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Girl Wash Your Face By Rachel Hollis! – A Book Review

I can’t believe it’s already September! Man, how the year is going by so fast! And I am still not done reading any of the books I’ve bought last year and this year! Well no worries, this isn’t a challenge or anything. However, I made this year my goal to read 20 books but only ended reading maybe 4 or 5 books (including this one I am going to talk about).

I can only blame myself y’all.

Well, in the month of August, I finally got to read this book, which I can say I enjoyed it very much. It made me laugh, sad and inspired all in one.

The book I am talking about is called Girl Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis. If you don’t know her, then I suggest going to her Instagram or her website. She’s a media entrepreneur that talks about family, planning, and more. I recommend that you check her out just to find out more about her and what she does for a living!

She also wrote another book called Girl Stop Apologizing, which I will buy pretty soon. But let me not diverge the subject. Let’s talk about this book and what I’ve gotten from it.

So as I said, I read this book, and I overall loved it! It’s filled with stories, lessons learned, and truth.

One thing that stood out to me as I was reading this book was that she is relatable to everyone, even though she’s a mom. Though this book is more towards mothers since she talked about motherhood and husband-wife relationship, she also talked about confidence, temptation, believing in yourself, faith (she’s a Christian), and tending to your self-love/self-care. These subjects are universal to everyone.

She’s a woman that’s been through some hard stuff, but haven’t we all, and maybe a lot worse? But overall, she reminds us that the only way to fail is when you decide to fail. We are strong, able-bodied women who will face oppositions all the time, but we can rise from it and through it.

After all, “You Can Do All Things Through Christ Who Strengthens You.” Am I right?

She also reminds us that being your best self is better than being someone else, which some of us have the tendency to do. We want to be that one person we see on Instagram or that celebrity that we idolize (which we shouldn’t since they’re not perfect either). Let’s be honest here though, these people are the same as us, they’re humans.

Sure, their life is luxurious and stuff, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t be luxurious ourselves. What we define as luxurious may be different from what everyone define it as.

One thing that I would REALLY take away from this book is the ability to dream Big. Even if my life isn’t where isn’t what I imagine it to be, I will still dream big while still living presently and enjoying the moments that God has graciously placed in my life. That’s all you can do after all!

In the end, it’s a book I’m keeping for good! It’s really worth the read! Grab yourself the Girl, Wash Your Face Book by Rachel Hollis, and be inspired to dream big, be yourself, and conquer all!

Have you read this book? Tell me your thoughts on it!

Until Next Time!

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