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How To Overcome Your Limiting Beliefs And Start Living Your Best Life

Do you currently have limiting beliefs that are preventing you from pursuing your intentional goals and a well-lived lifestyle? Let’s talk about it.

This is by far my favorite subject to talk about. Why? Because we all go through this! I, myself, is an example of how an introvert dreamer can build her intentional life. Not a dream life, but an intentional life. An intentional life is how you choose to live your life every day. The choices you make and the words you say are the starts of how you see yourself and the steps you take to love, nourish, and improve yourself.

From, school, being introvert, and a blogger, I have experienced limiting beliefs all my life. Being told that going to school was the only way to succeed, this led me to believe that I couldn’t be successful outside of school. But when I did learn that I could be successful outside of school, that’s when I learned and started blogging. Learning that I was an introvert led me to believe that I couldn’t be the outgoing type that I always knew I was. I mean, the list could go on, but I am not going to entertain you with my stories. 

We all have stories that contain limiting belief experiences. But we all overcame it one way or another, right? However, if you’re struggling with your limiting beliefs, this is why I wrote this post. I want to help you overcome these limiting beliefs of yourself and life so that you can actionable, and intentional steps towards a well-lived life. We all can have that life, but it takes only YOU to get to it.

This post will talk about what limiting beliefs are and how to overcome it so you can live your life successfully. 

Let’s get started.

This post is about How To Remove Limiting Beliefs

So what are limiting beliefs? 

Limiting beliefs are repeated thoughts/ideas/beliefs that you have overtime deemed to be true. It could a belief that was said about you or to you, a formal experience, or words/thoughts that you have told yourself repeatedly in the past that is now true to you currently.

You can have limiting beliefs about your look, your goals, and your perspective of the world. One limiting example that I already gave was being told that going to school was the ONLY way to have success. THAT was my limiting belief because since it was REPEATEDLY told to me multiple times, and I believed that notion. However, after a not so good experience, my limiting beliefs changed overtime which led me to start blogging about personal development. But that’s another story. 

Also, know that limiting beliefs are negative beliefs because they prevent you from going forward with your goals. However, they can also be helpful to know why you have limiting beliefs so you can properly assess them accordingly. 

If you’re going through a limiting belief right now, know that it can be overcome. You don’t have to stay where you are. You have the confidence and the mindset to achieve this.

So let’s work on how you can overcome your limiting beliefs.

Renew Your Thoughts

As I mentioned, limiting beliefs are derived from childhood and other forms of experiences. The more you think about those thoughts, the more you believe them to be true. So for you to overcome your limiting thoughts, first think of a goal you want to achieve, consider your limiting beliefs, then assess those thoughts with these questions:

  • Are these thoughts accurate and realistic?
  • What does that make me feel about myself (limiting beliefs can cause low self-esteem)?
  • What thoughts should I think about instead?
  • Is this a prayer request I may need to pray about?
  • What do I know and believe about myself that is true and how is it opposite from my limiting thoughts?

These are just a few questions you need to ask yourself to assess and overcome your limiting beliefs. Your thoughts carry your action in a big way, so if you’re having limiting beliefs, it will carry into your life as well. 

Limiting beliefs are repeated thoughts/ideas/beliefs that you have overtime deemed to be true.

Develop Confidence

Confidence is necessary to overcome limiting beliefs. Without it, as mentioned, you’re dormant. Let’s bring back the losing weight example. If you’re limiting beliefs is that you can’t lose weight, then that also means you’re not confident enough in research, your plans, your abilities, and your actions. Stepping out of your comfort zone requires confidence, believing in yourself enough to change your life over time. Here’s a post I wrote on the helpful tips to build your confidence if you want to take a read.

Change Your Words

Limiting beliefs are not only limited by your thoughts, but by your words as well. If you tell yourself that ‘I can’t lose weight because I have slow metabolism’ or ‘I don’t have the skills to be a blogger’, then your words deem true, but they’re not true words. What you are basically saying is that you are afraid to expand yourself beyond what you believe, so you decide to stay in your ‘comfort zone’. 

To change your limiting beliefs, you also have to change your words. What you say to yourself speaks to who you are. If you are saying words such as ‘can’t’, ‘not working for me’, or ‘will never happen to me because I am not worthy’ then that’s basically saying that what you want in life is unreachable because you simply can’t do it or don’t have the effort to do. Simple truth.

So, for example, instead of saying ‘I can’t lose weight’, substitute for ‘I can lose weight by _____________’.  To maintain those words, speak positively to yourself, be aware of your thoughts, and put them into practice. 

Speak actionable words, not dormant words!

You can’t simply say you’ll lose weight once and think to yourself that you’ll lose weight. Speak, practice, plan, and put them into existence, daily. Affirmations and bible verses, if you’re a believer, are definitely useful tools. 

Another way to change your words, be aware of your words, then consider with these questions:

  1. why am I saying this about myself?
  2. how did these words come about?
  3. what do these words mean about myself?
  4. Is this really really how I see myself?
  5. Is this how I want others to look at me? (this is not for others point the finger at you but for how you want people to look at you in a positive, meaningful, way)

You are worthy of achieving goals that you think are out of reach when they are not.

Simply Challenge Your Limiting Beliefs

Overcoming your limiting beliefs requires actions. When you’re limiting yourself, you’re basically in dormant mode, unable to move, which you shouldn’t want at all. Sometimes, the best way to overcome limiting beliefs is by taking actions. Challenge your limiting beliefs by taking actions, acting on your goals, and seeing what happens. You may take risks (not dangerous ones I hope), but it’s better than saying ‘what if…?’

There you have it. I hope you know that you can achieve your goals. You worth every once ounce of it.

If you have a limiting belief in your life, how did you overcome it? What are you doing to overcome it? Leave it in the comments below. 

Until Next Time, 

Simply Alia

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