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Simple Ways Of Coping Through Difficult Times

Coping through difficult times can be tough, depending on the situation. We all go through hard times and sometimes it’s hard getting out of it. Whether you have a loved one in the hospital, having a conflict between you and a friend, or even stumped in your business, things like this can be difficult to cope with.

Though tough times can be derived from many things, there are solutions to get by these times, allowing you to heal and deal with the situation in your own time.

Remember, when tough times happen, they’re always temporary. There may be a pain in the night, but joy always comes in the rising of the sun in the morning.

In this post, I will be giving you several ways to get through tough times when life gets tough. Therefore, when you encounter a tough situation in life, you’ll have the necessary guide or help to get you through it.

Let’s get started.

  1. Acknowledge Your Current Feelings
  2. Write Down your Emotions
  3. Talk To Someone & Ask For Help
  4. Practice Self-Care
  5. See The Silver Lining
  6. Remove Any Toxic Items or Things That Will Lead You Spiral Down
  7. Always Know That It’s Temporary
  8. Accept That It Is Beyond Your Control 
  9. Don’t Play The Blame Game
  10. Pray & Read Your Bible

Difficult times come, but they also go. Here are some simple ways to coping through difficult times and heal during your process.

1. Acknowledge Your Current Feelings

With any tough time situation, the first thing you need to do is acknowledge your emotions. Also, ask yourself these questions:

– How does the situation make you feel?

– Have you ever felt like this before?

– What do you need right now?

– How do you feel right now?

Questions like these can help you unravel how you truly feel about the situations so you can move on to knowing how you can deal with the situation in the most proper manner.  

2. Write Down Your Emotions

Another way to acknowledge how you feel about the situation is writing it down, whether on a piece of paper (to write down and throw it away just for the case of getting your feelings out of the way) or a personal journal where you can document your thoughts and feelings.

I personally use a journal because for any situation I am in. I write down how I feel and what I can learn from it. If I encounter the situation again, then I can usually just go back to my journal and reread what I’ve written.

3. Talk To Someone & Ask For Help

Talking to someone is a great way to let things out. Whether you’re a crier, a yeller, or like throwing stuff, ask a friend or loved one that would stand by you and support you through your time of need. Plus, they don’t have to talk back. they can just be there for you, as you let out what you’re feeling.

4. Practice Self-Care

Going through hard times affects us greatly. It affects us mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. One important way to tend to those needs is to practice self-care. If you love laughing, go to a comedy show or watch a television show you like that will get you to laugh. This can help you alleviate some mental and emotional feelings/tension you may have about your situation.

If you like talking about your feelings, as mentioned in the earlier section, do that. If you need to pray about your situation, do that as well.

Find that self-care technique that can help you relieve the tensions you have.  

5. See The Silver Lining

Consider the situation and see if there is any bright side. I believe that every situation, no matter how big or small it is, leads to a realization of how life is and the lesson it teaches us. Don’t dwell on the negative aspect of the situation but look at it in a new light, which will help you move on and see life differently, and hopefully in grand, positive enlightenment.

6. Remove Any Toxic Items or Things That Will Lead You Spiral Down

Don’t allow yourself to be involved in things that may get you into trouble, and I also mean serious trouble. Remove anything that may give you a negative reaction. Remember, every situation is temporary if you let it be temporary too.

7. Always Know That It’s Temporary

Personally, I’ve always thought that troubles lasted, for the longest. It could’ve taken months or even years for something to go away, but the one thing that always kept me going was seeing the situation differently, or not letting the situation bother me.

I would like to suggest such a bit of advice to you as well. No matter how long you feel your situation may be, it WILL END. Just continue to live as you should and would want to. It may be okay to wallow in your sorrow but don’t allow it to overcome you. For when you allow it to overcome you, it will take over you. And you may not come back from it.

So acknowledge the feeling and work through it, with however you feel would be appropriate for you to deal with it.

8. Accept That It Is Beyond Your Control

When life throws you a lemon, sure you can make lemonade or whatever you want to do with it, because you’re in control. However, what if life threw you old, rotten, smelly lemon? What do you do with it? Surely you can’t make lemonade with it! It’s either you let the lemon take its course and break down, or you throw it away.

It’s up to you.

There are times when we can’t control things. We could blame the situation over and over or we could do something different. Find that something (or someone) that can help you acknowledge how you feel about the situation and slowly helping you to let it go and moving to what truly matters; continuing living your life as we should.

9. Don’t Play The Blame Game

This is the one thing I struggled with. When something went wrong, I either blamed myself or someone else. Well, that was a lesson learned. Nothing was solved! I just kept being angry, sad and felt all kinds of negative emotions.

Then I learned to stop blaming others, which led me to know that hard times happen, whoever fault it is. Sometimes, it’s no one fault! In the end, I saw the situation as just a stumbling block and I had to understand how to overcome it. And I did.

You can too. Always know that hard times will come but blaming someone for it, or even yourself is not going to get any problems solved.

10. Pray & Read Your Bible

If you’re a Christian, as I am, prayer is always the best to get through hard times. Plus, the Bible has multiple promises that the Lord promises that He’ll do if we keep trusting in Him. Sometimes we may not know why hard times happen at a certain time, but always know that God is still there, taking care of you. As long as you look up to Him and live out your faith, you’re stronger.

Remember, “Greater is He that lives inside [you] than he who is in the world.” 1 John 4:4 NIV

There you go!

Whatever you’re going through, always know that seeking help is important, know that you’re not alone, and understand that all tough times are temporary.

Let me know what you think. How do you get through hard times when life gets tough? Comment below!

Until Next Time & Virtual Hugs,

Simply Alia

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