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How To Always Remain Positive When Life Isn’t Easy

Sometimes life is hard…don’t you think? It can be unbearable, difficult, and stress-provoking. So how do we always remain positive throughout those difficult times? How can you develop a positive attitude or mindset to keep you moving forward? What items or activities should you use to develop or maintain a positive outlook on life?

Well, through some life moments and occurrences, I wanted to share my life experiences with you on how I remain positive, always. I don’t normally use all 6 of these techniques every day, but they’re my main tactics when life becomes difficult. 

I hope you find this post helpful.

This post is about how to remain positive, always

Facing The Fact That Life Is Short

That’s definitely a fact we all have to face. So yes, life is short, too short in my definition. Since losing my father last year, not that it’s changed my life as to so much, it just reminded me that living is precious, but it’s also limited. When you realize the reality of life and the struggles you will nonstop go through, having a positive outlook is necessary. Though I wish that my father’s last days were mostly positive, I choose to see them as positive for myself and for him too. 

So choosing what matters most to me to boost my mood was something I needed to consider for me to keep moving forward, to keep living. Choosing to remain positive is my drive for all of my life occurrences. 

Considering My Life’s Expectation

This was something I was thought about regularly. And this is is one that I am working fully in order to fulfill a positive lifestyle. After graduating from college, my expectations were high. I thought to myself that I was going to get a good job, move out of the house, and maybe consider building a family. 

Now that I have had some experiences with life, including life lessons, I haven’t really reached any of these expectations. However, I consider these expectations still reachable. It has led me to reflect on the reality of these expectations. Also, understanding that working towards something is something you always will have to work towards even after college. 

When you’re working towards something, there has to be a hint of positivity that is keeping you moving towards those goals. 

Now, how I maintain a positive outlook on these situations is based on what I look forward to when I think about these expectations. If my expectation is to finish graduate school, then I think about how it would feel when I graduate. Or, what I can do to currently to maintain a positive attitude when my courses overwhelm me. Positive affirmations are useful in this situation. 

I urge you that you consider this for yourself too. What do you want to get out of life? Happiness, a close relationship with friends and family, more traveling, more wisdom, or even building a business? We all have expectations in life. But the way we look at it, in addition to working towards it, is the one thing that sets us apart from those that daydream rather living the dream. 

Leaning On Values and Beliefs

How one remain always positive also depends on one’s character. I wasn’t really a positive type of person. I was always seeing the negative side of things, which I still do, but now I consider things from both ends. For example, if I value happiness, then positivity should be involved in the concept. For me to be positive, I need to understand how I want to be happy. I wrote a blog on simplistic ways to living a happy life if you want to check it out. 

So if let’s say, I had a bad time at work, and I’m in a bad mood. Well, I wouldn’t be in a bad mood for long because I cherish happiness. I acknowledged the fact that my job may have been not so great, but I still choose to be happy. I choose to dwell on things that make me happy for me to be happy on the inside out. Therefore, I value happiness. Happiness helps me to lean on the more positive moments of life. 

Plus, I choose to lean on God when I talk to Him about how I am feeling. I leave my troubles to Him, knowing that He will give me peace. 

“Cast all your anxiety on Him because He cares for you.” – 1st Peter 5:7

Choosing to continuously lean on a bad day at work is not going to bring me happiness. I’ll just remain negative in my thoughts and my actions, which can impact my mental health. Establishing values and beliefs is important so that they can prepare you for life’s unexpected occurrences. 

Leaning On Items and Activities That Make Me Happy

Just to be clear: it’s not the item that makes me happy but the reason or memory that represents the item. 

Even today when I was driving home after a not so bad day at work, my attitude just seemed a bit down. I was talking to God about my job and what happened, which influenced me to write this post. Now I don’t know if this is the holy spirit or not, but I’m writing, so…

Prayer is my go when I need to let my feelings out. I learned to not keep my feelings inside if I don’t want to find myself exploding or burst in tears of emotions. So after praying, I feel better. If you’re going through a bad day, it’s always good to pray about it, on top of talking to someone that you can be completely honest with. Bible reading specific verses can also give me hope, positive thoughts, and motivation. 

Another way I remain positive is by listening to music or watching someone on Netflix or other video subscriptions. I am currently watching Psych, which is on Amazon. It’s about two friends who set a fake psychic investigation business that solves real murders. The duos are sooo funny! Music is one of my favorite hobbies, so anything that’s Gospel, R&B, or Jazz are my go-to’s for uplifting my spirit. 

Reading books is also something I do from time to time. If you’ve read my review on Rachel Hollis’s Girl Wash Your Face, then you’ll understand how she’s helped me understand life and how I can pursue it since she’s gone through it as a single person, a mother, a wife, and a business mogul. If you haven’t read her book, I totally would recommend. 

Surrounding Myself With Positive and Influential People

For your sake, I urge you to find something or someone that can help you look at life realistically but still envelopes it with hope so you can maintain a positive outlook on life. The importance of being with positive people not only helps you always remain positive but can also give you a different perspective of what life can actually be, in the eyes of those who radiate positivity.

I am blessed to have coworkers that I can talk to and joke with. I am grateful to be surrounded by Christian women from all walks of life who talk truth about life but also know how to have a good time. It’s a blessing to be surrounded by family members who motivate you internally to become your best self. I consider a blessing to have friends who are goal-oriented, which then leads me to create goals I crave to achieve. And to see them achieve it? That’s the type of people I want to surround myself with so that I can fully move toward my desired goal. Therefore, influencing me to be positive.

Reflecting On Gratitude Daily

Maintaining a positive lifestyle requires one to consider their present situations. My life currently isn’t the best, but it’s enjoyed daily. Practicing gratitude is so important in my life. Without it, I would never be able to live the way I live now. Not by the physical situation, but rather mentally. When I choose to be grateful, I see things in my life and environment a bit differently. If you want understand and find how to practice gratitude, I wrote a blog post guide on how to live a life of gratitude if you want to give it a read. I also wrote on how to show gratitude also on another post. I urge you to read so that you can get some ideas on what gratiude is and how it can influence your lifestyle. 

There you go! I hope you found this post informative and helpful! How do you remain positive daily?

Until Next Time, 

Simply Alia

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How To Always Remain Positive When Life Isn't Easy

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