My Journaling Journey: Journey App Review

Ever since I started journaling almost 2 years ago, Journaling has become a constant practice in my life. I was going through a struggle in my life and I needed an outlet that helped me understand my current situation and emotions. That’s when journaling came into my life. 

If you had asked me to journal my thoughts a long time ago, I would have said no. This was bad for me because I kept my feelings inside, with no outlet to let it out. But now, especially after going through what I went through, I realize that journaling has become a great contribution to my stress relief, apart from prayer and bible reading, of course. 

One thing that journaling has done in my life is that it has brought me clarity about my plans, my thoughts, and my emotions. I sometimes go back to my writings to view the times I was sad, angry, and even happy. These pasts writings guided me to either improve how I felt about certain things (or myself), appreciate the situations, or simply respect them.

So when I was introduced to Journey, a journal app, I had to see what made it special from simply using a notebook and pen. So this post is a review of the Journey app, which I have grown to like over time. Without further due, let’s get started on this review, and let’s discuss what this Journey app is all about.

This post is all about the Journey App Review

What is Journey?

Journey app is a free online journal app used by thousands of users nationwide. Its mission is to help you develop a healthier, happy, and peaceful mind which then can be encouraged into your lifestyle. Don’t consider it just another journaling app though. Think of it as a tool that guides you toward a positive, empowering life. 

This app has been recognized as the best app for four years in a row (2016-2020) by Apple, Google’s Editor’s Choice, and Android Excellence Award. You don’t have to take my word for it though. 

The Journey App: How Do You Register?

The registration is pretty easy (and FREE) since all you need is to download the journey app, included in Android, Google, and Apple, use your google account to sign up, and you’re set. The app is easy to navigate and it includes a passcode that you can only use so you can protect your privacy. Plus, everything you record is downloaded into your Google Drive account and can be exported from the app anytime you like. 

Though it is free to register and become a member, they also have a premium membership if you want to join. I’m okay with my free membership since all I do is record my thoughts and maybe add some images that correspond with my thoughts. I guess I can my journal a self-reflection journal. 

The Journey App: The Experience

I am all about paper and pen journaling, but when I was introduced to Journey, I thought it was worth trying it out for a few days. I mean, what’s the harm right? So I made a plan to use the app when I was out and about, mostly when I was at work or outside mindfully sitting outside the porch. I would only use it for 10 minutes (though I can typically write for more than that), reflect, and then go about my day. Since I don’t usually bring my notebook journal with me everywhere, I thought it was pretty convenient to have a journaling app to record my thoughts anywhere and everywhere.

I can easily record my thoughts, add images if I wanted to, and rate my mood for the day. Plus, I can edit my writing with different fonts and themes to make it more personable. 

The Journey App: What Stands Out

One thing that makes me dive deeper into the app is their journal coaching program. Topics ranging from self-love, creativity, to self-discovery, you get to choose your FREE topical journal prompts from various personal development coaches. These journals help you reflect on your life and improve your mind and wellbeing as well. 

Overall, I believe this app is a great tool that supplements my main journal, helping me reflect on my day and reminding me that growth is a process. 

I believe this app is a great tool everyone should experience. It can contribute to your personal growth. Its main purpose is to help you have a peaceful, healthier mind. To be honest, that’s what we all need. 

If you’re looking to have a better experience with your mind and your life, trying out the app may benefit you in ways you may not even think of. It certainly has helped me when I first began. It can help you as well. Check out the Journey App for more information. 

There you have it. I hope you found this review helpful to help you consider the Journey app to assist you to grow and live beautifully. 

Until Next Time, 

Simply Alia

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