Simple Best Gifts For Valentines Day – It’s Not Candy Nor Flowers

But it could be.

“All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt.” – Charles M. Schulz, Cartoonist

Just to be clear Valentines is not ONLY for couples. It never was, but that’s another story. So we will go with this traditional holiday that is celebrated yearly. I truly believe that this day is not only reserved for couples, but for everyone. It should be for everyone that observes love as a mode to share happiness, fun, and worth to families and friends. Not just couples.

You don’t need anyone to tell you that you’re beautiful or that they love you unless you know that for yourself, especially on Valentine’s Day. But if that person does tell you, then you’ve already built that self-love that accepting compliments from others is a just a bonus!

On that note, since Valentines Day is coming soon, I’ve selected a few things every one of us should do, at our own expense, for Valentines Day in this blog post.

I wanted this blog post to not only provide self-care routines but help you overall recognize that you are exceptional in every way.

Let’s get started.

  1. Write Down What You Love About Yourself
  2. Treat Yourself To One Gift
  3. Go Out To Eat On Your Own
  4. Hang Out With Another Single Friend
  5. Buy Yourself Something Not Related To Valentines Day
  6. Build A Self-Care Kit Specifically Dedicated To Valentine’s Day
  7. Do What’s Best For You

1. Simply Write Down What You Love About Yourself: Write at least 15 things you love about yourself and meditate on it. It could be about the way you laugh, the way you write, and even a particular aspect of your body you really like. I am not saying that you should be vain or think you’re all this or that, but I’m just merely saying that the more you focus on your self-worth, the less you think about what you need or who you are. It’s all about being grateful for you and the love you have for yourself.

2. Simply Treat Yourself To One or Three Gifts Related To Valentines Day: Nothing is wrong in getting a gift for you. It’s a holiday after all! Go out and buy the gift(s) of your choice! However, you don’t need to spend loads of cash, just buy something that SIMPLY means a lot to you. Just make sure it is something you really like, it represents you or your personality, and useful.

Here are some simple gifts you can purchase for yourself that I’ve concocted:

DETAILS: 1. Candle | 2. Wristlet Wallet | 3. Red Nail Polish | 4. Off Shoulder Dress | 5. Pink Camera | 6. Headphone | 7. Face Massager

3. Simply Treat Yourself To A Day or Night Out Lunch/Dinner: If you have not done this ever in your life, now is the time to. Why? Because it’s really good for you. It doesn’t leave you to be dependent on someone to come with you to eat. Doing this gives you a different perspective of being without someone. And let me tell you, it’s a great feeling being solitude and simply enjoying your meal.

4. Simply Hang Out With Another Single Friend: If you’re not the type of person to sit alone (what I mean by that is that you prefer company and conversation, not in a sense that you’re afraid of people will judge you or something like that if you sit by yourself), then invite another single friend or friends. Create a time when you have a lot of fun that it could turn into a Valentines Day tradition. I like valentines’ day, not for the sake of couples but for the sake of appreciating those you love and hang with to have good quality time fun.

5. Simply Buy Yourself Something Not Related To Valentines Day: If you’re not really into the Valentines Spirit but still want to buy something that day, then buy all means go ahead! A simple graphic tee about tacos or a meal containers to help you be more efficient during the week are great buys, especially if you’re looking for something that you want to actually use in and out of the home.

6. Simply Build A Self-Care Kit Specifically Dedicated To Valentine’s Day: I love being creative, especially on holidays, so I highly recommend you to create a Valentines Day Kit that you would love to do on this day. This entirely depends on you. Whatever you want to include in your Kit, movies, books, candies, or anything like that, make one specifically designed for you. After all, it’s a celebration of love, and you deserve all the self-love you can get!

Here are some ideas that you can include in your self-care kit:

  • A Movie Kit
  • A Reading Kit
  • Bath Kit
  • Mix Of All Kit

Overall, any holiday is what you make of it.

7. Do What’s Best For You: At the end of the day, do whatever is fun for you on that day. Whether you just want to come home and watch television or maybe spice it up for that particular day is up to you. You just need to simply be you. 

There you go!

I don’t particularly like valentines’ day, but I can make this holiday in the way that I want, to celebrate me in every way. Plus, you don’t have to celebrate V-day or have anything to do with it. Just go about your day. However, I just wanted to let you celebrate YOU in the midst of couples celebrating each other.

Do you like Valentines Day? Why or Why Not? Leave your comments below and let’s chat!

Until Next Time,

Simply Alia

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