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39 Wellness Tips For Improving Yourself Everyday

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No matter where you are in your situation, there’s always a time to improve yourself. Improving yourself is not a one day set and done, it’s more of a lifestyle change that takes place every day. 

Here are some tips on how to improve every aspect of yourself daily.

This post is about the tips for improving yourself

Be Grateful Everyday

I believe gratitude is an active lifestyle we should all live by. It reminds us of what we have rather than what we want. We run ourselves busy that sometimes we forget that though life has its troubles, it also has its blessings. 

Using a journal or even a piece of paper, write down then things you are grateful for. It could be anything from work to a driveable car. Having an attitude of gratitude will allow you to see life a bit pleasant. 

Give Yourself Grace

We work too much these days. And when we do not get our task done, we get upset. It’s okay to not get things done. Give yourself enough grace and just finish off what you started the next day. The work will still be there. 

Don’t push yourself too hard and remind yourself that you are only human. You will make mistakes and it’s okay. You won’t get everything is done, and it’s okay. 

Treat Yourself Weekly Or Once A Month

It’s okay to work to pay your bills, but when you’re working overtime, it might take a toll on your wellness. Therefore, treating yourself weekly or once a month is necessary. 

You don’t have to be spending money all the time to treat yourself. Though, you can buy what you need ahead of time and cultivate a self-care kit. If you’ve got a job promotion or something along the lines, use that time to treat yourself. You could be coming home, drinking your favorite drink, having a bubble bath, or reading a book. It’s whatever will make you feel good. 

Get Good Sleep

Improving includes physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and even financial. Read my post on the 6 types of self-care so you can understand and take proper care of yourself. Sleeping is also a subtype of self-care, under physical self-care. When you get enough sleep, you’re able to function well the next day. Sleeping reduces stress, breaks down your food and also helps you focus better. 

Obviously, this is something we all know about, some of us lack the action to do it. So, if you want to improve yourself and your lifestyle so you can maintain a healthy body, mind, body, and soul, go to sleep and get your 7-8 hours, please. 

Take Classes To Enhance Your Skills

One way to improve yourself is by taking classes, online classes that is. If you’ve always wanted to take a cooking or baking class, you can. There are many websites out there that allow you to take classes based on your needs. One website that I like in particular is Udemy. 

You can learn about business, photography, lifestyle, and just about everything. You only have to pay based on what the course tells you to pay (which is less than what you could have paid if you went to a university or college) and these course instructors are experienced people just like you! So if you want to enhance your skills or even learn something new, try Udemy. 

Work On Your Dreams

There isn’t a better time than now to work on your dreams. Whether your dreams are to travel to one particular place, road tripping, or even building an online business. The time is now to pursue it. 

Maybe you’ve delayed it because of personal issues, or even because of your comfort zone. It’s time to step and be out and about. You will never know how Zealand looks like if you don’t take the time to make the plane, save money, buy your supplies, and get to traveling!

Your life is worth more than just going to work and going home. Let life be an exceptional adventure. 

Eat Your Fruits and Vegetables

Improving your life means improving your health. Substitute your ice cream for a piece of fruit. Substitute your fries for vegetables. Fruits and vegetables provide better digestive health and even lower cancer risk. There are many to include fruits and vegetables in your life. Check out my smoothie recipes and salad recipes blog post so you can incorporate them into your healthy meal routine. 

Working On Your Hobbies 

Hobbies help us to relax, get creative and enhance our skills. There’s no amount to how many hobbies you can obtain. As long as you like and are willing to act on it whenever you can. If you don’t have a hobby, there’s a website called hobbyhelp that lists all kinds of hobbies that you find yourself interested to try out. 

Moisturize Face Daily

You see, I didn’t know the difference between lotion and moisturizer until this year. 

Talk about latecomer. 

So this year I decided to take better care of my face. Instead of lotion, I now use a moisturizer. It’s the Simple Moisturizer, which could be found on Amazon or any other beauty supply store. Though I use a moisturizer every day, I love using it, especially during the cold season. The lotion is fairly light and will leave only hydrate your skin for so little time. however, when I use a moisturizer, which is thicker, it keeps my face hydrated ALL DAY. I was actually surprised by this.

To improve your skincare, a moisturizer is more apt to keep your face hydrated and soft. 

Washing Your Face With A Brush

If you want a healthy facial glow, cleansing your face with the right facial cleanser and a facial brush is necessary. Adding a moisturizer, you got yourself a clean, glowy face. However, there is more than just using a facial cleanser and a moisturizer. Read my post on how you can develop a healthy facial glow in a fair amount of time.

Bible Reading & Prayer

If you’re a believer, this is the most important way to improve yourself. Yes, the Holy Spirit will be your guide in your life, but if you don’t use your action and devote tie in the Word, you still feel lost. As the bible says, Do not merely read the word, but also do what it says (in summary, James 1:22).

How can a young person stay on the path of purity? By living according to your word – Psalm 119:9 NIV

Save Money 

Another way to improving yourself, or finance to be exact, is by saving money. There are many ways to save money but none of us take advantage of it. From coupons, opening a savings account, to even earning cashback, these are all several ways we can all save money. 

One way to earn cashback is by using Rakuten through shopping your favorite online stores (even Amazon). You can even earn cash from Receipt Hog or Ibotta by saving your receipt and scanning them. It might not be hundreds of dollars but it does add up!

Letting Others Know How You Appreciate Them

You know your friends have done a lot for you. From hearing you vent to helping you move out, there are so many ways we can let a friend know we appreciate their friendship. You can text them, buy them a gift, or even participate in an activity they like. all of these are forms of being appreciated. Your friend will enjoy it and love you for it. 

Take Time For Yourself

A break is always needed to come back to yourself. If you find yourself free on the weekend, let your mornings begin with a quiet time for yourself. Read a book, devote your time and prayer to God, listen to music, or journal your thoughts. These quiet times will allow you to be more aware of yourself. 

If you can, taking time off of work can also be helpful. Don’t be afraid to take time off so you can take care of you. Even one day is enough!

Cook More At Home

If you haven’t cooked at home before, now it’s the time for that! Even if you’re not a cook, there are so many ways to get your hands into the cooking, even baking world. Plus, baking and cooking at home are way much cheaper than buying a $20 meal at a restaurant. You can actually buy the same ingredients and have the same food for a week if you like eating the same thing almost every day. 

Start small, like an omelet, a salad, even cookies. Invite a family member or friend who knows how to cook and learn from them. It’s a double plus because you’re learning something new and you’re hanging out with someone you love. 

Say No When It’s Needed

You have the right to say no. Saying no to events you don’t want to go to. Saying the word no is beneficial to you, not the other person. when you always yes, it may continuously hurt you mentally and emotionally. Never let anyone force you or guilt you to say yes to something to don’t want to do. 

Drink Hot/Warm Liquid In The Morning

This is something my mother taught me. We’re always been told to drink water in the morning for our digestion to wake so when it time to eat, our foods are easily digested. However, if you drink warm/hot water, 10 minutes before breakfast, your stomach is ready to digest any foods that you’re ready to eat. 

Take A Break From Your Phone

We have all sort of having a problem with that. With social media and youtube videos, we’re easily distracted by what’s on our screen. Taking a day off or even an hour or so from our phone allows your eye to take a break from the screen and enjoy other things, such as hobbies.

Work Out From Home

There are many benefits to working out from home. It saves money, you choose your own exercises, and you have fewer distractions. You can either buy a workout DVD(s), use Youtube or exercise apps such as Nike Training App. All you need at home are your basic necessities such as weights, exercising ball, work out outfits, training shoes, work out mat, and an exercise watch. 

I personally have a Fitbit watch Versa and it’s helping me track my calories, my heart rate, how many steps I take, and many more. The best thing about this watch though is that it is waterproof. You don’t need to get a Fitbit watch but if your watch can track your heartbeat, take your steps, ad tracks your calories based on those steps, you’re good. 

Here are some watches I would recommend, including the one I own. 

Breathe In And Out

When the world overwhelms you, try to breathe in and breathe out. Focus on your breathing and for that moment, forget about that assignment you have due or anything that made you stressed or anxious. Doing this for about 2 minutes will really help you relax. 

This practice is also useful when your thoughts are jumbled and you can’t seem to think straight because of the outside noise. Here’s a post on the ways you can clear your thoughts. 

Drink Plenty Of Water

If you don’t drink water that often. It’s time to start drinking it now. Since our bodies are made up of about 80% or more of water, we have to continuously fill our bodies with water. Plus, water helps with digest and also stops you from overeating, when you drink a glass of water 30 minutes before your meal. 

I’ve heard some people do not like the taste of water. So using flavor powders can help you get over the taste of water. You can find them at your local grocery and Amazon. 

Here are a few from Amazon to check out:

Walk Outside

Taking a walk outside is a great way to clear your thoughts, get you to exercise, and lets you admire God’s creation. My favorite thing when going outside is takings pictures of flowers. Walking can also remind you that our life is just a part of something greater. 

Create A Savings Account 

If you haven’t saved up money for lifelong expenses or emergency purposes, now is the time. Doing this can improve your finance dramatically. Here’s a post on how to save for unexpected emergencies if you need tips on how to just do that. 

Hang Out With Friends and Family

Having a relationship with those close to you will bring out much support and closeness to your life and theirs. When you both go through issues or situations, you’re both there to support and love each other. Here’s a post on some ways you can hang out with your friends and family. 

Set Intentional Goals 

Intentional goals are goals that are important to you. Just as your pursuing your dreams is that important to you, setting intentional goals can help you reach them properly. But setting them requires 5 basic components. Check this blog post on how to live your life with intentions so you can set these goals and pursue that dream of yours. 

Forgive Past & Yourself

Life is not without pain or hurt. Maybe you’ve been hurt before by someone you thought you could trust. Forgive them. Not merely for them, but mostly for yourself. If you continue to keep the unforgiving heart inside of you, you’ll hurt yourself more than you could ever know. Don’t let one’s person’s mistake or pain hurt you for a lifetime. 

Do Something You Might Be Afraid Of Doing

If you want to enjoy your life, stepping out fo your comfort zone may be necessary. Maybe you want to a new ob but you’re afraid of moving forward. Or you want to start a business but you’re afraid that your skills or abilities are god enough. Doing something new will make you fearful, but it’s better than doing nothing at all. 

Let’s say you want to find a new job, well if you’re not the phone type of person, try emailing the person you’re applying to. If a phone is necessary, prep yourself by writing down on paper what you want to say so you won’t be stuck or jumble your words when talking on the phone. 

Another way to get out of your comfort zone is located in this blog post, discussing the steps to getting out of your comfort zone. 

Remove Toxic Habits

Toxic habits bring harm to every aspect of your life. From judging your body, not believing in yourself, to not setting unhealthy boundaries, you’re not properly taking care of your wellbeing. Toxic habits stop you from achieving your dreams and build negativity around your life. Using this post, I hope, can help you improve your life bit by bit and remove toxic habits that are preventing you from living a happy, healthy life. 

Create A New Lifestyle Habits

We don’t really know the length of days a habit can be formed. Some say it’s 21 days while others say it’s 7. Either way, if you’re thinking of adding a new habit into your life, then it’s best to keep building it until you don’t have to think about it. It’s like brushing your teeth or eating breakfast (to some). If you need tips and ways to make your habit stick, check out this post on the 12 tips to properly form habits that’ll stick. 

Declutter The Clutter

Cleaning your home is not just about decluttering. It’s a way of examining your life. When you examine the kind of stuff you have in your mind, you’ll determine whether these things play a purpose in your life as of the moment. If they don’t play a purpose in your life, it’s time to throw them away, sell them, or giving them to charity. 

Move Forward

Just forgiving someone from the past will move you forward, so is yourself. If there’s something that’s holding you back in life, examine it, work through it, and move forward. Get out of your comfort zone, try something, and face your fears. The only way to move forward is forward. 

Start A Weekly or Monthly Challenge

Challenges are a great way to improve yourself every day. By learning or trying something new, you’re building healthy habits, tending to your wellness, and improving your personal growth. Taking online courses can definitely enhance your skills, like the tip I mentioned above.

Improving your personal growth is also important, as I mentioned. My 5-day email course on setting healthy boundaries can help you do just thatYou’ll learn, in-depth, why healthy boundaries are important, why saying is no is beneficial, how to stop letting people take advantage of you, why self-care is important and much more (with your own workbook). Learn something new but also become more improved by taking this course! 

Try Something New

Trying something lets us have an open mind to new experiences. Whether these experiences are good and not so good, we’ve learned to know what we like and what we don’t like, hence, we learned something new. So try that new food you’ve always wanted to try, do a meet up with people who share the same hobbies or beliefs with you. It’ll give you new memories to remember and new friends to hang out with. 

Start Accepting Yourself

No one can accept you for who you truly are until you finally learn to love and accept yourself. We’re all people full of flaws, mistakes, and imperfection. Give yourself some grace and learn no one is as awesome or beautiful as you are.

We’re all brainwashed by the media that is telling us that we need this or that to be successful and beautiful. We then start to compare ourselves with others to measure our worth, when that is totally wrong! Stop comparing yourself to others and know that you’re already worth a whole lot. Honey, there is only one kind of beautiful and that is on the inside.  

The worst loneliness is to not be comfortable with yourself – Mark Twain

Create a DIY

Get in a creative mood creating a DIY. There are so many things to create these days that I can count. From home decor to DIY face maks, there’s something for just about anyone willing to do a DIY. Here are a few DIY you can try at home:

  1. DIY Coaster
  2. DIY Rope Basket
  3. DIY Paper Wisteria
  4. DIY Gel Air Freshener
  5. DIY Utensil Holder
  6. DIY Face Masks For Sensitive Skin
  7. DIY Sew Floor Pillow
  8. DIY Keychain Tassel

You just need the proper materials to start on these projects, then you’re on your way creating something you love. 

Live By Your Values

If you always been needing the approval of others or comparing yourself to others, then you may not be living by well-rounded values. Values are beliefs that we stand on no matter who or what happens in our life. We don’t change it for no one, but we do improve it for our wellbeing. 

If you’re trying to cultivate values in your life, here is a post on the ways to find what you simply want in life.   The post will help you determine how to uncover your values and knowing what to do with it. The 9 ways of living a fulfilled life is also a similar post I made that can also help you uncover your values. 

Read A Significant Book

I love books. I have read books ever since I was young. They were, and still are, my temporary escape to another world where I can let my imagination fly. Sometimes, I like reading books that uplift and motivate me to books that help me with my finance. 

When you need to take a break from your phone or your computer, reading a book is definitely a great way to entertain yourself. I recently read a book by Rachel Hollis called Girl Wash Your Face. It was a great read and would recommend it to everyone, even men, to be honest. Read my book review on it.


Helping other people not only opens your eyes to new experiencs but also gives a heart of gratitude. Volunteering is by far my favorite way to show gratitude and serve others. Servitude is by far one of the humblest ways to bring your ego down a bit. With volunteering, you may get to see things you’ve never seen before, which may in turn, express gratitude for what you have. On the other hand, volunteering can also help bring a smile on someone’s face.

Be Present In The Now

Nothing can ever bring tomorrow any faster. It’s great thinking ahead and all, especially if you’re pursuing your dreams and you just can’t wait to taste it. However, let’s not forget ourselves and our environment. Let’s be able to focus on the now, so our future is set, even if the future is uncertain. 

We don’t know what tomorrow brings, nor do we know what the future entails. Enjoy the present and live it with meaning, even if you come back from work tired and don’t feel like doing anything. Do at least one thing that’s meaningful to you such as talking to a friend, drinking water, set up a nighttime self-care activity, or even setting up your clothes for the next day. Everything you do today helps you be more prepared for the next day. You’ll appreciate yourself for doing that.

There you go! I hope these tips guide you to living life with intention, purpose, and peace. 

Are you improving yourself today? Is it from this list? Let me know in the comments below!

Until Next Time, 

Simply Alia


  • Ella Charlotte Jones
    April 1, 2020 at 2:33 pm

    Loved these tips, also grateful that you included bible reading and prayer❤

    • Simply Alia
      April 2, 2020 at 4:48 am

      Thank you so much. Oh definitely! Prayer and reading the bible is sooo important.

  • Cassie
    April 15, 2020 at 4:31 pm

    What a great list! We love our outdoor time, church online (getting used to it at least), and I have found I try to get more fruits and veggies in now that we’re at home.

    • Simply Alia
      April 26, 2020 at 6:32 am

      I’m glad you liked the post. And I am also glad that you’re finding ways to enjoy time at home. Yes, veggies are definitely my thing now since I have been at home. Thank you for commenting!

  • Heather Ritchie
    April 15, 2020 at 6:24 pm

    These are perfect tips for bettering yourself and all in one place! There are so many things on this list that are incredibly important. I really think that being grateful is one of them. I try to remind myself daily that I have a lot to be grateful for especially with the COVID-19 pandemic. Excellent article!

    • Simply Alia
      April 26, 2020 at 6:34 am

      I truly agree. beng grateful is one of the most effective ways to help you see the lighter side of this season and improves a bit of one’s mental health. Thank you for commenting!


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