Taking A Risk In My Life: I Am Currently Getting My Masters

Do you know how much thought I put in when I thought about going back to school? Not so much. To be honest, after graduating from college, I really did not want to go to graduate school. Graduate school wasn’t even really on my mind until I finally hit a breakpoint in my life. 

When I hit that breakpoint, I was really pondering on whether to look for another job, continue blogging about personal growth (which I am still doing) or go for graduate school. I actually got the idea from my friend who told me about her journey with graduate school. 

With long research, prayer, faith, and support, I now am attending graduate school. However, I do feel like I am taking a risk in my life. I already have a huge load of loans on my plate, so when I think of adding more, I feel weird and irresponsible. But then, I think about the end result it will bring me, like providing more freedom for my family and I. It’s something worth pursuing, right?

I pray and hope so. 

Blogging will still be something I am pursuing, but I think that this Master’s Degree will add more oomph to my blog since it’s all about personal growth and my masters’ degree is all about mental health. 

So why am I currently getting my masters?

  1. I was interested in the career I am currently studying for. I am seeking my master’s in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, and I think it pretty much resonates with me. I love therapy (took an internship during my last year of college at an Occupational Therapist office), I like listening to people, and I love helping people. 
  2. There’s an increase in Mental Health counseling in the future. So I’m thinking more jobs, more money, right? Especially if I am thinking of opening my own practice.  
  3. I was scared that I was going to be in the same job for a long time, and I wasn’t happy. As an infant/toddler teacher, you don’t make much. Though I love the kids and somewhat love teaching them, I love my life too, and I would like to enjoy it fully with travels, shopping, hobbies, and blessing my family. 
  4. I think it resonates with me. As a woman who never knew what profession she wanted to be when she was younger (perks of being an INFP) and now believing that Clinical Mental Health Counseling resonates with her, I would somewhat take my chances. 

So here I am, taking my chance to be seeking something that works for me. May God guide my journey. 

What about you, are you taking a risk in your life?


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