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6 Super Helpful Ways To Improve Your Willpower

Do you need some tips on how you improve your willpower? I’m here with you! You’ve set goals, building a habit, or restraining yourself from toxic habit but it’s hard for you to restrict yourself. 

You give in to temptation. You give up simply. We’ve all been there, but there’s a way to improve willpower. There’s a way to gain back that control that you’ve once lost. In this post, I’ll show you how. 

Let’s get started. 

This post is about ways to improve willpower

Before we get into the ways to improve it, let’s discuss why we may lose or submit to defeat when it comes to will power. Let’s say that you are eradication ice cream from your eating routine. You have a reason why you want to do this, so you begin. However, the next day comes in, and you start eating that ice cream that you said you weren’t going to eat. 

Hmm..why is that?

Another example. Your main goal for this year is to start devoting yourself to reading your bible and praying for 30 minutes a day. You’ve got your goals written down and you’re ready to get started. You started one day, but two days later, you find yourself back into your old routine. No devotional for the rest of the week and you feel bad. 

Hmm..why is that?

Here are the top reasons you’re not using willpower to its full potential:

  1. You don’t want it bad enough
  2. You’re not taking it seriously
  3. You bind it to emotional situations
  4. You haven’t prayed for strength 
  5. You don’t believe in yourself
  6. You’re not focused on the details
  7. You’re not focusing on the right things

These may have sounded harsh, but it’s the truth. If you want something and may want it badly, then you’ve got to do the necessary things to get it. If you don’t want to eat ice cream anymore because it’s bad for you or for other health reasons, you have to find ways to not even bring the ice cream into your house. 

If you really want to get close to God, then you need to prep your mind every day and tell yourself that God is first in your life, therefore, spending time with him is necessary. 

So if you need tips on how to improve your willpower, resist temptation, and finally achieve those goals, here are some tips to hold on to. 

Pray for Strength In God’s Mighty Power

One way to improve your will power is through prayer. Prayer really changes things. We’re all humans and we have our weak spots, that’s a fact. However, we don’t have to go through it alone. As a believer in Christ, I lean on God for my strength, and he has never failed me just yet. 

For me, I sometimes have a hard time with school. Since I’ve started my master’s program, especially when it’s online, it’s been a struggle for me since my focus wants to be on something else. However, with prayer and leaning on God’s promises, I’m almost going on 8 months and all I can say is THANK YOU, GOD. 

When you pray, acknowledge that you’re weak since we all are, but that doesn’t mean we’re not capable of doing anything. God will give you the power to conquer your obstacles if you let him. 

Be Descriptive About Your Goals

Another way to improve your willpower is to be clear about your goals. If your goal was to stop eating ice cream for good, and you just stop there, that’s not really going to help you stop eating ice cream. This is especially hard when you find yourself in emotional situations. You may be stressed or anxious about something that the next thing you be doing is buying ice cream. 

To be clear with your goals, you need to specify how you’re going to eliminate eating ice cream? Is there an alternative to ice cream? Why are you getting of eating ice cream for good? What benefits will it bring to you when you’re considering eliminating ice cream for good? How would it make you feel?

When you answer this question and make the effort to stand by these reasons, this will pave the way to improving your will power in no time. 

Focus On The End Goal

As much as being descriptive about your goal is important, knowing your end goal is necessary. What would it look like for you if the ice cream wasn’t around? What alternatives would you use instead of ice cream? 

For example, if you wanted to stop eating ice cream, then my end goal would be this: I’m not going to eat ice cream anymore because I want to lose weight, I want to be more healthy, I don’t want cavities, etc.

If you know your end goal, your focus will be more on that desired goal then your desire for ice cream. Let your reason be powerful than your toxic habits, so your willpower can increase!

Be Realistic With Your Goal

If your goal isn’t potent enough, your willpower won’t be good either. As mentioned before, be truly and honestly descriptive about your goals. Consider the actual reason you’re pursuing this goal, why this is important you, and the benefits of that goal that’ll be implied in your life. Realistic goals that you feel deep emotion and passion will improve and increase your willpower. 

Eat Healthy Foods

Yes, food certainly has an impact on your willpower. Ice cream, in general, contains lots of sugar and fats. The more you eat it, the more weight you gain, and the less decisive you are. 

The less decisive you are? Let me explain.

There was a research in 2016, discussed in Psychology Today, that explained why people eat more ice cream and gain weight. One reason was based on increased impulse and “challenges in waiting for better long-term outcomes.” Meaning, they looked for a shorter, faster way of doing things. Instead of cooking at home, they ate fast food. And that my friend builds up over time. 

That is why eating healthy is such a great habit to help you function well in life. Sugary food doesn’t. Sure, there’s nothing wrong with eating sweets now and then, but if you don’t have the self-control to control how much you eat it, it will show in your life one away or another.

This can be related to emotions. If you feel a certain way about something you rather quickly get mad instead of considering the situation. Or when your friend asks you to go with them to a place you know is not good for you (especially if that friend is not a good influence on you) but instead of saying no you say yes, that’s not willpower. 

Take Small Everyday Steps

You can only live life one day at a time. So can your goals. If you’ve composed a goal that is realistic and descriptive, and beneficial to your present and future, then it’s time to put them into practice. Make weekly or daily plans on how you can habitually conquer your goals. It will be difficult but it’s definitely going to be worth it as you use your willpower. 

Willpower does not only happens in certain situations. It happens in all aspects of your life. Willpower comes with consideration and making good choices for yourself. 

There you go! I hope this post helped you improve your willpower. 

How have you improved your willpower lately? Let me know in the comments below!

Until Next Time, 

Simply Alia

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