20 Simple Self-Care Gifts For The Holidays

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Are you looking for some cute but useful self-care gifts this holiday? Well, look no further! This post contains 20 cute gift ideas catered to you or the close friend in your life. The holidays are a great time to relax and enjoy the company of our closed friends and family, but also ourselves. We need some me time too you know?

You may find these items at the store but if you buy them online, especially when using Ebates, you get cash back for all the purchases you made! Isn’t that neat?

Let’s get started.

Need some simple self-care gifts for the holiday? Here are some simple holiday gifts to help you focus on you!

1. Women’s Fur Slippers -Keep yourself warm with these slippers. I have these and they’re so comfortable to walk in. This is one of these items that is a must get.

2. Bambusi Bathtub Caddy Tray – I particularly like this item because it holds everything I need from my cellphone to even a book. I can just place it on top of my bathtub and voila, I’m relaxing and enjoying my tray of goodies.

3. Stainless Steel Travel Coffee Mug – Travel mugs help you save money all the way. Buy yourself, or friend a travel mug and say no to waste!

4. Women’s Painless Hair Remover – A razor is good and all but I prefer electric hair remover all the way. This is helpful when you’re on the go when you don’t have the time to shave.

5. The Mindfulness Journal – I am an advocate for journaling. It’s a helpful way to write down your thoughts, emotions, and it can help you just see life in a better way.

6. Instax Mini Liplay Camera – This is something you need next year. If you love a camera or capturing memories on your phone, this is a great item to purchase. You just print your images from your phone onto the camera using Bluetooth. Isn’t that neat?

7. Electronic Sonic Toothbrush – Do you want to upgrade your toothbrush? Try this sonic toothbrush that gets your teeth cleaner than your regular toothbrush.

8. Scented Candles – Nothing is nicer than an aroma that brings good feelings and relaxation. This is a great item to decorate and a perfect gift for the holiday!

9. Warm Fleece Bathrobe Robe – Who doesn’t love a warm, comfortable bathrobe?

10. Kate Spade Metro Wrist Watch – Timeless pieces are always a great item to buy. I’m all for technology and everything but, in the end, I’m still going to be a fan of wristwatches.

11. Essential Oils – If you want to relax in your room with a pleasant aroma that can help you relax or even boost your mood? Try these essential oils.

12. Marble Essential Oil Diffuser – Along with the essential oil, a diffuser helps to spread out the oil’s aroma around the room.

13. Ariana Grande Ari Eau de Parfum – Perfect gift for an Ariana Grande’s fan!

14. Rose Gold Wall Grid Panel for Photo Hanging Display – This is a great home decor that you can set anywhere in your house. It could even be a great college gift for a friend!

15. Velvet Fleece Blanket – With the weather getting colder, you need a blanket to keep you warm. It’s so comfortable that it’ll keep you warm as you watch your favorite tv show or movie, and it can even keep you warm as you write down several things you’re grateful for this holiday season.

16. Fujifilm Instax Mini Black Film – This is a great addition to your Instax Films. IF you haven’t purchased a black and white film yet, why not?

17. Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker – Let out your worries as you bump to your favorite song using this Bluetooth speaker.

18. Cacti Crew Socks – With your fleece blanket, add some colorful socks to help you keep warm.

19. Pink Marble Planner – Set purposeful goals and never miss an appointment with a planner. This is a great gift for the busy biz ladies and college friends!

20. Rose Gold Bumper Case – Rose gold will never go out of style, especially when it comes to protecting your phone.

There you go & Happy Holidays!

Until Next Time,

Simply Alia


  • Des | itsbetterinheels
    December 5, 2019 at 6:30 am

    Great items! I got the black and white film for the instax camera but haven’t used them yet, I’m excited! The mini liplay is actually something that I want now! That would come sooo in handy! I actually would want all the items on your list, GREAT POST!

    Des |

    • Simply Alia
      December 20, 2019 at 3:25 am

      You what? The liplay has also been in my mind. It’s just a great accessory! Thank you for the comment!


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