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My Definition Of Being A Woman

March 8, 2019

This Friday is going to be International Women’s Day, but it’s also Women History Month. Though I don’t really think that women should only hold a day to celebrate Women (because it should be celebrated every day), I wanted to write a little post that defined what a woman means to me. 

Everyone has their own definition of what a being a woman means to them, and that’s okay. I’ve contrived these definitions from my own personal life, my mother, grandmothers, and fellow women I’ve learned and met along my life.

Let’s get started.

For me being a woman means being:

1. Strong – I believe that adversity tends to happen more to women than men, but this is just me saying this based on my life and what I’ve seen. Seeing what women went through, historically and culturally, is unfair. One thing I see through all circumstances is their strength. The refuse to back down and accept things as they are.

2. Understanding – I think having perception is one aspect I’ve seen in my mother more than my dad. Even women I’ve met have a certain understanding of things because of their observance and taking the time to see things as they are, not the way it should be. They learn to listen rather than speak, seeking to understand the underlying meaning or reason behind the way things are.

3. Resourceful – Sometimes, being a woman means beings resourceful. You find ways to help you live the life you want. You make sure that the resource is beneficial in every aspect of your life. If you need to de-stress, you find ways to help you do just de-stress. If you’re anxious about something, you may pray, read your bible, or find breathing exercise to lessen your tension. Overall, a woman who is resourceful knows how to live life.

4. Bold – If there is something that a woman doesn’t like, they stand against it. They fight for what they believe until it gets done. They use whatever measure or tools to get their thoughts out in the world so they could be heard. They choose to stand because it’s the proper and fearless thing to do.

5. Unapologetic – In this day and age, I’ve seen that more women are being unapologetic for being who they are. To be honest, I think that’s a pretty good thing. I think being a woman knows who she is and will continue to be that individual no matter what society says. She knows she’s bold, beautiful, quirky and unique, and she will continue to be that way. 

There you go.

These are what I know and feel that being a woman is. I know that there is more to this, but for me, I stand by these and truly believe in them. Next year, I will definitely add more.
In the comments below, let know in your definition what being a woman means to you? It doesn’t have to be what I wrote but overall what you know and stand for.

Until Next Time,

Simply Alia

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