Small Accomplishments Reaches Big Goals

Less than 92% of people reach their goals. Did you know that? Not that it’s bad or anything, but it’s a little disappointing. Sure, there are a number of reasons why people do not reach their goal, but for those that make ‘excuses’…

Shame on you!

But don’t worry, I’ve been there too, so SHAME ON ME!

There are those though, that actually focus on their goal, and fulfill them. How on earth do they do that?

The answer: they established the goals very specific, break them into small bits, and gets these tasks done!

Perhaps you have a big goal or goals you want to accomplish this year. Simply tackling them all at once is, to be honest, frustrating and downright impossible.

The right way to accomplish these big goals is to get them done, in small chunks.

Why not Think Big?

Of course, it’s okay if you’re thinking big. Nothing is wrong with that. We keep hearing that we can accomplish anything we want, and we can. Realistically, though, can you really accomplish this big goal in one step? or will it take you several steps to get there? The latter makes much sense.

The truth is, what you need to do is to think big in detail. It’s necessary to have precise information, plans, and skills for your big goals to become a reality. Plus, this won’t happen overnight.

A big idea doesn’t guarantee success. Anyone can have ideas, but only a few can bring them to life. When thinking big, it’s easier to miss the small details and make mistakes. If you fail, you’ll feel disappointed and have a hard time starting all over.

For example, let’s say you want to clean your house, and I mean purge everything that you don’t need. That’s a lot of work, especially if you haven’t cleaned out your house in years.

That’s why I appreciate minimalism, but that’s another story.

In order for you to do that, you need a plan. You need to know which room you want to start, what tools or skills you need to tend to each of the rooms, etc. Overall, it will require you to plan small in order to for you achieve big.

Change Your Habits to Change Your Life

Whether you want to climb the career ladder, build your own business, travel, or even just clean your house, you need to start with baby steps. Swap any habits that hold you back for habits that move you forward.

Let’s say you always find excuses to skip your workout. By doing that you’ll never manage to lose those extra pounds and get in shape.

Commit yourself to hit the gym at least three times a week, or even once a week. Instead of 30 minutes, try a 10-minute workout. It doesn’t have to be all cardio, you can do strength training all throughout the workout. Take it seriously just like you do with your job or family time. A month later, increase to four times a week ( and eventually 15-30 minutes).

In the meantime, make small changes to your diet. Do one thing at a time. For instance, you could forsake the sugar during week one, cut back on junk food the second week, cook your meals from fresh ingredients the third week, and so on.

Small accomplishments reach big goals, and the results will follow!

There you go!

What do you think? Can small accomplishment eventually lead you to achieve big goals? Let me know what you think by leaving your comments below!

Until Next Time,

Simply Alia

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