How To Be Motivated In Fulfilling Your Dreams

Maintaining motivation is an inside job. It’s also an outside job, but it all starts from the inside. Most of the time, it may depend on the situation. However, there are some things you need to consider if you want to maintain your motivation. 

So how do you maintain motivation? How do you tell yourself to keep going when times get tough or when you just don’t feel like it?

In this post, I’ll present you several things you need to consider how to maintain your motivation from the inside. 

Let’s get started.

  1. Define The Purpose Behind Your Goal or Dream
  2. Know Thyself, Your Personality
  3. Are You Positive Or Negative
  4. You Need Additional Support 
  5. Gain The Necessary Skills To Fulfill Your Goal Or Purpose

Understanding Why We Lose Our Motivation 

This question resonates with you. Yet, the one reason people lose motivation is that there was a lack of purpose. Another would be life getting in the way of their plan. 

Should that stop us though? Of course not!

One word of wisdom from me to you: Life will always get in the way, but if your heart is strong enough to pursue, and you believe it, you will achieve it. 

1. Define The Purpose Behind Your Goal or Dream

Understanding why you started your goal is one of the essential ways to understanding why you are not motivated anymore. 

Is the goal something you have planned to do for a while? Or was it the spur of the moment? 

Dreams that were there for a while would outlast then those goals that occurred in the spur of the moment. 

Another thing to consider is the purpose of the dream or goal. You need to know whether this goal is absolutely significant to you. If it is not, then you will lose your motivation, even if ‘life’ gets in the way. 

Find the number one thing that made you want to start the goal and stick with that thought. Write it down or create a dream board, whatever it is you need to do to meditate on that purpose. 

2. Know Thyself, Your Personality

Another way to be motivated is to really know yourself. One way would be to take a personality test such as the This scientific test is based on Myers-Briggs.  What’s more is that, if you are honest with your answers, they are very accurate, and useful tools that can help you discover how to better move on with your goals. 

3. Are You Positive Or Negative

One way to NOT sustain motivation is being negative. If you constantly, and I mean continually consider about all the things that could go wrong with you achieving your goals, then your illusions came true.

It is not going to be fulfilled. 

So friend, if you really want to achieve you have to believe that it will be done. 

Negative circumstances will always come, no matter what, but the strength of your belief in what you want to have is greater than situations that you see, which are always temporary. 

4. You Need Additional Support 

At times, our goal can’t be achieved by ourselves. Therefore, we need someone, or something,  to support us through our journey or be our accountability partner. 

Find the right person or group that is going through the same journey that you’re going through, and support each other. Strength comes in numbers. Find that person that will push you and inspire and encourage you to do your best. 

Creating an environment that supports your goal is important too. If there are things in your environment that do not resonate nor support your dream or goal, it’s best to let them go. Whether it is tools, people, or the atmosphere, create a supportive environment that meets the attitude of your goals.

5. Gain The Necessary Skills To Fulfill Your Goal Or Purpose

Sometimes we fall short, specifically a skill that can help us move on toward our goal. Do you want to be a wedding photographer but need a specific skill to make your talent better? Take classes. 

Online classes such as creative live or skillshare contain multiple photography classes. From wedding photography to nature photography, they have the very things to take your gift of photography to the next level. 

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with taking classes that would better your gift or talent. I’m a blogger and I’m still learning about this blogging thing! Since I love blogging, I continue to pursue my dream and enhance my talent. 

There you go!

Remember, motivation is an outside and inside job. Most of all, it’s from within that you decide to keep moving and fulfill your purpose. 

Was there a time where you lost motivation to do something? How did you get back up? Tell me about it!

Love you all. 

Until Next Time, 

Simply Alia

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