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Thoughts of Alia – Things Change

May 18, 2019

Sometimes, things change.

Life changes. Sometimes in small chunks or sometimes it hits you with a ton of bricks.

You think you know where you’re headed in life, but then something happens that leads you to consider the decisions you made long ago. Were they good choices? Were they bad choices?

So what am I writing about?

I am writing about my life in general. More specifically, my blog. I thought I knew what I was writing about. I thought I knew where I was headed. I thought I knew where I was going. I thought I knew my future. But I don’t. I honestly, really don’t.

While I am typing this, I am looking outside my window, watching the rain fall, as I hear the thunder roar. It feels good actually. I never want it to stop.

This blog will still be a personal growth and lifestyle blog. However, I wanted this blog to be filled with stories, truth, faith, and things that excite, interest, connect and help me, and you, move through our journey together.

I think I was scared of writing about my faith in God as a Christian into this blog because of the criticism and lashes I would get. But I can’t let this fear get to me. So yes, I would be writing about my faith in Christ because no light should be placed under a bushel.

Also, I wanted to write about being an introvert because this is a way for you to know more about me. But I want this personality that I have to be influential. I did not want to write something that would be your typical introvert individual, even though I am simple-ish. I hope for inspiration, connection, and encouragement when I write about this topic, hoping that you also share your stories about your introverted ways.

There are also many more subjects that I want to write down on this site, but as I learned, things take time and changes come one moment at a time. It is never is in one swoop.

So I will continue to write, but in my own way and my own time. In turn, I hope that my blog moves and inspires you to embrace your journey, one moment at a time.

Until next time,

Simply Alia

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