to start the new year. They can help you on your journey of setting goals, helping you clarify your thoughts, or even just writing down your dreams and bucket list.

The new year is almost coming, so buying a journal to help you plan out new adventures is a must.

7. Planners – Unlike journals, planners are a definite need to set your life in order. You can write out your daily plans, appointments, grocery list, basically, almost anything, depending on the type of planner you buy.

8. Instax & Films – I love my Fujifilm Instax 70. One of my goals for 2019 is to take at least 2-3 pictures each month that’s important to me. It’s part of my living at the moment and capturing a precious memory.

Plus the films are so small and cute!

The camera is small enough to fit in your tote, and it’s great for any outing or special event.

There you go! These Christmas gifts are perfect for that individual that love fun, normal and unique items.

Have you already done your Christmas shopping yet?

Until Next Time,

Simply Alia

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