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I Need God

November 23, 2018

I need God more than ever…

I was driving to work one day, pondering on the number of things I had to do for my website. I was irritated, distracted, and a bit annoyed. Then, the Holy Spirit moved me: I had to pray. I had to let my emotions, my fears, and whatever was giving me stress. So I prayed. Even if I did not feel good about it (since I have a hard time talking), I felt better getting it out.

I know I should pray. I let the cares of this world get the best for me sometimes. The bible states that you should “cast your cares upon Him because He cares for you” 1st Peter 5:7. It also talks about the seeds that are cast on the thorns. It represents the Good News the people receive, but the people allow the world to cloud their thoughts and their minds so they can not lean on God’s word.

I’m not saying that I am one these people because I fully receive the Good News. However, I find myself being distracted (more than often), departed from what I should fully know in my heart: The promises of His Words.

I guess the devil is getting really busy! That’s when I have to stand on my guard and let the Lord become my light, my peace, my love, and my comfort. I have to be like Mary who stood by Jesus, instead of Martha who was so cooped up in her cooking and preparation.

I need God’s word, more than ever. Maybe you need it too. This world is getting crazier, and it’s not going to stop. I still choose to lean on God and His Word because I believe it and I feel it, you should too.

If you feel stressed and annoyed with the world, you’re not alone. I pray that you, and myself, continuously come to our first love and rest in His presence. Slowly removing ourselves from the cares of the world and fully embracing the peace of God.

Until Next Time,

Simply Alia


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