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5 Important Steps To Making A Vision Board That Works

Have you created a vision board before, and nothing came out of it? No completion of goals nor seeing anything manifest? You placed pictures and words on your board, but over time, you suddenly have forgotten all about it. It may be in your closet or room that you don’t bother looking at it. 

What if I told you that you can build a vision board that actually works in your favor? What if you could create a vision board that is not only based on just decorating a vision board, but it contains intentions that’ll set you to achieve your goals in no time? 

This post is going to show you the 5 steps to making a vision board that works for you and can manifest your dreams in no time. 

Let’s get started. 

This post is all about making a vision that works.

So why are vision boards important? Isn’t it just a poster board with images, words, and quotes? When you say it like that, it sounds logical and practical. But in-depth, it’s not JUST a poster with images, words, and quotes. It’s a visual of YOU! It’s a visual of your like, your desires, your values. We were all children once, and we had imaginary friends or played pretend. You see, it’s all comes down to visuals! This post might give you the practical steps to creating a vision board and how it can work in your favor, but if you want to go the extra mile, read until the end.

Making A Vision Board That Works Step #1: Set Intentional Goals

Have you ever had a new year resolution that you set for yourself, but you didn’t complete it? You were so excited in the beginning. However, as time went by, your motivation fell through, and you neglected your goal. There are at many reasons why you didn’t follow through your goals. Read my post on the top 5 reasons why you’re not reaching your desired purpose for you to understand why you’re still stuck where you are. And one of them is not being intentional. 

Setting an intentional goal is more than just setting a goal. It’s about envisioning it, feeling it, and specifically creating steps you need to get to those goals. So, before you decide to create a vision board, especially one that will certainly work for you, make sure that your goal is a journey you’re truly willing to take. 

In my intentional vision board course, I give you several goals that you can set for yourself, whether it’s physical, emotional, spiritual, and psychological. I also go into detail on how to make those goals stick as well as resources that can help you achieve those goals. The choice is yours!

Making A Vision Board That Works Step #2: Gather Your Supplies

Supplies are basically essential for a vision board. Where you’re going to place all your materials depends on your preference. You can use poster boards or cardboards. I believe that the reason why people don’t use vision boards or follow through their goals via vision board is that they do not make their vision board appealing enough to look at every day.

So use materials and items that are visually appealing to you, but with purpose. If your goal is going to a beach in the Philippines, then having an image of the beach can seem a bit bland. How about using a sticker or other stick-on material that depicts your vision of what you may do when you get to the beach. Are you going to read a book there? Swim in the water? If you want to eat healthier, putting images of vegetables is not going to cut it. Find motivational words and images that strictly inspire you to eat healthier. 

Remember, vision boards may just be a board full of images but it creates a story that you long to see in the future, your future. 

Making A Vision Board That Work Step #3: Put Them All Together

After setting intentional goals and gathering your supplies, it’s now the time to put it all together. There are several ways to arrange your materials. It’s all in your preference. However you want to place it, it all depends on you. Make sure it’s aesthetically pleasing to the eye so you can look at it from time to time. 

Making A Vision Board That Works Step #4: Set It Up For Daily Reminder

After you’ve made your vision-you’ve made it aesthetically pleasing, you’ve used items and materials that constructed strong feelings of your goals, now it’s the time to set up a daily (or weekly) reminder of your goals. One thing you will need to do is place it in a room of your home where you’re mostly in. If it’s your bedroom, let your vision boar be the first thing you see when you get up from your bed. If it’s the bathroom, make sure that it’s also the first thing you see when you enter in. 

The point of this is to remind you of your vision. If you desire something, your purpose will be to look at it and feel motivated to pursue the goal. 

Making A Vision Board That Works Step #5: Set Attainable Goals

This is the last thing for making your vision board work for you in your favor: set up goals for yourself! Going back to making a new year’s resolution, telling yourself that you’re going to travel the next year is totally different than envisioning it, writing out in specific steps, then putting forward actions. You need to be held accountable for your goal setting and goal slaying!

There you go! I hope you found this post helpful. 

Learn how to build a vision board that can help you pursue your goals effectively and faster. It’s time to put your dreams and your purpose into reality, sign up for my¬†intentional vision board course! It’s a self-paced extensive 4-week course that goes through the context of a vision board and how it can immensely work in your favor. It’s more than images, it’s a visualization of what you want our life to look like, but the only way to see this, in reality, is by creating a vision board! Sign up and start making your dream vision come to reality!

 My question to you is this: Have you done a vision board for yourself? Has it worked for you in the past? why or why not?

Until Next Time, 

Simply Alia

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