What’s The Best Way To Self-Care? It’s Not What You Think

So what is the best way to self-care, or taking care of yourself? Is self-care all about pampering yourself?

I think not. I positively believe it’s more than. You see the trends of #self-care or #treatyoself hashtags out there on social media and news articles telling you to do this or that, regarding taking care of yourself.

To be honest, I am a little bothered by that. We’re using self-care as a trend or a fad when it should be seen as something important, necessary, and life-sustaining.

For example, I read a news article on USA TODAY about millennials getting more cosmetic procedures because they want to take better selfies…BETTER SELFIES?! And that’s regarded as self-care? Friends, that’s not self-care at all. We’re getting away from the aspect of really taking care of yourself and focusing on what makes us feel good for the moment. Has the trend gotten so superfluous that self-care is now leading to people becoming more selfish? I think so.

Want to know the best way to self-care? If you do, just know it's not what the popularity says. It's more than just makeup or treating yourself.

What we need to understand that self-care is the act of taking care of ourselves in the proper way to help us through the day rather than a temporary fix. 

I don’t mind buying clothes now and then, but I am not going to be upset if a certain outfit does not look good nor fit me a certain way. Am I going to get plastic surgery for it? I don’t think so. Maybe I may work out but not solely for the outfit, but more importantly, for my health. I think we have diverted ourselves from properly taking care of ourselves. We are taking care of ourselves in such a way that it sometimes leads us to be SELFISH. I truly believe that.

Self-care is taking care of others: Plus, I truly believe that self-care does not include just one person, but it can also be taking care of yourself with another individual, like eating out with a friend, watching movies, or even cooking together. Self-care can also be a group volunteering together. Now, why would I say that? Because in the end, being happy is doing what you love, which in turn brings happiness to someone else, to be honest. Sometimes self-care is also a mean of servitude, which some of us have lost sight of that.

Self-care is taking care of your well-being: Also, self-care also tends to your mindset, how you handle things when things don’t go your way or when troubles come. What if the bubble bath doesn’t work? What if the exercise does not work? You need to do something that will help you through your struggles.

Self-care brings out the best of you: Self-care is really digging deep down and figuring out what would best bring out what you really want for you to keep going. We can seek things that may help us short term, but what about the long term? Self-care may be about you saying no to things you can’t get to at the time so you can focus on more important things for the day. So figuring out what is important to you at the time is important to help your day go the way you wanted.

Everyone has their own way of doing self-care, but I highly believe that it’s taking care of yourself properly physically, emotionally, spiritually, and mentally. So, therefore, self-care should not be a fad nor a trend, but rather a habitual routine (or spontaneous activity that benefits you greatly in the long run).

So in the end, let self-care be an act of treating yourself kindly but also treating others kind too. More importantly, let self-care be where taking care of yourself will give you the strength to tackle the daily activities of life.

Let me know what you think of self-care. What do you think self-care is to you? Let me know in the comments below!

Until Next Time,

Simply Alia

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