The Influence of Instagram

I have a love and hate with Instagram. There’s the side where I love reading the stories of people I follow and their inspiration (Jenna Kutcher anyone?), while on the other hand, everyone and their friends are trying to be an influencer. Though I love the concept of influencing (working with brands and experiencing new things), I don’t like the way people are going about it. 

Who am I to say? I was that person too, well I am somewhat that person. I wanted to be an influencer. Why? Well mostly because I saw my favorite people receiving gifts from brands and traveling to places that I hope to travel to. It felt like a dream that I definitely wanted to accomplish, until I really sat with myself, and talked to GOD, about the reason why I wanted to be an influencer. 

Ever since I was young, to even now, I would imagine myself behind a camera and talking about a specific topic that I cared about. I mean I still want to be able to do that, but on a minimal level since I don’t talk much. And seeing those influencers doing it made me think, ‘well, I can do it too! It doesn’t seem hard!’

The more I wanted this lifestyle, the more I started researching and reading blogs that talked about it. To be honest, I found some information to be quite tedious and a little weird to me. And the worst part of that is, I did what they informed me to do! It only led me to be over frustrated and have a lack of passion. 

But now that I think about it, I’m starting to see that the type of person I wanted to be was not really me. I started to see that I was becoming an imposter, especially through social media. I was pretending to be this and that, not realizing that I was building up a fake personality. 

It felt like I was in elementary school again, wanting to be cool so I became a slightly different person just to hang out with the cool kids. In the end, I couldn’t keep up the facade for so long and I ended losing my best friend. 

It’s so weird that social media can do that to you because of what you see in the life of others from one square. It’s so weird!! Don’t you think it’s weird? And also sad at the same time? Comparing myself to someone’s life is not cool at all. 

So from now on, I hope, I’m going to write blog posts and Insta posts about the things I care about. Also, I want to post images that I love and hopefully bring you inspiration, a little laughter, and realness. 

And I hope you join me along this journey where I learn about life, love, faith, style, skincare, and more! 

If you have a blog, tell me what you write about! I would love to join you on your journey!


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