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Want To Move Forward In Life? Consider Your Thoughts

If you have found yourself thinking negative thoughts all the time, then you need to change your negative thought pattern to positive ones. If you keep thinking like this, it will reap a lifelong cycle of grumbling, mumbling, jealousy, depression and always complaining that life is not fair.

That’s true. Sometimes life is not fair. Yet life can also be beautiful. How? By changing your mindset, by altering your thoughts. According to the University of Minnesota, negative thoughts can affect us in a lot of ways, especially if it is freely thought about on a daily basis. Negative thoughts can affect our health, our bodies, and even our relationships. Though negative thoughts can have a way to prepare us for the worst of things, it’s still considered a bad way of living.

There are some ways to improve your thought patterns to positive ones, which I will show you in this blog post. This way you can fully tackle your activities, accept that things will come, but also understand that these situations shouldn’t stop you from enjoying your life.

Let’s get started.

  1. Forgive Yourself
  2. Let Go Of Things You Can’t Control
  3. Consider The Thoughts
  4. Know Who You Truly Are

Moving forward is more is based on your thinking process is. Learn how you can move forward with your life when your thoughts.

1. Forgive Yourself – One of the things we do most of the time when we fail to do something, we put the blame on us. Whether we were late for an appointment or didn’t get to lend a hand to someone we care for, we regret the decisions we made and immediately can blame ourselves harshly.

Learn to forgive yourself. Why? First, because you’re a human and we all make mistake (but don’t think you’re alone). Second, you can still make it right and try again. Lastly, it’s going to hurt you greatly when you talk negatively about yourself and your situation even though you can make the wrong right again.

It’s all about continuous growth.

Failure is not a failure until you give up.

2. Let Go Of Things You Can’t Control – Truth be known, things are beyond our control. There are some situations that we can’t control at all. So what do we do about it? Change our thoughts.
So what can you do when a plan did not go right? Change your thoughts, your attitude, and your actions.

Learn to accept what you can’t control but don’t let the problem consume you.

3. Consider The Thoughts – Thoughts pop in and out of our minds. It’s inevitable. However, one thing you can always do when a negative thought sneaks forth, consider doing these actions:

  • Remove them immediately.
  • Ask yourself whether the thoughts are hurting yourself and/or your environment.
  • Make sure you don’t blame yourself.
  • Be realistic about your thoughts – will this situation truly happen to you or is it your imagination?

It’s natural for a negative perception to sneak through our mindset, but if we can stop them in our tracks, we can fully control what we think, especially when it concerns negative thinking.

4. Know Who You Truly Are – Sometimes we can think negatively of ourselves, after what someone said or after something has happened. We want to tell ourselves that we could’ve done better or we’re failures at EVERYTHING we do.

First of all, know that we all make mistakes, no matter how big or small. I’ve made a lot of mistakes in my life and they have hurt me badly. Nevertheless, they have made me who I am and I have greatly learned from them. I could’ve told myself that I was nothing and stupid (and I did), but I go further than that. I just kept going. And that’s what life does, it keeps going. You should too.

The world is full of wonders and pain but through it all, we’re still going forward.

So know that you are a strong individual who will live through struggles, but that does not define them. Your thoughts don’t define you either! YOU DEFINE YOU.

There you go!

This post was shorter than most, but I do hope this post helps you in any sort of way. I’m here for you!

Let me know what you think about the post. Leave your comments below!

Until Next Time & Virtual Hugs,

Simply Alia

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