Unique Bloggers Who Inspire Me

 I haven’t read a lot of blogs lately since there’s so much of them! I can’t keep up with any of them. And for those that I do follow, they’re all on Bloglovin, that way I can read them all up in one place instead of searching for their blogs online. 

If you’d ask me who my favorite bloggers were, I couldn’t even tell you they were actually! But, I have been looking around and found certain bloggers that I find deem worthy of reading. 


I accidentally found her blog when I was looking for certain bloggers that used Olympus cameras. The one thing that drew me to her website was the camera shots she took, along with her boyfriend! She talks about fashion, life, travels, and many more things. One thing I love following her mostly is because of her photos. They’re little beautiful memories. 


As a Dallas native, she’s traveled to a lot of countries around Europe. I found her when I was truly wanting to grow my Instagram and blog, but now I just look to her for travel inspiration. One of my dreams is to visit some aspects of Europe (staying there for 3-6 months actually), and visiting the nature and the historical part of Europe, but I wouldn’t mind visiting the cities of Europe bit by bit. She doesn’t only talk about travels, but blogging, Instagramming, and many other things. If you’re interested in any of the subjects I mentioned that she writes about, check out her website. 


I think it’s good to support your sisters (black women I mean) when they are reaching their dreams. Plus, with this woman, I love giving her support because of her determination. I love reading her stories of how she’s been working and finally finished her Ph.D. program and is an official Ph.D. graduate! Oh! and also on the brink of having a baby (she already did)! I’m so excited for her! 

Look at me, getting happy for someone I don’t truly know. 

But really, I’m also excited for someone who’s worked hard and finally seen the fruits of their labor. Life stories like this encourage me to keep going and keep moving, and eventually, my dreams and goals will come true!


This was also a random blog site I found when I was also looking for Olympus camera reviews. I love her individuality. Her fashion is casually unique and I’m all about unique style since I am trying to find mine. I like to look to her blog for inspiration but also camera tips since my mission is to buy an Olympus OMD 10 II Camera

Well, that’s all folks! I hope you’re having a great week!

What blogs do you read on a regular basis?


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