Summer Gift Ideas For Her

Summer Gift Ideas For Her: 22 Simple Self-Care Gifts To Give Yourself This Summer

Now, I still hold true to that self-care is not just about the gifts, but rather it’s taking care of you and others. It’s about being mindful of our ourselves and checking whether we’re okay at the moment. It’s also about helping those that we want to help.

But… I’m not against buying gifts (or receiving one) to treat myself. So, in turn, I wrote a blog post that lists a couple summer gift ideas for her, you, and any women out there who loves gifts (I know I do)!. Depending on who you are and your likes, these gifts are not for a specific population. So look into these, and see what gift sounds good for you.

Let’s get started.

Summer Gift Ideas For Her

22 Summer Gift Ideas For Her

1. Comfortable Shoes – Who doesn’t love sandals or flip flops? Get them toes out and let them breathe. For me, my go-to sandals are Birkenstock. They’re so comfortable and a bit simple, which my style is anyways. If you want something that is under $100 or even $50, look at these styles that suit you and your style.

2. Colorful Nail Polish – Want to add a little color to your life? Instead of the simple red nail polish that everyone traditionally wears (unless you’re like me and simple is the way to go), paint yourself happy with yellow or a very pretty mint color nail polish.

3. Portable Back Massager – After a long day at work, all we want to do is to go home and just relax. You get home and sometimes you wish for a body massage. The tension and stress of work or life take a toll on our bodies. Why not buy yourself a portable massager? It may not be quite the same as a real body massage, but having one that’s convenient can help lessen some stress from time to time.

4. Scented Candles – Want to add a little fragrance to your life? Or should I say room? Scented candles are great for the home. You can read a book while the fragrance circles the air of your room. Whether you like the smell of flowers, forestry, or even pumpkin, there are a variety of candles that can help you create an atmosphere of your desire.

5. Cold Ice Tea lemonade – What’s better than basking in the sun while drinking cold ice tea? Don’t like just an old regular ice tea, why don’t you add lemonade to it? A blend of ice tea and lemonade packs up a great combination while you enjoy the warm weather.

6. Good Book – Get lost in a good book where your imagination run wild. Whether you’re a fantasy, horror, romance, poetry, or drama lover, there’s a book out there for everyone. Check out your local library, second-hand book stores, Amazon, or even Barnes and Nobles to see what books might interest you. If you want some ideas, check out my post on some books I’m reading this year.

7. Lounging Clothes – As an introvert, staying home, next to my dream of traveling, is my happy place. So why not own lounge clothes to make myself extra comfortable? Maybe you like staying at home too. Buy yourself some lounge clothes and enjoy the indoors the way you to.

8. Biker Shorts – Biker shorts do not have to be worn only when you go on a bicycle ride. You can wear like you would wear leggings, everywhere! And I think it’s the trend of season if you’re into trends.

9. A Flattery Dress – Stroll through your city, your local coffee shop, or even the mall with a lovely spring dress.

10. Exfoliating Gloves – Treat yourself to exfoliating gloves. Remove the dirt and dead skins that’s been piling up on your skin to give you a clean and clear skin. I personally utilize exfoliating gloves, which leads me to usually see and feel the difference in the way my skin looks and feels.

11. Versatile Bag – Tote bags are somewhat out and versatile bags are in. Change up your bag based on where you’re going. If you’re going to your local coffee shop, why not switch it a backpack? Place your tablet or small laptop with your notebook and pen, and type out our next blog post or chill while you journal about your day. Unless you’re a wallet, phone, and keys person like myself, versatile bags are great for every occasion.

12. Essential Oils – Relax your mind and body with your favorite smell or essential oil fragrance at home. There are different types of oil that you can use alone or when combined. 

13. Charcoal Mask – It’s been a long week. And your skin can use a deep cleanse from the oil and dirt that’s been piling up on your face! I personally use a charcoal face mask or the Shea Moisture black soap face mask to always purify my skin. It leaves my skin so clean, it feels like my skin can breathe again. Do your face a favor and deeply cleanse your face with Charcoal Face Mask like this one. Your face will thank you.

14. Small Pottery Plant – Though planting is considered work, I regard it to be a peaceful work in my opinion. Plus, you can garden anything you want from flowers to vegetables.

15. Minimal Jewelry – I’ve been into minimal jewelry ever since I saw this spiral ring on Etsy (which I currently have) when I was browsing for bar necklaces. They’re so pretty and simple that it really accentuates the body part, of where you place your jewelry, elegant and feminine. If you’re into minimal jewelry, I would check Hannah Naomi. I love her designs because they’re simply beautiful and classic. Soon, I will be buying more from her. I need more rings!

16. Beaded Bracelets – Instead of buying a bracelet from just any store, why not buy one that makes a difference in how you help your community? If you don’t know what organization I am talking about, I am talking about ME to ME. Think of it as TOMS but on another level, in my opinion. For more information about their story and why it exists, click this link and it will direct you to their About Us page.

17. Gift Card – From your restaurant to your favorite clothing store, gift cards are a great way to spend money on the things you love. Sure you can use your money. But buying the specific gift card of your choice can actually save you money. Therefore, you can use your money to pay bills or other important stuff, while that gift card you bought could buy you the things that you want.

18. Journal & Pens – Nothing is better than making memories and writing them down on a notebook. You can also add doodles, pictures, and stickers in your journal for a little flair.

19. A Water Bottle – Keep yourself hydrated this spring and summer with a water bottle that’ll motivate you to drink that 7-8 cup of water per day. There are so many cute and affordable water bottles such as this one from Amazon or this water bottle from skinnydip. If you’re a cup and straw type of person, check this item out on Amazon. Overall, the most important thing is that you’re getting your water intake. However, nothing is wrong with drinking a nice looking water bottle.

20. Hair Clips – Hair clips will always be in style to me. Though I don’t wear hair clips, I think they’re a great accessory to any hairstyle. Simple hair clips are always classic but do what suits your hair.

21. Sunglasses – Who doesn’t love shades, espeically if they’re uniquely cute?I love sunglasses that I personally have 6 of them! I really like them because they’re all uniquely different. 

22. Rent Your Summer Clothes – Don’t want to buy summer clothes? Then rent them with Le Tote! if you’re like me and you don’t really want to fill your closet with clothes you won’t wear for long, renting clothes is probably the best way to go. From casual, special event, to even just going out, Le Tote has something for everyone and just about every occasion. You only have to pay $69/month!

Le Tote

There you go! What would you say is one you would do from this list? Let me know in the comments below! Right now, I am doing journaling, face mask, and drinking a water bottle!

Until Next Time,

Simply Alia

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