Journaling: The Simple Guide And Tool To Living Your Best Life

November 16, 2018

Have you ever had a diary when you were younger? I know I did. 

I owned one when I was in elementary school. I would write about my crush, my good days, my bad days, and the innermost secrets that I didn’t tell anyone about. However, later on, I threw it away because I knew my mother would find out that I had one and would start reading it and throw it away eventually. I never owned a diary again.

However, this year, I found out about journaling. Journaling helped me figure out some things about myself which led me t change my perspective of me and my life, and I know it can help you too. It can be a diary, but it doesn’t have to be. 

In this post, I will provide you an extensive, simple, and practical guide to journaling. You’ll learn all you need to know about journaling and why acquiring a journal can definitely assist you in living your best life. 

Interested? Let’s get started.

What is Journaling?

Journaling is the method of documenting your thoughts, feelings, emotions, a record of the past (and present) events and more. You can make it whatever you want it to be. Your journal, like a diary, is a record of your life and your journey.

Understand that journaling is not you sitting down and writing about what you did today, even though it can be. You can journal in the spur of the moment or when you’re in a bad mood. You can write whatever you feel, tear off the paper, and throw it away. Sort of like therapy if you think about it.

What are some ways you can use Journaling?

Journaling, as I stated, doesn’t have to be like a like a diary. There are so many elements to journaling. Here are some ways you can use journaling:

  • You can write poetry.
  • Write stories, either personal or imaginative.
  • You can use it to make plans (if you’re not fond of planners).
  • Jot down things for your bucket list.
  • Record your thoughts at the spur of the moment.
  • If you’re an artist, a doodle, a picture, or even composing lyrics.
  • Help you plan your next vacation or business.
  • Decorate it with your favorite magazine’s clips or Fujifilm Instax films.
  • Write down your feelings about your day or how you feel about something you’ve witnessed or felt. 

These are just a few things of what you can do with your journals.

Now there are two types of journals: Simple Journaling & Effective Journaling.

Effective journaling has a greater method to help you live your best life, practically every area of your life. When you’re going through a bad day, you can mention the emotions you’ve felt during that day but you can aslo write down the process of how you became angry and what you did about it. When you look back at what you wrote, this helps to understand your self and probably help make better decisions on how to better any bad day you encounter.

With effective journaling, you can use prompts, or questions that assists you in your thoughts process about yourself and the environment that you’re in. 

How can Journaling help you live your best life?

Well, journaling provide

  1. Therapy: It’s therapeutic because it helps you reflect on your feelings regarding yourself or a particular situation. 
  2. Become Knowledgeable: You can write more about what you’re going through, giving you more knowledge where you are and where you want to be. 
  3. Solves Problems: It can help you define certain skills you used for yourself or a situation and you  can reflect on how you can do better. 
  4. It’s helpful in helping you reevaluating your life. 

Journaling is many things, but it’s not a mind reader. It is not going to tell you how to live your best life, but rather help you learn more about your thoughts and your lifestyle. If you’re not satisfied with your lifestyle, then with a journal, you’ll find the very reason why you don’t like it.

Journaling can help you shift your mindset in the right direction of where your mind should be, and it’ll help you set realistic goals. Also, it will help you document your thoughts and feeling as you’re putting these goals into action.

What if I don’t know what’s bothering me?

There are certain journaling prompts that can help you unravel or uncover your thoughts, feelings, and your attitudes. Even if you don’t know what’s bothering you at the moment, writing what you feel at the moment is the most important part first. Then, think about your day and see where you changed your mood. 

Do I have to journal every day?

No, you don’t have to journal every day. However, if you want to journal, then I suggest building a routine around it. Try journaling 2 times a week and spending 30 minutes writing into your journal. See if that resonates with your schedule. If you think that you want to increase your journaling time to 3 times a week, and still focus on it for 30 minutes, then that is fine.

Plus, you can be journaling in whatever time of the day suits you. The morning, the afternoon, or even the evening, find a quiet and solitude time to jot down your thoughts and feelings.

In the end, it’s all about building the habit of journaling.

Where can I find a journal that suits me?

There are journals for everyone. Whether you have a business, in school, or even a parent, there are journals that tend to your needs. Dailygreatness is a website that contains some of these specific journals. They provide specific journals, and more, that line up with your lifestyle, occupation, and mindset. There are some journals that focus on success, parents, yoga, and even wellness! They’re designed to meet your needs. Click on the link above to find your desired journal and live your best life this year!

There are also other journals that contain only empty pages so it can give you the ability to use it however form you want, as listed above. These blank pages would contain either bible verses or quotes on each page, to inspire you and giving you somethig to think about.

In Conclusion

Journaling is a way to record your life’s journey. It can also pinpoint what you desire in life, what makes you not happy at the moment, and how you can better your life one step at a time.

You can use the journal however you want it. You can write poems, bucket lists, and many more.

Get started with a journal, and see where this journey takes you.

Do you have a journal? Why or why not? What do you use it for? Leave it in the comment below!

Until Next Time,

Simply Alia

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