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Grown-Up Realistic Christmas List

December 7, 2018

*Cue Michael Buble – Grown Up Christmas List (I like his version better).

We were all young once during Christmas time. Some of us would believe that Santa Claus will bring presents from the chimney (or magically just appear in the living room near the tree) because of our good behavior all throughout the year. It was magical while that lasted.

But now we’re adults. We have jobs which in terms brings in money to supply our home with pieces of furniture, pay the bills, and buy whatever we want. However, there are some things that I wish “Santa Claus” would do for me at the age that I am now.

I’m pretty sure you have a Realistic Christmas Wish List that you would like to come to fruition. So without further due, let me tell my wish list and tell me what you think.

Let’s get started.

1. School Loan Forgiveness

Sometimes I wish I didn’t go to school and accumulated the amount of financial loan I have now. The only thing that I’m really paying right now is my interest, and that’s even enough! Though I do not let it consume my lifestyle, I still wish it was paid off quickly.

So yes, this is one of my realistic Christmas List.

2. Increase My Metabolism

As I’ve grown over the years, I’ve been gaining weight over time and have noticed it drastically. Now, it’s not that I do not love myself, but I do wish I lost about 20lb or so. Or just give me a weight loss pill that’ll help me lose approx 20lbs. After that, I will do Zumba, run/jog, and lift weights, which I so do on occasion. So yes, I would like a pill to decrease that metabolism.

3. Free Flights

Traveling has become very valuable these days. Everyone’s friends are traveling whenever they want. I’m not jealous or anything, but I do wish I would travel too when I wanted. So my Realistic Christmas Wish would be a free unexpired round-trip ticket to anywhere I want every year. This round trip ticket would last a month, with my choice of the month.

I do not need to travel every month, so once or twice a year for a month would be nice. That way, I can explore the country I’m in and get to know the culture, nature, and people.

4. Own A Home

I think it would be nice owning a home. This way I could entertain sometimes. It would be nice inviting a small group of friends and family to my home, enjoying each other’s company talking and playing games. That would be nice.

5. Family Is Well Provided

This is the one that I want the most: my immediate family to be well provided for. If I had one wish, then this would be the one. I would love my siblings and parents to have their dreams come true and be well provided for. I would love some incentive too, but overall my family is who I cherish most, second to God of course.

So yeah, that’s pretty much it!

There you go! That is my grown-up Realistic Christmas Wish List.

What is your Realistic Christmas Wish List? Let’s Chat!

Until Next Time,

Simply Alia

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