Top Holiday Money Saving Tips You Need To Know

It’s the holidays, which means family time, cold weather, and spending money on gifts for those close to you. With spending money though, it means that you could spend over or not enough. I’m pretty sure that you don’t want to spend over, no matter how much your sister asks for that mad expensive makeup brand she’s always wanted.

Let’s just be real.

So if you’re thinking of saving up this holiday, while still wanting to purchases gifts for your loved ones, this post will provide you holiday money-saving tips you need to know so you won’t break the bank.

Let’s get started. 

Need to save some money for the holidays? Read the top holiday money-saving tips to help you save money and enjoy the holiday without the stress.


Holiday Money Saving Tip 1: Make A List Months Before The Holidays

I truly believe that this is going to help you save money. Making a list that helps you be prepared and stay on task is the number one thing that can help you save money this holiday. Another suggestion for this is to make this list months before September, or even October. This way, you’re more than prepared to already look for the item that is on your list. 

Holiday Money Saving Tip 2: Simply Ask Them What They Want

It doesn’t really hurt to ask, especially if you don’t know what to get for your friend or family. The person you might be asking may even be excited that you asked them! However, if you don’t want to ask, a gift card is always a great gift to give. Just put in money and there you go. 

Holiday Money Saving Tip 3: Purchase The Product During Weekly Deals

If there’s a specific store(s) that your friend or loved one really likes shopping at, sign up for the store(s) using your email address so you can get exclusive and deals for items you may want to buy for your friend or loved one. Online companies, such as Ebates, contain stores varied from fashion, food, and to even travel. If you make an account an account and shop through their stores (Target, Nordstrom, etc), based on the store you’ve chosen, you gain a certain percentage cash back. 

Holiday Money Saving Tip 4: Always Make A Budget (Use Cash Envelopes)

Cash envelopes are a great way to manage your money and an important holiday money-saving tip. Moreover, cash envelopes are especially great when you have a budget you want to stick with. So let’s say you have about 500 dollars that you want to spend on your loved ones. You can stick in the cash envelopes while you use the remaining of the money for other things. Don’t look or think about the cash until you’ve found the items you want to buy and know their prices. 

If you’re not fond of cash envelopes, apps or websites like Mint can help you plan your savings. Mint is also a good app that can help you do other things, such as help you make monthly budgets so you won’t overspend, monitor your credit (for free without harming your credit) and more. I personally use Mint and it has helped me monitor my bills but also have helped me budget my money.

Holiday Money Saving Tip 5: Provide The Gift Of Time

Material gifting is not the only gift you can give this holiday. How about your own personal time, spending time with friends and family? If you like volunteering during the holidays, giving your time spending time at the shelter or even at the residence home. Time is the most precious gift to give after all. 

Holiday Money Saving Tip 6: Buy Something That Resonates With The Person’s Need

Sometimes a present does not necessarily need to be a gift per se. It can be a gift that can be useful to them daily. For you to know what their needs are is by simply observing them or you can just simply ask questions indirectly or just simple question that’s won’t lead them to think that you’re thinking about them in some way (like you’re buying them a present). 

Observe their homes, their car, or their current lifestyle. See if there’s anything that they don’t buy regularly but they mention that they wish they had. When asking them questions, make sure you’re asking them as if you needed something from A useful gift is sometimes better than a gift that you may only use once a while. 

Holiday Money Saving Tip 7: Buy Your Gift In Bulk On Amazon

If you found all your gifts on Amazon, buying them in bulks would be easier and a bit cheaper, than buying your gifts one by one. Just make sure that all your gifts amount to the budget that you set for yourself. That way this gives you time to wrap up the presents and relax the rest of the day. 

Holiday Money Saving Tip 8: Check The Bargain Finds On Amazon

If you don’t have any idea of what to get for your friend or family check out the Bargain finds on Amazon. They have unique (and sometimes useful) finds that you can look and see if there’s anything you can buy from there. From sunglasses to DVDs, they have a good amount of items that are pretty neat and sometimes a must buy (like a charger cable for your phone). 

Holiday Money Saving Tip 9: Sell Things You Don’t Need

Another top holiday money-saving tip you need to know for the holidays is selling your stuff. There may be something in our home that you don’t need anymore or haven’t used at all that you can try to sell for a couple of bucks. Apps like Letgo, Offerup, or Vinted allows you to sell items you don’t need where you live in your community. eBay or Facebook is also a good place to sell your stuff, but if you’re in a hurry, these apps can surely help you too. 

Holiday Money Saving Tip 10: Thrift Shop If Needed

This is something to be cautious about. Thrift stores can be great places to find gifts but you just need to make sure that the items work (especially if it’s a mechanical device), and it’s good enough to buy. I have found some good stuff at thrift stores, but once again, I am careful of what I buy, because one needs to make sure that the item you’re buying is safe (like for clothes, making sure that there’s no holes or anything like that). 

Holiday Money Saving Tip 11: Do A DIY Gift 

Why NOT make a DIY gift for a loved one? All you need to do is simply buy the supplies needed to make the gift and you’re set. From baking to make a tote, there’s a lot of DIY gifts you can make for everyone on your circle. If you need some DIY ideas, ShutterflyItsAlwaysAutumnCrazyLittleProjects, & DIYcozyhome has tons of ideas for you to make DIY gifts for your loved ones. 

There you go! The holidays should be something special like spending time with friends and family. It shouldn’t lead to getting broke, stressed, and annoyed. Be smarter this year and save your money as you also enjoy the holidays. 

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