Need some wardrobe staple ideas? Check out these top 13 wardrobe staple clothing items you'll need before school starts!

13 Wardrobe Staples For College Girls

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It’s that time of that year or season that is!

College time!

College time!

College time!

College ti-

Okay okay, I’ll stop.

But for real though, it’s that time of the year when high school graduate turns into college students, and where things start to change.

Now young adults, which means you need to be self-controlled in every area of their life, especially when it comes to clothe shopping.

Well, if you need a little assistance with that, have no fear! I’ve compiled wardrobe staples (and more) for college girls (you) you’ll need to buy so you won’t have to look anywhere else.

Let’s get started.

Need some wardrobe staple ideas? Check out these top 13 wardrobe staple clothing items you'll need before school starts!

1. Teeshirt

For me, I love a comfortable shirt any day. And this shirt describes me to a T. I love teeshirt (yes I said teeshirts), especially when it either has words or no words at all. If you want your outfit to be comfortable, then I suggest buying this tee. Jane has multiple tees you might be interested in, but this is just a suggestion.

Wardrobe staple: In my opinion, buying at least 4-5 tees is enough for your wardrobe staple. Plus, buying them in different colors might also be your preference. You can start with buying white, black, grey, and dark blue, then your last teeshirt could be anything you like.

2. Jeans

I love me some jeans, but they have to be GOOD QUALITY, and I mean REALLY GOOD QUALITY. My preference to buy Jeans would be some Levi Jeans. I love Levi Jeans! I mean I REALLY LOVE Levi Jeans!

Did I say I love them?

They’re just good quality that the inner seams, even if they rub together, don’t form little balls after washing them. Though their jeans are a bit pricey, the quality is long-lasting, trust me. However, if you’re under budget since this is what this post is about, I would look at Old Navy the most, since they’re also on sale. If you shop through Ebates, you also get a little percentage of cashback if you feel like saving a bit of money.

Wardrobe suggestion: Buy yourself a 2-3 pair of quality jeans that you’ll use throughout the semester. If you buy yourself good quality pairs of jeans, you’re saving yourself a lot of money.

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3. Casual Dress

This wardrobe staple is for those occasions when you’re out and about (mostly Friday nights or the weekends), or when you just feel like dressing up to go to class.

Do your thang girl! Flaunt it!

That is why I really love this lace dress. It displays a hint of womanhood and sexiness if you don’t mind me saying. Now, this other dress is a bit more proper for attending lectures. It comes in different colors so you can show off confidence and personality.

Wardrobe suggestion: This really depends on you but having 1-2 casual dress is good enough, unless you’re not really into dresses like that. As I said, dresses can just be for going out on a Friday night and not attending class. It’s your choice.

4. Sweaters

I love me some sweaters. Plus, it is about to be sweater weather season, so why not be ready for it?

I’m more of a pullover kind of gal, but this cardigan is also a good wardrobe staple to have when it is a bit cool outside. If you’re like me and you prefer a pullover, check this simple oversized hoodie. It’s very comfortable for a day in the life of a college student.

Wardrobe suggestion: If you’re into sweaters like me, purchasing 3-4 sweaters is essential since you can wear them over and over for days, unlike teeshirts. This suggestion is the same as cardigan sweaters.

5. Socks/Bras/Undies

Unmistakably, these are by far the most essential items you would need to wear all semester-long, or year-long if we’re being honest! Let’s take a look at each of the clothing items.

Socks: I buy my socks everywhere, but if you want value socks then I suggest looking at big stores like Walmart, Costco, or Sams club. I particularly buy socks like these at either Walgreen (stores varies), Khols, or Amazon.

Bras & Undies: I am a fan of Aerie. Ever since I started taking surveys and gaining points in exchange for cash or gift cards, I would buy Aerie gift cards to buy me some bras and undies. They’re really good quality, and their bras, especially their bralettes are so comfortable. I would try them out. Remember if you buy your bras and undies through Ebates, you can get a decent amount of cashback. Try them out!

Wardrobe suggestion: Buy a weeks worth of bras and undies! So that’s a total of 7-8 bras (you can actually wear your bra twice unless it’s been soaked in sweat) and 7-10 undies. This also goes with sports bras ( I would recommend 2-3 sports bras if you’re only going to work out 2-3 times a week, but it’s based on your choice).

6. Lounge Pants

Oh, Em Gee! Let me not tell you about my love for lounge pants. I would wear them over jeans any day of the week! If you’re into lounge pants, look into these lounge pants from Jane! It’s a great substitute for jeans when you don’t really feel like wearing one. And let’s be honest, we’re seeking comfort over just looking good.

Wardrobe suggestion: Lounge pants are good for going to class, lounging around your dorm room, and even good for sleeping in. Purchasing 4-5 is enough to get you through the week when you just want to be comfortable.

7. Jackets

Jackets are a necessity, but obtaining a quality one is a bit difficult. You would need a jacket that’ll last you for a bit so you won’t have to attain another one. This particular item is great when you just want to look well put together, it’s also great for those cool/cold seasons.

Wardrobe suggestion: Since jackets go with practically everything, attain 1 or 2 of these items. That’s really all you need. Decide on whether you want a bomber jacket, jean jacket, or a classic leather jacket. Let’s not forget the jackets with your school logo! That will never go out of style!

8. Leggings

Leggings will always be in, and they last a bit longer, depending on where you purchase them. I don’t usually buy leggings myself because of the panty show but if you can find yourself some good leggings, make sure the quality is pretty good. I’ve read good reviews from Lululemon about their workout leggings. And from the looks of it, their leggings are pretty thick and fit enough to walk and work out with when worn. Check them out.

Wardrobe suggestions: I would suggest buying 3-4 leggings of good quality.

9. Work/Casual Pants

Some jobs on campus require you to wear pants when working, while some don’t. Though you may not need pants for work specifically, there may be an occasion you may go to that may require you to wear one. You may also need pants for job interviews. Pants like these found in Target are a great buy. I personally have one that I use for work and they’re of good quality.

Wardrobe suggestion: Buy at least 2-3 pants for those specific occasions I mentioned. Make sure that those pants are machine washable since you don’t have the time to go to the dry cleaners.

10. Work/Casual Blouse

This is the same as the work pants. Find yourself a good blouse(s) that you can utilize for a job interview, going out, special occasion happening at the school, and other activities. I like this specific Charming floral top because it looks light and it’s flowy.

Wardrobe suggestion: Purchasing 2-3 blouses is enough. Make sure that those blouses are machine washable, and do not easily wrinkle.

11. Bike Shorts

This is something I’ve now called my favorite type of shorts. It’s a great clothing trend and versatile. You can wear it under your dress or as is with a teeshirt and comfortable shoes. Check out these floral biker shorts, among many other biker shorts found Jane.

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Wardrobe suggestion: Buy at least 3-4 of these biker shorts. This way when you’re feeling your lounge pants, especially when it’s still hot outside, these biker shorts are a great substitute.

12. Walking Shoes

This is also depending on who you are and what you’re planning to do on campus, other than study. You will need flats or low heel shoes, sneakers, your classical Birkenstock (my ultimate favorite and worth the buy because of the quality), one booties, and long knee boots.

Wardrobe suggestion: You will need 1-2 sneakers. You will use one to walk around campus with and another to work out with unless you want to use one sneaker for both occasions. Also, one flat or heeled shoe, 1 sandal or flip-flop, 1 booties, and 1 knee boots.

13. Basic Jewelry

Having one of each is enough for you to get through the semester. My favorite jewelry brand is one hand-fashioned by Hannah Naomi on Etsy. She’s a jewelry minimalist artist that makes rings, necklaces, earrings, and more. Some particular items I bought from her was this spiral ring and minimal earrings that I just can’t stop wearing. They’re so lovely to look at and wear. I recommend her so much!

Wardrobe suggestion: Find yourself a staple ring, a pair of earrings, and a necklace that you’ll wear at all time, and make sure it’s real gold unless you don’t mind it being fake. This gold bar necklace, though it’s not as trendy as it used to be, can be a great addition to your jewelry staple. This can be worn on any occasion, from a party to just going to class.

There you go!

Tell me what your wardrobe staples are this semester. Let me know in the comments below!

Until Next Time,

Simply Alia

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