Stress Relief Gift Ideas for The Holidays

Stress is no joke. It happens at work, in life events, with family, and even with friends. But do you have any sort of resources to help you relieve your stress? Do you specifically have a stress relief kit that you utilize for the sole intention of reducing your stress? If you don’t, this blog post will give you several stress relief gift ideas to buy this holiday season or even for a friend.

I believe we should all have one, a stress-free self-care kit to better serve us at home, so we can relax and unwind. Obviously, everyone’s definition of a self-care kit will definitely be different, but as long as you have one, this will be an essential tool to have at home. 

So without further due, here are some stress relief gift ideas to buy for the holidays. 

Let’s get started. 

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Do you need stress relief gift ideas for the holidays to buy for yourself or your loved one? See what great products to buy this holiday season.

Jade RollerPink Face Massager

When you come home from work, you can find yourself tired and just wanting to go straight to sleep at times. Whether you work inside or outside of work, your face will show it when you come home. Your face may become oily or tired. 

Using this Jade RollerPink Massager after a day of work (or any hectic event overall) will relax your face, promote blood circulation, and relieve pressure. This is especially useful before you go to sleep. Rubbing this around your eye area can reduce eye puffiness. Something like this i defnitely a great stress-free gift idea for the holiday. 

Bath & Body Works Eucalyptus + Spearmint Bundle

This is stress relieving git idea was recommended to me a long time ago. When I say that this product’s aroma smells so good that it literally makes you relax, I’m so serious. Use the body wash and feel that good tingle when it washes over your skin. Sniff the Eucalyptus and Spearmint and feel calm and relaxed. If you want to know more about the product, click here. 

This is a product I definitely recommend to buy for the holidays. 

Papillon Back Massager

Who doesn’t love a massage? I know I do! It relieves the tension in your muscles, and it just feels good! However, some of us can’t afford such a luxury. 

So how about buying a portable massager for yourself? Especially for your back? Unless you’re all about the face, buy the item I mentioned above. Nevertheless, if you’re like me and you love yourself a back massager, try the Papillon back massager. 

But this item is not just for your back, you can use it for your legs, your feet, and your neck! It’s everything you need when looking for portable massager. 

Face Masks

I have been into face masks products for a quite a while now. They have been my lifesaver and giving me the cleaning face I need daily after coming home from work. These products I will be recommending to you are currently the ones I use the most because they’re my favorite skincare product.

The Aztec Secret Indian Clay was recommended to me by a coworker, and she was not kidding! However, I would say that this is not for people with sensitive skin at all, so if you have sensitive skin, do not buy it! Plus, I applied it on my natural hair and man did it really clarify my hair! I love this staple product. 

Another face mask product I use is the Biore Whipped Clarifying Mask. I only use this product one day a week. As I said, I love a good clean face, so it’s a great additional item to my self-care kit. 

The Freeman Facial Face Mask was my first product when I was in college. I bought the green one that contained avocado and oatmeal (green is my favorite color). I used it weekly, and it worked well for my skin. I don’t currently use it now, but I do recommend the product because it really leaves your skin smooth as a baby’s bottom. 

No kidding. 

I may buy this product this holiday when I’m done with my face masks product since it also comes in the bundle. It’s a great gifts idea for that friend or family member that also love a skincare product.

Whichever skin care product you choose, choose a product that will make you feel at ease and relax your skin. You don’t have to have 3 face masks product (unless you like to stock up on them like me), but I do believe that this skin care product will be your definite self-care staple product.


Blankets are probably my favorite items to buy, especially in the Fall. However, I’m also picky about my blankets because I want my preferable blankets to be very soft and a bit thick, giving me a great relaxing and warmth cozy experience. 

If you’re like me and love yourself a great, cozy, thick on the side blanket, then this absolute chunky blanket is a must. It’s the right amount of comfort and thickness to give you the best coverage you need. Plus, it’s a great home decor item! Add it on top of your bed or your sofa. 

What about getting yourself a soft plush blanket personalized just for you? This blanket from Etsy comes in different colors and gives you the options to have your initials monogrammed!


Have you ever read a book or even a magazine that inspired you? Whether it’s the words or an image that made you feel inspired or relaxed, books are always a great stress relief product to add into your self-care kit. 

If you don’t have a particular book genre you like, read a book that’s close to what you like. Mines are psychological thrillers and crime books. But sometimes I’ll also read a book written by a real author who writes about their struggles and how they overcame it. 

Magazines are also good ways to past time. From fashion, weddings, to eating healthy, there’s a magazine for everyone. Get inspired to travel when you buy a traveling magazine. Find tips on the next big fashion trend when reading magazines such as Instyle or Vogue. Find something that’ll inspire and relief the stress you’ve been aching to let go of. 

Dancing Exercise DVD

I remember when I was in a bad when I came home from work. I needed to let this energy that was buried in me. So I tried using one of my Zumba DVD, The Super Cardio Dance Party (which is my favorite by the way). 

 If you like to relieve stress through a cardio activity, try running or jogging outside. Even walking outside does the trick to relieve stress. If you rather stay home, buy yourself work-out DVDs such as Zumba or Shaun T’s Insanity. 

Body Oil

Body oils, especially those that aim to relax and calm your body, are one of the greatest stress-free products you need to add into your self-care kit. I personally love using body oil after taking a warm to a hot shower. It just feels so good!

There are several body oils you can choose to use for yourself. According to HuffPost, there are specifically 6 body oils that help you relieve stress and sleep better. Since we’re talking about stress relief, the oils that you may be interested in are lavender and lemongrass. If you want more information, click here to find out more about the other oils. 

Coloring Books & Pencils

Did you color with crayons, markers, or colored pencils when you were little? I remembered having a book that contains all sort of cartoons characters that I was supposed to color. It was a nice outlet to let me relax and express my creativity. 

Well, coloring isn’t for little kids anymore. According to study done in 2005 by Nancy Curry & Tim Kasser, those who colored shapes decreased anxiety levels. Coloring has great benefits to your health, and one of its benefits is to help you release stress. Here are some coloring books with supplies to help you get started. 

Coloring books such as the ones I mentioned above have been rated the best coloring because of the variety of images you get to color. These particular Mandala Coloring PDF Sheets also is a great pick to add into your self-care kit.


Painting is something I love doing when I have the time. It’s a great relaxing activity. You paint in the comfort of your own home, drinking our own little tea or wine while listening to our favorite soft or upbeat music. Doesn’t that just sound fun, yet relaxing?

If painting sounds right for you, then why not try painting on canvas? Also, if you need some painting ideas that you want to try at home, there’s a website that shows you a step by guide on how to paint certain images you may like to try. If you’re more of a video person, Wonder Forest, a fellow painter on Youtube, provides easy watercolor beginner tutorials. 


This is something that has helped me a lot in my personal life. Journaling can help you too if you give it a chance. Do not think of it as a diary, because it is not. Diary is more of a daily note of what you did during the day, while journaling, on the other hand, is more in-depth. Think of it as therapy. 

Therapy is basically going to someone that you can talk about your problems. Then in return, the therapist listens and may provide resources for you to use to better your lifestyle. Well, with a journal, you write down what you’re going through, but you also write out your thoughts and feelings. Now you do not have to write down everything that has happened to you on a typical day, it just needs to be something that seems important to you. 

Some examples that you can write down in your journal are gratitude moments, doodles, Instax films, and even stickers! 

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When I’m at home, especially if I want to listen to music, earphones or headphones are a must. Noise-canceling headphones are especially great for me since all I want to listen to is my music, so I can dance and be my own music video. 

A little too much? 

Well, if you’re like me or maybe you want to use the headphones to relax to music while doing something else (painting or massaging), then I suggest using these affordable headphones.  They come in black and silver (or gray), and you connect via Bluetooth. Plus, you get 30 hours of battery time! My friend, it’s time to get your dance on. 


If tea isn’t your…cup of tea (hmm), well I think it’s still beneficial to add it into your stress relief gift idea for the holidays. I myself drink tea, specifically green tea.Drinking mine every morning brings benefits to my health. There are different teas that aide to stress relief, such as these:

  • Chamomile Tea (improves sleep)
  • Passionflower Tea (relieves anxiety and improves sleep)
  • Yerba Matte Tea (support mental clarity and promote wellbeing)
  • Black Tea (relieves headaches)

Plus, if you don’t like the taste of the tea, then I would suggest adding honey (or a bit of lemonade which is my preference) to add taste.  

LED Candle or Real Candle

I’ve always been a fan of candles, whether they’re real or LED lights. For the real candles, they smell good, and they set a calm yet, stimulating atmosphere. If you’re a fan of candles, whichever one you like, this can be a great stress-relieving gift for yourself or a friend. Whether you like an aromatherapy candle with Eucalyptus/Spearmint, or a simple LED candle that lasts for however you want it to last, candles are a great way to relax. Light up the candle and maximize your relaxation with a good book or cooking with a soft song in the background.

Bubble Baths?

Another stress-free relieving gift that you need for the holiday is buying bubble liquid products with a bath caddy tray. Another product that you can add to your bubble bath is some bath oil and some Epsom salt. The bath oil will leave your skin soft while the Dr. Teal’s Eucaplyptus & Spearmint Epsom salt relaxes your muscles after along stressed day. Immerse yourself in a warm to a hot bubble bath while you read, eat, watch a simple TV show on your phone, or even just listen to soft music with a bath caddy tray.

What are some stress free gifts you like from the above? Let me in the comments below!

Until Next Time, 

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