30 Day Challenge

30-Day Challenge: Day 22 – Worst Habits

October 23, 2018


I had to take a break on the weekend from blogging, but I managed to get ahead in my blog posts until Sunday. I was at home watching Netflix and figuring my 3 months plan for blogging. It’s always good to take a break from time to time (and I needed it) but knowing me, I had to work today immediately or I would’ve ended up being lazy and procrastinate.

So I posted all of my blog posts that I did last week all today.

Lets move on.

Today’s 30-day writing challenge is going to be about my worst habits.

This is post is going to be similar to my previous posts, where I am going to write it as a list.

So Lets get started.

1. I procrastinate – I find work to be both tedious even though it’s simple and easy to do. So if I have a certain deadline to meet, I find myself the rushing when doing things at the last minute. It’s a love and hate thing. Being rushed Lets me work with excitement but not as efficient as I would want to be.

2. I’m lazy – whether it is at work or at home (sometimes), I just don’t feel like doing things. I think I overdo it, which then leads to procrastination.

3. I forget to fold my clothes – Usually, I fold my clothes after drying it, but when I don’t fold it, I place it on my bed and sleep under it. Then it’s a week later that I have to either put in the washer again or drier.

It’s that bad.

4. Ice cream is my best friend – I can eat ice cream every day for 1 week. I know it’s not good for you, but I get these cravings for sweets out of the blue. The time I have these cravings is when I get them when coming home from work. Maybe it’s my comfort food, I don’t know.

5. Forgetful –  I overlook or forget things, sometimes. For example, there are these boxes in my room that I always tell myself that I’ll recycle them, but I keep forgetting to recycle them because my thoughts are on something else. It’s now been a month that these boxes been sitting in my room.


6. Late sleeper – I sleep really late at times, and I mean 4 am late because I’m watching Netflix or working on my blog. I have to stop that.

7. Not according to plan – Planning is my favorite things to do but I don’t usually follow them through. I follow them, until the 3rd day (really). I get so distracted. However, I’ve been getting better at that but in just one aspect of my life, blogging.

8. Daydream – I daydream a lot that it sometimes gets me in trouble: whether it is driving (not much), cooking (definitely), and laundry (all the time).

9. Over-focus – I over-focus (is that a vocabulary?) at times. For example, I find myself blogging or doing things related blogging that hours have passed, like 5 hours passed.

So there you go!

These are my worst habits or bad habits. If you want to change your bad habits, which I am also currently doing, go ahead and check out this post. We all have bad habits and some are harder to change than others, however, we can certainly change them if we give the effort.

So what are your habits? Leave a max 2, unless you relate with one of my worst habits or bad habits, then comment  on that as well.

Leave it in the comments below!

Until Next Time,

Simply Alia

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