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My January Favorites For 2019

February 3, 2019

It’s already February and I just wanted to pop in here to write about some things that I deem as favorites.

First of all, January was full of ups and down. Troubles came from North, South, East, and West, but in the end, I learned to strive through. No trouble that comes to you cannot come without a solution. And for me, prayer, music, blogging, and reading were my motivation.

I learned to see the beauty in every struggle and used those struggles to turn them into good things.

Note to you: Every struggle as a purpose. Learn how to make those struggles work for your good.

So this January, I found some goods that I wanted to share with you.

So let’s get started, shall we?

1. I found this shirt on Jane and let me tell you. I… Love… It. It represented everything I loved so why not get it? This other shirt I found on the website was pretty cool too.

2. I’m a leopard print fan gal, so these shoes were gorgeous! I was contemplating what to wear with them, and I just thought of the perfect outfit! I’m a casual person, so wearing these shoes with my favorite jeans, this t-shirt, with minimal jewelry like this ring that I bought a long time ago would really go well together for a casual day outside.

3. On Instagram, I listed a book that I was reading by Maya Angelou called I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings. Can I say that this book was full of feelings? From her youth to her teenage years, she observed and experienced life that she couldn’t control, yet she somehow thrived. Plus, I think she was a major introvert! The way she described her surroundings, her love of reading (that kept her sane for years), and her family was beautifully written. I truly recommend everyone to read this book.

4. I’ve been working out a bit. Usually, it’s 2-3 times a week at the gym or at home. Though I love Zumba as my main exercise, lifting weights my favorite. I use these particular weights, which aren’t too heavy, but they’re not light either, giving me enough weights to lift them for a certain time.

5. As a blogger, one of my purposes is to help people, especially young women live a little better, one moment at a time. Like any other website, you need traffic in order for readers to see your post and interact with them. With Tailwind, my blog traffic actually exploded, after signing up for my first monthly account! Using Canva to help design the appropriate Pin, I can set up these pins on Tailwind( up to 400 pins a month) ahead of time. I truly recommend every blogger to use this tool to bring traffic to their blog.

6. Also, as a blogger, if I get too tired of listening to the quietness of my workspace (on the bed or my desk), I listen to music to sometimes to drown out the silence. These particular headphones are good at canceling out any sounds I do not want to hear so that I can focus on my blog.

7. So I think I am in love with this website. It’s called Urban Decals and they have the cutest walls decor ever! From floral woodland, the art is just beautiful. There is this particular wall decor called Palm Ponds that is my absolute favorite. The best part about these wallpaper is that they’re removable! I recommend you to look more into it and see what fancies you!

8. Lastly, I know I’m so behind, like WAY behind, but this beautiful jumbo blanket is gorgeous that it’s going to be my favorite fall item for this year! It’s a great home decor item!

There you go!

How did your January go?

Until Next Time,

Simply Alia

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