7 Top Things I Loved About My College Life Experience

I never knew that I would attend Texas Woman’s University (TWU). You see, I was thinking about big dreams. I was dreaming of attending the Univesity of Texas at Austin, but God had other plans. TWU was the last place on my list of Universities to attend. In the end, it became a school I’ve grown to love more and more, including the city.

If this is your first year attending college, make it count. Not just with your studies, but with meeting friends (and your roommate(s)), going out and about, and just enjoying your college life. It just takes a matter of planning, budgeting, and you’re set to enjoy college with a bit of relief.

However, there will be days where you will mess up. That’s what makes us human. We learn from our mistakes and move forward. One mistake that I would like you not to do is waiting to change your major when you know you don’t particularly like it, or the class is difficult. There will be various consequences you will meet if you don’t change your major early. This is one of the lessons I learned when attending college.

Overall, college is a really great experience (despite the variety of loans you have to pay back). Therefore, I wanted to point out the top things I loved about my college life experience. From the library to the late-night strolls with my roommate on Thursday nights, the school became one of my favorite book of memories, I never want to forget.

Let’s get started, shall we?

  1. The Library
  2. The Late Nights
  3. The Small Town
  4. The Professors
  5. The Friendship
  6. The Clubs
  7. The Events

This is All About My College Life Experience

My College Life Experience: The Library

I don’t know whether this is the introverted me or just me, but the library was my favorite place to be. From studying to just wanting to have a bit of time to myself, I would grab my blanket, my backpack containing my laptop and stuff, my earphones, and get prepped to head out from the library. Plus, it was really awesome that the library had resources to help me with my papers, and whatever I needed to finish my homework and stuff.

So my advice to you is to use the library massively. It has all the resources for all your studies’ needs. Ask a librarian about a particular paper you have to write about for your class and, they’ll give you the sources you need to type your paper or even when you have a project that needs to be done.

Sometimes I would take a nap there since it was so cold in there. Even after I was done with my classes, I would go to the library and stay until it was closing time. It was my second happy place, with my dorm room being the first.

My College Life Experience: The Late Nights

The first time I went out and about during the night was I think my sophomore year. But my favorite year to have such fun was when had a roommate during my junior or senior year. We went out on Thursday or Friday nights when we were free from our studies.

We got to know each other better (we were both introverts) as roommates and we just had fun. Though I was quieter and more private, we always had a good time when we hung out with each other. She was the person that actually introduced me to 80s songs and other genres, which I now listen to from time to time.

So from me to you, create those memories with the people you meet in college. They might be your late-night fun buddy to hang with.

Those late nights with her were my favorite memories of her, and I will never forget it.

My College Life Experience: The Small Town

So the school I went to was small, compared to what it is now (it’s still small but they’ve built new buildings after I graduated). Plus, the college town was also relatively small. It was a 15-minute or more walk to the grocery store (excluding Target or Walmart) or to the bars, restaurants, and clubs.

One particular thing I loved about the town was the center square. That’s where the bars, the restaurant, and specialty stores were. As an introvert but also private, it was an experience to just be out and about and see what the town had to offer.

If you’re an introvert like me, my advice for you is to take the time to get out and about. Use Uber (or walk if you’re walking distance from the city) and explore your college and the city. You may find your favorite restaurant or coffee shop if you just need a place to hang out with friends or even on your own.

My College Life Experience: The Professors

One thing I loved about my professors was their friendliness and approach during the lectures. No one wants to hear a professor sound like the ‘clear-eyed guy commercial’ (where is he by the way?) and you find yourself waking up at the end of the lecture, with drool on your desk.

I’ve met some professors that were so passionate about the subject they talked about that it was easier to approach them when you needed help with a subject you couldn’t understand (perks of a shy introvert).

If you want to form a professional relationship with your professor, make sure that you get to know before and during school. Don’t be afraid to ask for their help when you need it. This is one of those lessons I learned in college that I wish I took more advantage of.

My College Life Experience: The Friendships

I’m not a person that has many friends. However, I’ve met many friends and acquaintances that touched my heart. We’ve had laughs, meaningful conversations, and just good fun (even if their definition of fun was different from mines).

I think with meeting people in college, especially in my experience, you just need to have fun. If you were meant to have this type of person in your life then the Lord will mold your meeting into a flourishing long-lasting relationship. Out of all the people I’ve met in college, I only became a good friend with one. And it’s been a good 10 years of good friendship I might say!

My College Life Experience: The University Clubs

I only joined 1-2 clubs but it was an experience. I was part of an international cultural club that had a lot of cultural lessons and fun. And I met great people along the way.

One memory of the club I remember was dressing up for your culture. I’m all about learning about other cultures beyond mine (which is Congolese). So to see women and some men dress up for their culture was an amazing thing.

I highly suggest you join at least one club or group and have a good time being immersed in the club.

My College Life Experience: The Events

My college had a good event if you were informed. When I first found out that Kevin Hart was doing a stand-up comedy at our school, I wanted to go. But I didn’t have any money. However, my roommate was able to tell me about it and said she enjoyed it.

So I would make sure that you keep yourself informed with events happening around your school. It’s a matter of doing your research.

One thing I did love doing each year though was attending the dance play that occurred every December or so. Women who majored in dance would perform their dance skit, expressing their dance form. It was an experience I loved watching every year when I needed to get out of the dorm (or when I finally got an apartment).

If you’ve already attended college, what are some of your experiences you loved? Let me know in the comments below! Let’s chat!

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