This recommendation page was created to simply list the recommended services and products that I use or know that is helpful. Therefore, it is easier for you to access whatever you need. More items will be added over time, but for now, enjoy!



Girl wash your face! – This is one of my favorite personal growth books. If you don’t know this lady, grab this book and get ready to know her well. Though she may be a mother, her stories are relatable to any and everyone that needs a little encouragement when dealing with everyday life issues. I also wrote a post about her book here. 

Columbus Ohio Recovery Center – This a bit sensitive but it’s still considered important. If you’re living in Ohio or nearby, this is a facility that helps you recover from addiction and alcohol. If you have a friend or family member that is dealing with addiction, then you know the hardships they’re going through. Help them out, and they’ll greatly thank you for it. For more information, check out their website. 


Freeman’s Face Mask – This is all my favorite face mask brand. I started using this back in college but came back to it a few months ago. Helps out my combination skin to be clean and soft. This actual product is my favorite. 

Biore Combination Face Wash – Found this product through a fellow motherhood and lifestyle blogger I follow from time to time. She has combination skin just like mine and stated that this product worked well for her. Bought one for myself at Target (unfortunatly the only place to find it!) and my pimples have disapearred after one day! I use this a few times a week and it still works wonder in clearing my skin without leaving it dry. 


Tailwind – This auto-scheduling program helped me grow my website traffic and is still a working progress. It’s also easier for me to pin my blog post since I don’t have the time to manually pin. Plus, it also works on instagram! If you join now, you get a $15 credit just for signing up. That means 1 month free to you prep your pins and see your traffic grow.

Ell Duclos Pinterest Strategies – If you want to increase traffic on your website, using Tailwind is great, but having the right strategies is more important. There’s a lot of bloggers that would sell you Pinterest strategies that may cost over $100, but not Ell. Her course is only $39 and is a great valuable resource you need to sign up for. Check out her Pinterest page and her course. Following her course allowed me to increase my Pinterest page greatly. I REALLY REALLY recommend her course, you won’t be disappointed. 

Unsplash – This is my number place where I get my blog photos. They’re free and I love the aesthetic look of the page and the photos. 

IvoryMix – She’s a visual marketing strategist that sells stock photos. I love using her photos for my pins and some of my workbooks that are included in my resource page. Her photos vary based on what you need, category wise. If you sign up on her website, you get monthly free stock photos! She also has a VIP membership if you’re looking for more commitment. 

Grammarly – I use this grammar program for all my writing needs. From blogging to writing out my papers for graduate school. This is a lifesaver. 

Wealthy Affiliate – If you’re looking to start a niche site or a lifestyle blog, I recommend you to start with Wealthy Affiliate. They offer courses on how to build your blog, coming up with a niche name for your site, weekly web courses to help you on building a successful blog, and *keywords that will get you first page on Google, Bing, and/or Yahoo! All of these, and more, are at a price for only $49/month. 

Sitka Theme – This is currently the theme I am using for my blog. If you want a theme similar to mnies, I urge you check out Solo Pine. Their themes vary, including this one. I haven’t never gotten a problem with this theme and since I swtiched over from this old theme that is still from solo pine. i love their simple yet aesthetic look of a blog. I recommend you to check them out. 


Mint – Saving money is my goal for the year 2020! I have used this over the years, but I truly am going to use it this year so save up some money. This helps me keep track of my spending habits, check my credit, and helps me to find ways to save money. 

Rakuten – Though saving money is my intentional goal, making money is my goal too. Through this website, you can shop for all your favorite stores while earning some cash on your purchases. If you recommended their website to a friend or family, you get a free $10!


Hannah Naomi  I love their minimalist jewelry collection. I found them on Etsy but they now have their website. If you love minimal jewelry, I recommend that you check them out. 

Capella Unversity – If you’re currently thinking about going back to school or changing your career choices, I urge you to check out Capella University. I am currently pursuing my Master’s in Counseling online which greatly helps me balance my busy life. They have all sorts of programs, from psychology, nursing, to counseling. They’ll have something you might be interested in. 

365 Devotions Book – This is the 2020 devotional book that I am devoting my quiet time to and also reading in the morning during my morning routine. It’s a great book that teaches you why everyday matters, why you matter, and why leaning on God matters. I recommend it.  

Shoptagr –  A great website that helps you save your favorite clothes and item. Think of it as a shopping assistant. I also wrote a post on how it can help you save money on clothes. 

***More will be added if needed!

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