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My Simply Favorite March Daily National Holidays

March 5, 2019

So I’ve looked into this march and found some unique holidays that I’ve thought were pretty cool to be part of. So in this post, I will be mentioning some national and unique holidays that you may want to participate in this month. This could be used in your blog post or even use it for your personal activities.

Let’s get started.

March 2

Dr. Seuss Day – Though this has passed, this was by far my favorite. I love Dr. Seuss and his books. They’re unique and really express creativity in a way that has never been seen before. I don’t think his books are only for kids, but I believe that it’s for grown-ups too. My favorite book from him is The Grinch, Oh The Places You’ll Go and Green Eggs & Ham. I also loved watching (you can’t be too young) The Lorax, which is one of my favorite movies.

March 6

Oreo Day – I am a dessert type of person, so when I heard or seen that there was an Oreo day, I got excited. I have looked online for some Oreo recipes that I can try for the weekend and found one that is easy to make. Don’t fret though, I will be giving you some dessert recipes you can make for yourself in a blog post coming to you very soon.

March 8

Women’s Day (starting on the 8th and continues through the week) – Though I don’t believe that women should be celebrated on a particular day (because it’s every day, like Mother’s Day), I still appreciate the sentiment. A lot of women from and the past and the present, have changed our lives in so many ways. I will be writing a blog post about what it means to be a woman, in my opinion.

Unplugging Day – I love the concept of this. We get so wrapped up in our electronics that we don’t just stop and let the moment be filled with things that aren’t electronics, like a good book, walk in the park, and the like. Even doing it half a day is a great day to unwind and get away from social media, blogging, and other things that tie to technology.

March 12

Plant a Flower Day – I have actually bought two small flowers with pots that cost only a dollar from Target that I thought was cute (you can also find them in Dollar Tree) to try since I can’t even keep flowers stay for one week. So we’ll see how that’ll work out. I may do a blog video or Instagram story about it.

March 13

Open an Umbrella Indoors Day (also a monthly observation) – This was just going to be an Instagram picture, but the notion behind this holiday is if you open an umbrella indoors, you get bad luck. I’m willing to take the risk.

March 14

Write your Own Story Day – Everyone has a story to tell. Some good and some, not so good. Pretty soon, I am going to write a blog post about going to my first college party, and it was not an introverts dream, I can tell you that.

March 19

Chocolate Caramel Day – I’m all about sweets, so this day will surely be a celebration I look forward to. I’m all about chocolate and caramel so I may find recipes that I can share with you for that day. Stay tuned for that.

Let’s Laugh Day – I laugh every day, so I think for this one, I will be posting my favorite all-time comedy shows/movies that you may want to watch too.

***Special National Week

National Introvert’s Week (third full week of March) – As an introvert, I thought that this was a pretty neat way to “celebrate” introverts. I was thinking of doing a blog post of a life in being an introvert, the good and the bad. So stay tuned for that!

There you go. These holidays, as I mentioned, could be used for blog posts, Instagram challenges, or personal activities. All of these holidays are found on

What National Day are you going to celebrate this March?

Until Next Time,

Simply Alia

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