18 Stress-Free Adult Creative Art Therapy Ideas To Try At Home

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Do you need creative art therapy ideas while you’re at home? No, coloring and painting are not JUST for kids. Adults can participate as well. Since some of us are stuck inside, and we all need to make the best our days, I thought that this therapeutic creative art activity could be something we should all do for the time being. This can be a great way to help us learn more about ourselves and develop our artistic side. 

So let’s get started. 

This post is all about creative art therapy ideas

Before you embark on this creative art journey, you will need these items:

  1. Coloring pencils
  2. Painting utensils
  3. The alternative to painting is a coloring book if you’re not in the mood to paint or draw up something. 
  4. Sharpie Markers or Regular Crayola Markers
  5. A Drawing/Painting Notebook
  6. A journal so you can document your creative art journey
  7. A pen for your journal 
  8. Fujifilm Camera with Films 

Creative Art Therapy Idea #1: Rant Your Emotions

We’ve got all some type of emotions we may feel right now. Whether it is sad, mad, happy, or even excited, expressing it on a canvas, journal, or even a piece of paper can be a great way to let those feelings flow out of you. If talking about your emotions is a bit difficult, then painting it could be useful. 

Creative Art Therapy Idea #2: Paint To Music

Music is definitely my favorite hobby. I love dancing to it, thinking through it, and use it as a form of worship to God. Painting through music can be a great way to express yourself through art. You can allow your emotions to reveal itself through music, and transitioning it into your art. 

Creative Art Therapy Idea #3: Take Beautiful Pictures Of Your Liking

An alternative to painting could also be photography. Purchasing a not so expensive camera such as the Instax is a quick way to get capture your photos and receive it in seconds. Go outside and even find a place at home that you think it’s beautiful. You are your own artist. 

Creative Art Therapy Idea #4: Use Line Art

Line art can be used with any type of tool that gives a line of some sort. You can use a fork and make 1 or 4 lines across your canvas. You can even use a stick for those purposes. The outcome of painting a line art is all about expressing your mood. You could use line art to draw something, a person, or just make it into abstract pictures. The choice is yours. 

Creative Art Therapy Idea #5: Finger Paint

When I was an infant teacher, my favorite art activity for my infants was to paint. Their curiosity about painting and placing the paint on paper was quite interesting. I even participated with them sometimes. It was soothing and fun. Finger paint is no longer for toddlers or babies. Everyone and anyone can do it. Use it to your advantage and create art with your hands for self-expression. 

Creative Art Therapy Idea #6: Draw/Create Images That Represent What Freedom Means To You

It doesn’t matter if you’re not good at drawing. It’s really all about perspective, especially your own. For that, draw anything that represents freedom to you. Whether it is symbolism or relatable figures, it’s all up to you. This can also be a perfect way to draw out your desires, what you truly seek in life. 

Creative Art Therapy Idea #7: Create An ‘I AM’ Collage

Who are you overall? What do you believe in? If your friends or family could describe you in images, what would they compare you to? This is when collages come in. Collages are a great tool expressive form of art. You can use a poster, cardboard, or even online programs to demonstrate your work of art about who you are, what you believe in, and what you’re all about. 

Creative Art Therapy Idea #8: Draw A Place Where You Feel Safe

What place makes you feel safe? What color do you associate with it? This art activity can help you feel calm and uncover your place of safety. It doesn’t have to be a physical location if it isn’t. This artistic expression is about you so make it about you. 

Creative Art Therapy Idea #9: Draw A Bag Of Self-Portrait

The supplies you need for this particular activity is a bag, relatively small grocery, or a small lunch bag. What you should have inside the bag could anything you like or want. Magazine cutting, words from a book, paint color, or something in that aspect. Then make a self-portrait of yourself using those supplies. 

Creative Art Therapy Idea #10: Create A Calming Collage

What brings you calmness? Make it a collage. It could be an image of the outdoors, a drawing, or even a symbol of something that brings you calmness. Create a collage with those and experience your sense of calm. 

Creative Art Therapy Idea #11: Design A Visual Autobiography

What is your life like? How do you see your life? This is similar to an I AM collage but think of it as a book. Instead of writing about your life, use images, items, and drawings to represent your life. Use a notebook or journal and document those memories. 

Creative Art Therapy Idea #12: Create A Motivational Collage

How are you motivated? Is it through quotes, people, words, values, or beliefs? Accumulate those things and create a collage out of them. 

Creative Art Therapy Idea #13: Write & Illustrate A Fairy Tale of Yourself

I love doing those back in school. I remember in English class when our assignment was to make an imaginary story. The maximum page was 5 pages. I wrote 20 pages (no joke). I love expanding my imagination. The purpose of this assignment was to let you express your imagination. This purpose is of this art therapy is the same also. Let your imagination run wild and enjoy the process. And remember, it does not have to be perfect. 

Creative Art Therapy Idea #14: Paint Out Your Thoughts

What inside your mind? Painting out your thoughts onto a paper or canvas can be quite calming. You can express your thoughts via paint in colors or line art. 

Creative Art Therapy Idea #15: Draw Positive Things In Your Life

In even the midst of sorrow, there is even light of light, hope, and gratitude. If you’ve ever had a gratitude journal, this is basically the same thing, only you’re drawing it. An alternative could also be using film photos. 


Creative Art Therapy Idea #16: Paint A Rock/Stone

This may seem a bit outlandish, but it has a purpose. You can use any rock from outside. Then start painting it in your own self-expressive form. 

Creative Art Therapy Idea #17: Make Art Out Of Recycled Items

Similar to a collage but you get to use recycled items. Bottles, cereal boxes, and even paper create a work of art that expressively you. You can use glue or tape to place the items on a poster board, cardboard, or even your journal. 

Creative Art Therapy Idea #18: Create An Art Based On Everyday Tools Around Your House

If you don’t have a paintbrush in your house, use everyday tools to get started. From forks, knives, spoons, hairbrush (that you wouldn’t mind using), or anything of that sort and start creating!

There you go! Not often do we find ourselves create things because we become so busy with life. Those activities really remind me to spend time with myself in slow mode. The world is still turning around so why stress? I actually found these ideas from Shelley Klammer, a Therapist and Art Educator who uses Art as therapy. Check out more creative ideas from her post.

Which creative art therapy idea would you love to do at home?

Until Next Time, 

Simply Alia


  • Nyxie
    April 27, 2020 at 9:39 am

    I’ve been more creative and colouring more since lockdown. I’ve also been designing more but my anxiety has me yet to release anything!

    • Simply Alia
      May 1, 2020 at 6:01 am

      OH wow, I’m sorry to hear that. How are you dealing with daily? And thank you for commenting.


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