Are you constantly stressed at work and in your life? It seems as if you can’t catch a break with the multitude of errands of your life.

  • Are you overwhelmed with your daily routines?
  • Does your mind jump around, leaving you constantly with a negative mindset and negative behaviors?
  • Do you find yourself saying ‘I need to’ or ‘I should…” because you believe it should be done?
  • Do you tend to your self-care but not as much as you used to because of the constant demands?
  • Do you focus less on what matters to you?

Let’s work together. 

In this 90 minute call, we will work together on how to get back to what matters to you, meaning less stress and more time to focus on more things that matters to you.

We will:

  1. Gain more clarity as to why you’ve been stressed lately and how it had impacted your life.
  2. Uncover triggers that illicit the stress and remove them from your life.
  3. Go through tools and resources that will help you destress and makes sure it fits with your lifestyle so you can use them at any time.
  4. Create more happiness in your words, thoughts, and actions that will deviate from the stressful world.

Mode of Communication:

  1. Video Conferencing 
  2. Audio Recording of Session

Here’s the scenario:

You work hard at your job and in your life. However, it seems as if your tasks are piling up and it’s becoming too much for you. You want to be able to remove these certain tasks from your life but you’re afraid of letting the ones you work with and care down.

There are many reasons why you be stressed:

  1. You have too many tasks piled up that it’s overwhelming you.
  2. You haven’t tended to yourself as you should.
  3. You’re not focusing on what matters.
  4. You haven’t put in the proper routine to set you up for success, meaningless tress on your end.

Whatever it is, if you have a set routine and a self-care plan, you will be at peace with yourself.

Schedule a coaching call and let’s work together to set yourself up for the good things you’re awaiting for.

90 Minute Coaching Session – $120

Meet your Coach!

Hey, I’m Alia and I am certified Master Mindset Coach. I help single millennial like you who strive to balance their work and personal life create specific boundaries that helps pursue their destinations with confidence and empowerment. 

Like you, I also have to balance my work and personal life, since I am now pursuing my Masters in Counseling! Trust me, I understand the stress! I also understand where you are and where you want to be. Your destination is in front of you and all you have to do is say No to seeking others validation and say YES choosing you because you have the choice of pursuing your goals, and you can get there.