Coping With Being An Introvert

So I wanted to come on here to talk about something that I have been meaning to write about. It’s something that I am currently going through, and I wanted to see if there are also people out there going through what I am going through. I mean this is my blog and I can talk about almost anything right? 

The subject is about coping with being an introvert. 

I am an introvert. I have always been and will always be. It’s something I am still accepting, even though part of me wishes that I wasn’t. 

Is that bad?

However, I never knew that I was an introvert until my freshman year of college. All my life I would hear these words that would question whether something was wrong with me. 

  1. Why are you quiet?
  2. Why don’t you talk?
  3. Are you okay?
  4. You never talk.

To be honest, it made me sad, a bit depressed, and lonely. Because of this “curse” I was born with, I was also desperate to find friends, that I forced myself to be somebody I wasn’t, all throughout my life (up until freshman year). 

Did you know that talking or even being someone else was so tiring? I don’t know how I lasted doing that (elementary – freshman high school). I did have my moments when I wanted to be alone, though my peers thought of it as weird or creepy. 

College actually was a bit better because it allowed me to freely be myself, even though I was still trying to blend in. Though it was exciting going to college (away from the parents and more independence), I still felt isolated. While everyone was forming friends, I was still a bit lonely. I did meet some friends in college, some were true friends, while I fell out with others due to differences in values, beliefs, etc.

So now I’m in my late 20s and I still learning to love my introverted personality. I am not seeing this personality as a curse, but rather a blessing. Now that I know that I am not the only introverted person in this world, I feel a bit more comfortable. 

Furthermore, during my college years, I took this personality test that sort of helped me understand me a bit better. I took the test again, but from another website, which defined my personality a bit better, which led me to find out that I am an INFP. If you want to find out more about personality and such, I recommend taking the test on 16personality or Truity. The results are on point, but like every test, don’t believe everything they say. 

So overall as an introvert, this is what I consist of:

  1. I am quiet. So if you want me to talk, you’re going to have to start. However, I have learned to talk first by asking questions (I am better at asking than just spitting out words). 
  2. I hate small talk
  3. I daydream a lot
  4. I am independent, so I sometimes don’t ask for help unless I DESPERATELY need it!
  5. I like crowds, but not when I am the life of the party. Yikes! But then I don’t like parties either. Creepers are out there. 
  6. I need time to myself for days. It can even go for months (sometimes). And because of this alone times, I love reading, watching NetFlix, and anything that demands my alone time. 
  7. I’ve learned to talk more on the phone but I still prefer texting. 

Now that does not mean that I don’t like going out or doing anything adventurous (to some point).

So how do I cope with an introvert?

I learn to accept it. I was born this way and so why should I change it? So if I want to be alone by myself for a certain amount of time (or weeks), then let it be. If I love listening to people rather than talking, then I should be able to do that without people asking me why I’m quiet. 

But sometimes, loneliness seems… very lonely, that sometimes I do want to connect with people and talk about things, or mostly listen to the person. 

So I cope with being an introvert in a good way. I am learning more about myself. 

I’m learning to accept that listening has an immense benefits. Shoot I learned that my actions speaks more louder than my words, mostly because I can’t explain anything without using imagery.

One thing that I am trying to do, and have already started, is going out by myself, whether it is to the movies, the restaurant, or an event that I’m interested in. 

I have just started going out to the movies by myself, but it’s sort of scary going to restaurants and events by yourself. I’ve done it once and I thought everyone was looking at me and talking about me. And I know that wasn’t the case. 

So if you’re an introvert, how do you cope with being an introvert? Do you like being an introvert or not? Are you currently embracing your introvert personality or wish to be extroverted? 

I would really like your take on what it’s like being an introvert. It’s interesting knowing all of you and you all knew each other, even if it’s by our personality type. 


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