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The Benefits of Saying No When You’re Always Saying Yes

We tend to think that the word “no” is a bit of a negative word. You may have heard the word ‘no’ in all aspects of your life, especially when said negatively. But has it ever occurred to you that sometimes saying ‘no’ is what’s going to push you forward? That it can change your perspective and even a beneficial objective to your self-care?

In life, you’re going to find a plethora of favors and choices you have to make that will determine your life onward. That can be seen as a problem if you’re one of those people that say ‘yes’ all the time. In the end, you don’t want to disappoint the person, you may not find that outfit again (though very expensive), or it’s one of activity that you will never find the time again. But more often than not, by saying ‘yes’ quickly, you might be hurting yourself in the long run. Saying yes all the time may be hurting your lifestyle. 

So what are the benefits of saying no? And what can you do to say more ‘no’ to actually help you in the long run? We’ll discuss this in more detail in this blog post.

Let’s get started. 

This post is all about the benefits of saying no

Focuses Your Time On Better Opportunities

Saying no to that expensive bag when you’re saving up for that new car or travel destination can be hard. But think about the perks you’ll have in your new car. Even with traveling, imagine the experience you’ll have at your destination. A declarative no to purchases that are only short-lived will not be as worth as your big-time purchases or experiential adventure. 

Reduce Stress

Stress occurs to the best of us, especially when we use the word ‘no’ in the midst of it. Perhaps your manager asked you to stay a bit longer after work, and in your mind, you really wanted to say no, but a yes came out. It all happens to the best of us, even myself. I sometimes say yes when I really want to say no. I’m already tired, a bit cranky, and sore, so to put in another hour or so of work will definitely increase my stress. To be honest, I will rather be home than getting extra time and extra pay at work! 

You could even be saying ‘yes’ to an outing after work when a friend invites you to one. It’s time to say no so you can focus on what truly matters- your wellbeing. 

There’s No Guilt Trip

Do you sometimes feel that if you say ‘no’ to an event you’ve been invited to or to helping someone with their personal issue will make you feel like a bad person? That’s not the case. If you ever felt like this, then you’re not in a good place. No one should ever make you feel that you can’t your own decision and go forward with it. Guilt-trip is something someone uses to lure you into doing their bidding as they make you feel as if you’re haven’t been the best person for them or even for yourself. NO ONE SHOULD EVER MAKE YOU FEEL THAT WAY. If there’s someone in your life who makes you feel like this at times, then setting proper healthy boundaries between you and them is necessary. 

If they ever ask you for a favor or anything of the sort, the proper way to handle this is by saying no. Moreover, you don’t even have to give them an explanation of why you said no. You could simply say “I am not available right now”. The person may seem baffled or confused, but if they respect your answer, then they’re truly supportive, understanding, and caring. Your friend, coworker, or family member should be able to understand your decision and get you moving on instead of saying words that will leave you guilt-tripping. 

Tends To Your Self-Care

I truly believe that saying ‘no’, especially if it is beneficial for your self-care needs, is a good habit to implement in your lifestyle. You might think that self-care is another word for selfish, but it’s way more than that. Self-care is the practice of tending to various aspects of your wellbeing and lifestyle. There’s actually 6 types of self-care if you didn’t know (check out my blog to know more). 

When you say no, you don’t just say no because you don’t care about the other person’s needs. Tending to your needs first will better help you tend to others’ needs. Sometimes, saying yes may have to happen, especially if it has to deal with an important issue. On the other hand, saying ‘no’ is simply saying “I have to take care of myself first. If I don’t, I may not help you properly or be the person I can be for you or myself.”

Focusing On Your Values

Sometimes, saying no means you resist to be part of something that doesn’t resonate with you. Maybe you’re the go with the flow type of person, but you seem to go with the flow ALL THE TIME. This may be due to wanting to belong and or want to be seen as a ‘cool’ person. Certainly, you want to be likable, and nothing is wrong with that. But if it doesn’t align with your values and beliefs, then saying ‘yes’ can lead to toxic habits and risks you might have picked up from those ‘yes’ activities. 

In the long run, knowing when to say ‘no’ will benefit your life more than saying ‘yes’ to everything you could ever do. Focus on what’s important, and don’t let yourself be distracted by the things that aren’t going to do you any good at all, especially when thinking long-term. 

There you go! I hope you found this post helpful! Do you have a hard time saying no sometimes? How do you deal with that? Let me know in the comments below!

Until Next Time, 

Simply Alia

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