Imagine Living in a State of Joy, Freedom, Empowerment, and Peace of Mind!

Where you can tackle your choices at ease. 

You can finally say NO to others without feeling guilty. You don’t need to seek validation from others or people-pleasing anymore. You can finally break away from that limited belief(s) that stopped you from doing what you dreamed about doing like traveling or doing something new. You can finally state your opinion with ultimate confidence. You can finally pursue your goals with the proper boundaries put in place. 

You can finally see yourself as the strong, empowering, free woman that you are inside and out!

Tell me, how would you feel if you could experience all this…how would you FINALLY live your life?



Have you been living a life where you’ve always wanted to please people because you desired to belong, to be loved, to be sought in some way? 

  • Or, maybe you’ve been living in this people-pleasing world, wanting to break out, but feel like you’re stuck. 
  • Or, you’ve worked yourself for others so hard that you’re currently under pressure, stressed, anxious, and just want to feel at peace.
  • Or, you’ve had a hard time saying no because it’s the only thing you know and you don’t want to be guilty about helping the person.
  • Or, you’ve had destinations to get to it but speaking it into existence, and among your circle makes you cringe because you value their opinion and are afraid that if you say something, they’ll either ignore it or make you feel guilty of saying those words.
  • Or, you want to be your original, authentic self but your identity is hidden among your peers. You put on a face, afraid that if someone sees you for you, they will no longer speak to you. 
  • Or, you feel as if you’re never going to be happy
  • Or, getting someone’s approval is what you need to feel accepted…

Read that again sense how that felt…it hurt a bit didn’t it?

Well, you don’t want to you to feel that way anymore. 

I also lived in a world where people pleasing was something that was natural to me. 

Until it was one day I decided that I couldn’t take it anymore. I knew I didn’t want to live like this; afraid, confused, and anxious of what other people thought of me. 


So, when I made that decision, things changed, maybe not in a good way I eventually broke free from people-pleasing. 

Slowly but surely, I lived a life that was truly me. Not anyone else. 

I began doing things that were for me, I stated my beliefs with confidence.

If you want to live a life that you can confidently stand up for yourself, I encourage you to join the …

Overcomer & Blossom – 8 Week Coaching Program!

The Overcomer & Blossom Design was made for women like you who are tired of feeling inadequate with their life and limited by their unhealthy boundaries. 

I am here to help you create specific healthy boundaries that give you more freedom to pursue your GOALS with confidence, empowerment, and happiness. 


  1. Understanding who you are and why you lack healthy boundaries
  2. Acknowledging the type of unhealthy boundaries you are allowing or currently have in your life
  3. Learning how to live your life with others and apart from them in all areas of your life with peace
  4. Receiving techniques that will help you conquer your people-pleasing with the right mindset and confidence strategies

Go from insecure, stressed, pressured TO at ease, confident, happy, and empowered!

Here’s how I will provide purposeful guidance in the program:

  1. One regular coaching video meet up for 45 minutes per week
  2. Weekly Text messaging for encouragement, guidance, high fives, and support
  3. Give you weekly ‘journey work’ activities to reflect, to understand, and to apply in your life


Pay in full = $1500

Payment Plan = 2x $750

Click the link below to schedule a discovery call and Let’s work together on specifically how you can reach your personal growth success. 

You don’t have to be pressured to do anything anymore. You can say no to the insecurity, the frustration, the unhappiness, and the stress. 

Meet your Coach!

Hey, I’m Alia and I am certified Master Mindset Coach. I help single millennial like you who strive to balance their work and personal life create specific boundaries that helps pursue their destinations with confidence and empowerment. 

Like you, I also have to balance my work and personal life, since I am now pursuing my Masters in Counseling! Trust me, I understand the stress! I also understand where you are and where you want to be. Your destination is in front of you and all you have to do is say No to seeking others validation and say YES choosing you because you have the choice of pursuing your goals, and you can get there.