How to Remain Calm in Every Situation When Stressed And Anxious

Even though we’re all going through this crisis, our reaction to this is all mixed. As COVID-19 slowly makes its way into all of the cities and suburbs of the US and across worldwide, it’s becoming increasingly more difficult to remain calm and not panic. 

Though this may seem like a worldwide panic, there are also smaller situations and instances where anxiety and panic can also occur. From our jobs to family issues, anxiety can transpire from anywhere and everywhere we are. 

But there’s a way to minimize it. 

If you’re feeling stressed, anxious, angry, panicking, or even just overemotional, here are some ways to minimize it so you can stay calm. And these tips can be used for any and every situation you go through! 

Just know that your ability to remain calm comes from within you.  This means you’ll have to take the appropriate necessary steps in reducing your stress and anxiety while you’re promoting calmness. So let’s go over the ways to help you remain calm in every situation.

This post is about how to remain calm in every situation

Meditation & Mindfulness

So, you’re anxious and stressed as a result of a certain issue or crisis that’s going on in your life. If you’ve never tried meditation or any mindfulness techniques in the past, this is the perfect time to try them out and put them into practice. This technique is all about cultivating a quiet and peaceful mindset during stress and anxiety. 

According to the Mayo Clinic, meditation can help you maintain your mental and emotional health. It can even benefit certain aspects of your physical health. 

Here’s what meditation can do for you.

  • Greater outlook on life (promoting positivity)
  • Increased feelings of calmness
  • Self-awareness
  • Reduced levels of anxiety and stress
  • Improved mental clarity

And there’s more than one way to meditate.

If you’re able to focus for long periods, you might want to try out guided meditations or visualization techniques. Here’s a guided mediation video that’s found on Youtube. Other ways to practice meditation and mindfulness are Pilates!

I currently use the Fitbit watch to help me to relax during my breathing moments. There’s an embedded app in the watch that lets you breathe in and out for about 2 minutes. It works for me since I can’t really sit in one place for a long time, especially when I like to move around!

Whatever meditation technique make you feel calm and relax, add it to your self-care routine. You might find it useful in the future. 

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Finding a Creative Outlet

Maybe you’ve come home and are in need to find some outlet to help release all that stress and anxiety. I hear you girl!

If you’ve gotten into hobbies yet, this might be the absolute time to find and try one. 

If you do have certain hobbies you participate in your life, then this is a great time to utilize them. When you’re focused on your hobby or hobbies, you’re decreasing the amount of focus on the negativity surrounding you. This means that the hobby that you’re participating in is relaxing and calming you.

A creative outlet can be almost anything. Here are a few things you might want to try out (if you have the right supplies in your home).

  • Painting, coloring, or drawing
  • Singing or trying out a new dance routine
  • Taking photos or videos of things you enjoy
  • Building something with things lying around the house
  • Reading book 
  • Listening to soft music
  • Exercising
  • Writing a story of your life or imaginary
  • Puzzles 

If you’re looking for hobbies, Hobbyhelp is the place to look for possible hobbies that you be might be interested in. There are even hobbies for those fighting anxiety and depression! 

Basically, the goal here is to find an activity or task that requires an exceptional amount of focus and makes you happy. You won’t even notice that you spent the last hour drawing or dancing to your favorite song.

Cast Your Cares To God

As a Christian, I definitely believe seeking God is the ultimate firsthand need of a believer. If God knows you inside and out, what makes you think He doesn’t know the ways to help you calm down and relax? Don’t you also know that leaning on Him will also help you calm down? When your focus is on Him, all your cares, stresses, concerns, and anxiety shall melt away. His words do state that He would not leave you nor forsake you. He also said that to come Him when you’re a heavy burden, for He will give you rest. 

“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.” Matthew 11:28 NIV

If you’re anxious and stressed about something, lean on God, for He will help you remain calm in every situation. But you have to willingly give your cares to Him and LEAVE IT THERE. On the other hand, reading His Words and being guided by the Spirit will give you the necessary tools to help you remain calm, relaxed, which then guides your thoughts towards other things that are good and uplifting. 

Giving Back & Helping Others

Feelings of anxiety and stress is not a new thing. It happens to everyone, even those close to you. If you know someone who’s going through what you’re going through, support and strengthen each other. Two heads are certainly better than one. This also allows your focus to be rendered to that person rather than yourself or what’s going on around you. Just make sure that you are mentally prepared to support them too. You can also volunteer and help someone in need. You’ll be spreading compassion and happiness rather than fear and anxiety.

With each other’s support, you can fill the needs of your loved one while they also fill a need in your life. Pray with each other, make something together and overall enjoy each other. You will both feel good about yourself as you support each other! 

By practicing mindfulness, looking for a creative outlet, and even supporting those who are in the same boat as you, you’ll be able to stay calm and centered, even now!

There you go! I hope this post gave you some insight on how to remain calm in every situation. 

Until Next Time, 

Simply Alia

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